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Clothing For Twins First Week at Home

Clothing For Twins First Week at Home

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 12:19 pm

If you’re starting to pack your hospital bag and thinking about homecoming outfits for your twins, we have some tips that might help.

Preemie Clothing: Should we bother?

If you’re pregnant with twins people may be telling you it is time to prepare with tons of preemie gear. Sure, many multiples are smaller and born a tad earlier than singletons, but not by much. 

The average length of a twin pregnancy is 37 weeks and the average length of a singleton pregnancy is 40 weeks.  

Keeping that in mind, you might not want to invest too much in the way of preemie clothing. If by chance, your twins are born premature and too small for newborn size clothing, you can bet that the NICU will have spares for you. The vast majority of preemies grow out of preemie size in a matter of days or weeks anyway so you certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time, effort and money adding preemie clothing to your registry list.

First Week Home Clothes: What do I buy and when?

When should I start buying clothes for my twins’ first week home? Well, if you’ve been following along this far, you know that twin babies are born at about 37 weeks gestation. Ideally, you want to have a good supply of basics to get you through at least those first few months. 

This is where Gerber Childrenswear comes into play!

Clothing for Twins First Week: Mix and Match!

If you’re a twin parent you know the importance of mix and match options. Who has time to worry about what matches with what and which patterns and colors are going to go together as coordinates for both babies?

Well, you’re in luck! Gerber Childrenswear has so many options for clothing for twins first week home that you are bound to find something you love. Tops, bottoms, sleepers, you can match your twinnies or just get them coordinating outfits for the cutest little photo-ops!

Clothing For Twins First Week at Home
Photo credit: Gerber Childrenswear

Bundles Galore

Bundles are the backbone of all twin gear and clothing for twins first week home is no exception! There are countless bundle options to maximize the savings for your family while not sacrificing quality. 

Need a whole bunch of cute little shirts and shorts to match without much thought or effort? Gerber Childrenswear has you covered! Grab any of the awesome bundle deals to get several outfits for your twinnies in just one order.

Outfits for twin babies

Should you match your twins? Coordinate them or dress them in entirely different outfits?

This is a question that most twin parents really have at some point when compiling their baby registry and the clothing they will be using in those first few months. There really is no right or wrong answer and each family is different. 

Many families choose to buy the same outfits in different colors or patterns. Twin A is always in blue and Twin B is always in green or something similar might work and also help others to tell them apart.

Matching outfits are cute, too. This is especially true when they are small. Loads of twin families choose to match their twinnies in those first few months since it’s obviously a cutesy thing to do early on. 

Whether you decide to continue to match them beyond the first few weeks or not is entirely up to you and often changes depending on your family and circumstances as the twinnies grow. This may be especially important in childcare and school situations.

We designated a color for each twin since they were identical and it was difficult for people to tell them apart. Granted, that doesn’t mean people will remember which is in which color, but it’s worth a try. 

Clothing For Twins First Week at Home
Photo credit: Gerber Childrenswear

The Anatomy of your Babies’ Wardrobes

Onesies are very useful for babies. Their cutesy design prevents them from hitching up and exposing their cute tummies to the cold. You will want a bunch of different options for Onsies since they are a major staple in an infant’s wardrobe. At Twiniversity we always say to buy in sets of 3’s. 1 to wear, 1 in the wash, and 1 as a backup for messes. This is especially true of Onsies.

Did you know that Gerber Childrenswear is the original maker and owner of the Onesies® Brand trademark? Pretty neat!

Socks are important too. So, if you live in cooler climates you want to have plenty of socks on hand throughout the first week and beyond. Have plenty of spares around the house so you never run out of clean socks for your twinnies.

Mittens are a great addition to an infant’s clothing. We all know that many babies scratch themselves with their little fingernails. Mittens are a great way to prevent scratching. And of course, Gerber Childrenswear has a whole bunch of cute sets that include mittens and hats together that you aren’t going to want to miss out on!

Pants or shorts may or may not be required depending on the climate but gosh aren’t they cute?! Here in the desert heat we dress our kiddos in as little as possible during the day for about half the year and bundle them up at night when we have our AC on full blast. Make sure you have a spare around always in case of a diaper blowout that needs to be changed right away.

Sleepers are a must for newborn twins, especially in the first week at home. And in case you haven’t heard, snaps are out and zippers are in. When your singleton friends give you a sweet little sleeper with 15,000 snaps put your babies in it and take a cute photo and then put them in the zippered sleepers for bedtime. Trust us, you do NOT want to fight with all those snaps in the middle of the night with brand new twins.

Hats are another item that may be climate-dependent. If you are in a cooler climate it may be more important. Those aren’t as likely to need changing during the day and night, but it is important to have a backup or 2 on hand for each baby.

a photo with 9 different squares showing baby Onsies, hats, mittens, and sleepers for clothing for twins first week home.
Photos from Gerber Childrenswear

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