What’s The Biggest Challenge About Having Twins?

biggest challenge

We recently asked our community:

“What’s the biggest challenge about having twins?”

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

– The biggest challenge for me was to not be able to enjoy some of the crazy moments and having to be in survival mode that first year. ∼ GC

– The biggest challenge is just keeping up with them! ∼ BC

– So far, the biggest challenge is not being surrounded by other families who have twins. ∼ SK

– Dividing the snuggle time is my biggest challenge. ∼ NS

– Going to the bathroom alone! ∼ BNB

– In the beginning, the biggest challenge was never getting any rest since they would only sleep if being held! Now it’s that they are constantly on the move x 2! ∼ SM

– Dividing and managing your time is such a challenge. ∼ DB

– I think the biggest challenge is that there’s two! ∼ PA

– Two poops at one time is a big challenge! ∼ JL

biggest challenge

– The NICU is the hardest part. ∼ KZ

– When they both get sick at the same time is such a challenge. ∼ MA

– My biggest challenge is to stop comparing them. My daughter is just thriving amazingly but my son is still about 6 months behind her developmentally. They are preemies and I know they have the strength that most adults don’t possess so he will catch up soon. ∼ JK

– Not being able to give your 100% attention, affection and time. ∼ AB

– There’s never enough time in the day. ∼ SG

– Making sure both stay on the same schedule is the biggest challenge for me. ∼ PE

– One momma, two babies. Inevitably, someone is going to have to wait to be changed, held, fed, and won’t be happy about it. ∼ MG

– Comforting them both when they’re crying is my biggest challenge. ∼ LW

– Two car seats to carry at the same time is the biggest challenge. ∼ TAB

– Dealing with their own individual strong personalities! ∼ BL

– Being split two ways at all times and having a harder time participating in activities with them when you have to go solo. ∼ EK

– The biggest challenge for us is keeping both kiddos on the same schedule for feedings. Goes against the notion of never wake a sleeping baby. ∼ NT

– Getting anything else done besides keeping them alive (feeding, changing, bathing, comforting). ∼ EB

– Time! Double the children is triple the work! ∼ MMC

– My biggest challenge is loading them up in the car by myself. When my husband isn’t home to help the struggle is real. They’re 8 months and getting heavier every day! It was even harder when my c-section was healing. ∼ ME

biggest challenge

– Getting them in and out of car seats when you are by yourself. That alone makes me not want to leave my house! ∼ CAS

– Mom guilt seems never-ending. ∼ WN

– Pretty soon the biggest challenge will be climbing. Especially when I’m out of the room changing the other twin. ∼ SA

– Feeling like you have enough of yourself to give to them both at the same time. Especially when they are sick or not feeling well. ∼ LBH

– The biggest challenge I have encountered thus far with my almost 4-week old twin girls is feeding them! They have been cluster feeding lately and it is draining and a bit overwhelming feeding them both every hour and a half! My breasts aren’t my own anymore. ∼ MA

– Right now it’s brushing their teeth! ∼ PL

– The biggest challenge is night time feedings, as soon as I calm one down then the other one starts, I miss sleeping. ∼ CH

– The guilt is the biggest challenge. Feel like one gets more attention one day and vice versa the next. ∼ TNT

– Needing more than two hands to hold and care for both! ∼ FS

– My twins were born early, at 24 weeks, so the biggest challenge for us is milestone delays. ∼ LK

– Being outnumbered. ∼ TT

– I feel like this changes all the time but currently, it’s napping. They’ll go down fine and then one wakes up and essentially wakes up the other! ∼ MV

– The biggest challenge so far has been figuring out how to soothe them both at the same time, especially if they both want to be held! ∼ AY

biggest challenge

– My twins just turned 17 months. So now the biggest challenge is knowing where they both are at all times. ∼ WM

– The lack of sleep when they’re little, and always being outnumbered by them when you’re by yourself! ∼ MOT

– Definitely the double duty part! After finishing up with bottle feeding or changing one diaper, there’s one more sweet baby to go! It’s twice the work, but also (as cliche as it sounds) really is twice the love and fun! ∼ BR

– Breastfeeding has been the hardest thing so far. ∼ AIP

– The biggest challenge with having twins is having to answer people’s dumb questions that they ask us-are they twins, oh they must be identical, do you sleep, etc. ∼ DB

The biggest challenge about having twins for me is always being outnumbered. When both babies need you at the same time, the guilt really kicks in! ∼ LA

– There’s no downtime! If one is content, inevitably the other is fussy. ∼ MD

– Not having enough hands! ∼ OM

– Diaper changes! ∼ AMB

– Taking the twins to the store or anywhere out in public by myself is a challenge for me. ∼ HB

– Tandem breastfeeding in public has been my biggest challenge. ∼ JG

– I feel bad if I’m playing with one and I catch the other watching and if they feel left out. So then I switch and it starts all over. I can’t be 2 mommies. ∼ CM

– Two different personalities growing up at the same time. ∼ DAZ

– Having both twins in the hospital for 3 months, then having only one come home this week while the other is still in the NICU and going back and forth. ∼ RO

biggest challenge

– The hardest thing right now is going anywhere with them. It’s really not that they are difficult. It definitely takes more time and preparation, but we are approached and talked to ALL THE TIME. So, a quick trip to the store is never quick. ∼ JL

– Trying to take them anywhere by myself when they run in 2 different directions! ∼ KV

– Hearing all the comments and getting all of the unwanted attention when out in public. ∼ SA

– The biggest challenge is bath time right now because they can’t sit up on their own. ∼ MD

– My biggest challenge is people think it’s so much easier than it is because apparently, I make it look easy. ∼ JLW

– The cost of everything for sure is our biggest challenge! ∼ WD

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