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What Potty Training Products Will You Need For Twins?

What Potty Training Products Will You Need For Twins?

Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 11:12 am

We Polled Our Twiniversity Fans to Ask the Question,

“What potty training products did you use for your multiples?”

As a mom to twin almost-2-year-old boys, I was curious about what I should start considering. I assumed I’d need two potty chairs, but we only have one bathroom and it’s really small! Well, the Twiniversity Moms came to the rescue, as always, with some great tips and insights on what exactly they used for potty training and how it worked out with their twins. Of course, every child has different needs, so you may need to try a few different items before you find the ones that work for your kids, but here are some great ideas and products to give you and your twinnies a head start!


I don’t know how it would work for boys but we have the adult seat that has the little potty seat built in it just snaps down when it’s needed. We are only using one potty though.

I bought two potties but ended up needing only one as Twin A was ready before Twin B. I bought the plastic kind that sat on the ground. It came in very handy to keep one in the car with wipes and toilet paper for car rides.

Mine rarely went at the same time, although it was convenient in the very very beginning (like the first day or two). Otherwise, we didn’t have a lot of space so we kept 1 potty trainer seat, and then got this for the big toilet.


We had a potty urinal! The boys loved it! They found it funny they could stand and pee! We also had one that had handles and just sat on the toilet for pooping!

We got two potties from IKEA. We let the boys decorate them with tons of stickers and I agree that you do need two, however, my twins did not display readiness at the same time so they are learning to toilet separately. This is the best potty seat for the toilet I’ve found.

Only one bathroom for us also-and it’s upstairs. I trained in the spring/summer so lots of “outdoor” practice as well. LOL!


Just get a step stool and have them sit down backwards on the real toilet. That’s how I potty trained my son. It was easier & cleaner.

We never used anything other than a seat topper than helped them fit on the regular toilet. And even then we only used that for a little bit. It didn’t take long and they were just using the big seat.

I used the toilet. Just set them up on the seat – works great. Legs apart – hands in front.


We loved the Fisher Price Froggy Friend potty chair. It does not have a detachable part for the big toilet, but it was the simplest to keep clean, has the best splash guard for boys and never leaked. We tried two others…one leaked occasionally and the other….I might as well have had my kids pee on the floor. I like having potty chairs because it gave them the independence to go on their own, instead of them having to tell me to help them up on the big toilet every darn time (all 3 of my boys potty trained at 19 months, so they were certainly not getting up there on their own at that age).

We went straight for the toilet and skipped using a potty. We used a step stool and replaced our usual toilet seat with a family toilet seat (has a kids seat built in). The boys much preferred it that way and I was just following their lead as they never took to the potty. We did have a potty next to the toilet in case they both needed to go at the same time but it was just a precaution.


We loved the Prince Lionheart weePOD to put on top of the toilet.

I never used a potty with my twins (also boys), just a regular toilet-no attachments or anything cute. Trained in 3 days.

Avoid the potties and use the adapter on the toilet. Cleaning the potty is way worse than a dirty diaper!!


I bought my girls princess potties and they used them as step stools. They just preferred the insert on the big potty.

We never used a potty seat, we went straight to the big potty. No inserts or anything and our son stood right away. On his tip toes he could just get his little pee pee over the edge and it’s great cause he could pee like his dad!

My son is outrageously tall. We taught him to stand to pee (on a small stool). He would lean forward and hold on to the toilet seat. Sit to poop. He never really used the potty seat much.

We are currently training our boys with a regular toilet. We bought one of those potty chair seats to put on it. So far so good…we tried potty chairs for a split second but with both being in the bathroom trying to go it was chaotic to say the least. This has worked for us so far and they are learning to take turns.

We never used a kiddy potty. Just taught them to use the regular toilet…worked just fine for us! We have girls though, might be harder for boys to “reach” the regular potty LOL. Wait do you train boys to use the potty standing up or sitting down? I am so clueless on anything having to do with boys! (Answer: You typically train boys sitting down first, unless they are tall enough to stand to pee or have good enough balance to stand on a stool.)

We have the the potty seat that goes on the toilet and 2 potty chairs. But we put one in the upstairs bathroom and one in the downstairs bathroom. You really don’t need two potty chairs in the same bathroom. Our potty chairs are Baby Bjorn seat because of a longer, more oval bowl for boys.

I trained my boys one at a time. I chose the twin that was easier first. Then when his brother was ready and getting jealous of his brother, we focused on him.


We like the one you set on top of the regular toilet. And it hangs on the side of the toilet too.

We had a super tiny bathroom in one house I lived in so we kept the potties for the twins in the bathtub. They loved climbing in and out.

I didn’t end up using the two potty chairs we had because of space. I was always tripping over them and the twins hated them anyway. I used the “Flip-n-Flush“. I bought a second one for my mom and a “Peter Potty” (a plastic urinal that my son absolutely LOVED).

I have 3 kids and they have different preferences when it comes to potties. My girls love really low ones while my boy likes a higher potty.

We only used one. We only have one bathroom so getting them on the same schedule would have been counterproductive.


We have two Safety First potties with a removable bowl for easy dumping, a top that transitions to a big potty, and the whole thing makes a great step stool. I have noticed when my son sits on it the shield doesn’t seem high enough but he’s never actually gone potty in it.

No potty chairs. Start setting them down on normal toilet every twenty minutes until they go. My twin girls were potty trained by two during the day. Started them when they turned one on sitting on the toilet.

The twins are six and we only have 1 bathroom and maybe it is just a girl thing but when one has to go so does the other. So we still have a potty chair for those “I can’t hold it” moments.

What products did you use to potty train your multiples that you absolutely LOVED? Tell us in the comments below!

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