Best Halloween Kids Movies You’ll Want to Stream Now

Best Halloween kids movies

Are you looking for the best Halloween kids movies to stream this fall? Check out our awesome list and grab the popcorn because you’re gonna love this!

Fall has officially arrived! This is the time of year for pumpkin spice (like it or not), fluffy knitted hats (even in the desert), leaf pile jumping, and spooky movies to watch with your kids. Fall is the kick-off to the much anticipated holiday season and we couldn’t be more excited to help you get off on the right foot this year!

We’ve put together a list of the best Halloween kids movies you can stream to get you in the spirit.

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best halloween kids movies
Best Halloween kids movies for little ones

Best Halloween kids movies on Netflix (all ages)

Room on the Broom

If you’re looking for the best Halloween kids movies for toddlers, you have to check out Room on the Broom. It’s short, it’s fun and your tiny twin toddlers will love it!

The Little Vampire

This movie is great for kids of all ages, making it one of the best Halloween kids movies on Netflix right now. The cartoon film makes the idea of vampires funny and entertaining, even for the littles kiddos.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin

A square pumpkin? WHAT?! See how this cartoon movie teaches kids it’s okay to be different. With no scary images, you won’t have to worry about nightmares after your twins watch this Halloween movie, even with the littlest twins.

Spooky Stories

Dreamworks’ Spooky Stories features all your twins favorite characters from Monsters vs. Aliens and even Shrek. This movie is actually 3 separate tales which will be great for keeping your younger kids’ attention.

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Best Halloween kids movies

Best Halloween kids movies on Netflix (8 and up)

The Addams Family

This is a great one based on the classic 1960’s TV show that your kids will love! It will make spooky Halloween fun for your twins in a way that a lot of other movies just can’t. Highly recommend The Addams Family!

The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-ween

If Your kids like Captain Underpants, they’re going to love this! Based on the popular franchise, this 48-minute movie will keep your kiddos laughing about spooky Halloween just as you would expect.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

See Halloween decorations come to life in this funny but spooky movie. It might be best for kids 8 or 9 and up, depending on your kids because there are a few jump scares in this one. Most parents report that their kids love it just as much as the first Goosebumps movie, if not more so.

All Hallows’ Eve

If you have a tween or young teen who might be looking for the best kids Halloween movies but don’t necessarily like to be scared, this one might fit the bill. In this film, Eve discovers she’s a witch on her 18th birthday, which happens to be Halloween. Watch as she struggles to manage her new powers.

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best halloween kids movies

Best Halloween kids movies on Disney + (all ages)

Mickey’s House of Villains

This Disney movie is made of up several classic cartoons featuring the Disney villain’s your kids already know and love to hate on! They cleverly use these old shorts with new stories to create a fun, spooky Halloween film any kid will enjoy.

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best Halloween kids movies
Kids Halloween movies

Best Halloween kids movies on Disney+ (8 and up)


Tim Burton knocks it out of the park with this one. It’s everything you would expect. It might be a bit dark and creepy for the little ones, but the fact that most adults really like Frankenweenie makes it one of the best Halloween kids movies on this list, in my humble, Tim Burton fan opinion!


You haven’t seen Coco yet? Well, what are you waiting for? This is one of the best Disney movies I’ve ever seen, and that’s coming from a girl who remembers all the Disney classics word for word from childhood. The incredible costumes, endearing characters, and a beautiful ending that will leave you in tears make this the best Halloween movie for kids that you will probably watch again long after the season is over.


Remember Tia and Tamara Mowry from Sister, Sister? They come together again in this Disney original tween and teen geared Halloween movie, realizing they are twins and possess magical powers. They work together to fight “the darkness” and save their home dimension. This movie has something for you and something for your kids.


This is not only a Halloween movie but a franchise so if your kids love it, there are probably enough of them for you to get some serious alone time over the course of a week. It’s great for tweens and teens because a 13-year-old girl finds out she’s a witch and works with her grandmother to defeat evil in her home of Halloweentown.

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Hocus Pocus

Max is a teenaged high schooler who accidentally performs a spell to bring back 3 sisters from 300 years ago and then works with his friends and a cat to outwit these witchy sisters. This movie will have you laughing at the sisters’ shenanigans and it’s just the right amount of spooky for most families to enjoy together. You won’t want your kids to miss this one.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another Tim Burton classic knocks it out of the park. The cartoon movie is great for Halloween and Christmas, which is fantastic news because your kids will be looking for an excuse to watch it on repeat for a while. Jack Skellington wanders away from Halloweentown out of boredom for the same old frightful holiday and stumbles upon Christmastown. Watch as he learns about Christmas and brings the holiday back home with him.

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best Halloween kids movies

Best Halloween kids movies on Hulu (all ages)

Curious George: A Halloween Boofest

Curious George is an old favorite and this Halloween Movie will not disappoint your little ones. George is deep in preparations for this year’s Boo festival when he learns about a headless scarecrow. As usual, his curiosity has him wanting to learn more about this creature and why he has no head.

Halloween Wars

While this is not a movie, but a series, it is something that the whole family can watch together. This show on the Food Network is a Halloween themed competition show. Over 4 episodes, the teams create some truly remarkable displays that will have your kiddos completely mesmerized!

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best halloween kids movies
Teens watching the best Halloween kids movies

Best Halloween kids movies on Hulu (8 and up)

Monster House

In this animated scary movie, a boy is left in the care of a babysitter and her boyfriend. The boyfriend tells the boy and his friends a story about a real-life monster house on the road. It might be a bit scary for young kids, so you probably want to wait until your twins are at least 8 to give this one a try.


Another animated film that the whole family will enjoy this Halloween. A girl moves to a new house with her parents and discovered a secret doorway to a different dimension that isn’t quite what it seems. This dimension turns a bit dark and creepy so you probably want to wait until your kids are close to age 8 before letting them watch. It should also be noted that this movie is only available with the Starz add-on package.

best Halloween kids movies two little girls watching a tablet under a blanket

Best Halloween kids movies on other platforms that you need to see

Beetlejuice (Peacock)

By now, pretty much everyone on Earth has seen Beetlejuice. Whether you love it or hate it, your kids will probably beg to watch this Halloween classic. you can stream it on Peacock or find it on Freeform during the month of October.

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Scary Godmother (Youtube)

This animated franchise has 2 movies based on a series. You can stream them on Youtube or catch them on the Cartoon Network. They are good for kids of all ages as we follow a young girl who goes trick-or-treating with her cousin who tries to scare her.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Okay, so this may technically be a show and not a movie, and maybe you can’t actually stream it, but if you think we’re going to put out a list of Halloween content and not include Charlie Brown, you’re outta your mind. We just couldn’t call this list complete without it. So, you have to actually catch it on your local ABC station or buy it as it isn’t available for streaming ANYWHERE. I, for one, am in favor of buying the DVD. You can get the 50th deluxe edition of it here, or buy a special set that includes all 3 Charlie Brown holiday movies here. The special set includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my personal favorite Christmas!

Grab your popcorn and get the kids settled in for some of the best Halloween kids movies tonight!

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