What Theme Did You Use For Your Twins’ 1st Birthday?

twins' 1st birthday

A MoM recently asked:

What did everyone do for a theme for their twins’ 1st birthday? I have boy/girl twins so we are trying to do something gender neutral, but also fun and cute. Their birthday is in January.

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

– We did a Flintstones them for our twins’ 1st birthday. We got them Pebbles and Bam-Bam costumes. I made a fruity pebbles birthday cake and had Pebbles and Bam-Bam cake toppers. My husband and I, along with my 4 year old, wore Flintstone shirts. It was cute!  ∼ AL

– We did “Our little cupcakes are turning one” pink and blue for our twins’ 1st birthday . I ordered little vintage oven boxes to put take home cupcakes in. Bunting banners, striped straws∼ WLB

– Survivor (as in: we survived). ∼ SD

– Pancakes and PJs. ∼ RA

– As long as there are a pair of smash cakes, they’ll be happy. Get a cheap shower curtain to cover the floor first, then toss it after for fast cleanup! ∼ JH

– For our twins’ 1st birthday we did their nursery theme – Paddington Bear∼ VEA

– We did a jungle theme/monkeys for our twins’ 1st birthday.  We have identical twin girls but they had a lots of jungle themed items in their nursery and I always called them my monkeys. ∼ LWB

twins' 1st birthday

– Prince and princess but mainly just castles for our twins’ 1st birthday. We made a massive castle cake and had little finger puppets of wizards, dragons, princesses, knights, and other things with that theme. ∼ AEP

– You know, you don’t need a theme. ∼ PAC

– We did princess and pirates for our boy/girl twins’ 1st birthday. ∼ GB

– We had a Lilo & Stitch inspired luau. ∼ JL

– I did Winter “One”-derland theme for a January birthday. Penguins, snowflakes, snow cones. You can go to town with all kinds of fun snow activities. Oriental Trading has some cute stuff for decor and to keep the kids busy. We had a hot cocoa bar that went over very well! ∼ LE

– Our kiddos love Cookie Monster, so it was Sesame Street themed. She had a Cookie Monster Dress  and he had a Cookie Monster onesie∼ DGH

Twinkle, twinkle little star was our theme. ∼ CS

– I have twin girls and for their 1st birthday I did 2 peas in a pod∼ JMV

Halloween costumes for twins

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too! Still applicable today as one is calm and the other bounces around! ∼ KOS

– I have fraternal boys and we did a puzzle pieces theme because they’re different but they fit together. ∼ GM

– We had a circus party for my twins’ 1st birthday! Cause you know life with twins certainly is a circus show! ∼ JMS

– We did “Perfect Pairs” and they were a pair of Aces for my twins’ 1st birthday. ∼ KR

– I did raggedy Ann & Andy for our boy/girl twins’ 1st birthday. It was too cute. ∼ VBY

Cookies and milk party. I had all different kinds of milk and cookies my twins loved it! ∼ NW

Bubble Guppies! My fraternal boys LOVE them. Go with what your kids like. ∼ DM

– I did bugs and butterflies for my boy/girl twins’ 1st birthday. ∼ BWS

– I did Minions and made Minion 1 and 2 shirts. ∼ AG

– Perhaps I’m alone in this, but we don’t do themes. We had family, balloons and cake. It was fun. I had a snack table they could get to themselves and have goldfish crackers. They loved it. Nice and easy. Simple and sweet is what I recommend. ∼ CPC

twins' 1st birthday

Thing 1 and Thing 2 of course! ∼ EJ

– We did a Halloween party since their birthday is a few days before. ∼ TS

– We did an Alice in One-derland theme for our girl twins. ∼ JGF

– You could do trucks and tiaras. ∼ MSV

– Wild Ones/Where The Wild Things Are theme. ∼ CA

– Mickey and Minnie. There are a lot of 1st birthday decorations with the Minnie and Mickey theme∼ HT

– My boy/girl twins are turning 1 next month and we are doing cowboy/cowgirl/western theme∼ JB

– We did bunnies and bears for our twins’ 1st birthday. I have 2 girls. It was adorable! ∼ DG

– Raising Wild Ones was our theme for the twins’ 1st birthday. We did “outdoorsy” themed decorations. ∼ BSB

twins' 1st birthday

– I did an Eric Carle books theme – The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? which are their favorite books. ∼ VG

Sesame Street, featuring Elmo and Abby Cadabby. ∼ PA

– We live in Houston so did a “Made in Texas” theme for our twins’ 1st birthday. ∼ KR

– I did Peter Pan and TinkerBell for our boy/girl twins’ 1st birthday. ∼ JS

– I did an animal print theme. Almost safari like. So cute! ∼ SG

Noah’s Ark∼ BK

– We did a Farm theme for our twins’ 1st birthday party. ∼ LF

twins' 1st birthday

– Look whoooo’s turning 1! An owl theme∼ BMP

– Our fraternal twin girls had a Rubber Ducky themed 1st birthday party. Duck candle for the cake, “Happy Birthday” banner in yellow, duck placemats and duck decorations. Easy! ∼ BHH

– Boots and Bows, babies’ first Rodeo∼ EG

Trolls. It’s very colorful. ∼ KCL

– My twins’ 1st birthday was at the end of December. We did a pajama Mickey Mouse party where everyone wore their jammies!  ∼ LM

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