10 Things I Never Want to Forget About Parenting Young Twins (and 10 that I do!)

There are lots of memorable “firsts” when you are a new parent.  When you are a twin parent many of the firsts are even more wonderful when you get to experience them twice. There are, however, some twin parenting experiences that I would just rather forget!

I want to always rememberthe first time I saw TWO beating hearts on the ultrasound. When we heard, “Oh, there are two” we felt unimaginably blessed.

newbornbabytwins12I wouldn’t mind forgettingthe first, and second, and 1,456,382nd time someone joked that I must be about to go in to labor, when I still had months to go!

I want to always rememberthe times that I peered down at my two little swaddled newborns who could always find a way to wiggle their way together to have their feet touching in order to get to sleep.

I wouldn’t mind forgettingthat those sweet moments are fewer in number than the full on wrestling matches, tussles, total disregard for each other’s personal space, and super annoying “copy everything your twin says” game.

I want to always rememberlistening to the kids on the monitor, when they were little, as they re-capped their day and never failed to make each other laugh.

I wouldn’t mind forgettingthe other bedtime struggles that cropped up when they had the freedom to get up and roam about.

I want to always rememberlazy weekend mornings lounging in bed with two of the best cuddlers in the world, bedtime butterfly kisses, and the “I love you more than infinity” goodnight proclamations.

I wouldn’t mind forgettingthe evil stomach flu that struck both kids…in the middle of the night…with one of them on the top bunk.

twinsboygirl2yearshammockI want to always rememberthe look of pure joy and pride on each of my children’s faces when they took their first steps!

I wouldn’t mind forgettingmy first solo visit to a park when both children proceeded to run (quickly) in complete opposite directions.

I want to always rememberthat newly toothless grin of my little boy. My son losing his baby teeth tugged on my heartstrings more than I ever thought it would.

I wouldn’t mind forgettinghaving to explain to his twin sister that the Tooth Fairy really will visit her one day and that it will all be “fair” eventually, whether she believes it or not.

I want to always rememberthat magical first birthday party! The babies were happy, they devoured their cake, and it was wonderful to celebrate the milestone with friends and family.

I wouldn’t mind forgettingthe first birthday party my daughter was invited to and my son wasn’t. “Special time” with mom and dad wasn’t really appealing when compared to inflatables, school friends, cake and ice cream.

twins3yearsI want to always rememberour weekend outings to the zoo, to the museum, to the nature park, to the pool, and to countless festivals and pumpkin patches. We truly did have so much fun in the days before soccer and t-ball consumed the weekend (although those are pretty fun too).

I wouldn’t mind forgettingthe feeling of dread and helplessness when my son disappeared on a visit to a farm, or how harshly I reacted out of fear when he was finally found.

I want to always remembertheir first Halloween and the adorable costumes that I got to choose.

I wouldn’t mind forgettingseemingly every Halloween after the first, that brings a month (or more) of indecision, and “strange” costume choices. Even “worse,” they never want to coordinate and I didn’t take advantage of that twin perk when I had the chance!

familytwinsboygirlpreschooldisneyI want to always rememberour family vacations. Hearing my son look at the white sand and exclaim, “Hot snow,” was hilarious. When my daughter got to meet “Elsa” at Disney World it truly was magical, and we made s’mores, told ghost stories, and caught fish on our first family camping trip. We made some of the best memories ever.

I wouldn’t mind forgettingThe first time we took the twins on a vacation road trip when they were newly “potty trained.”

The memories, good and bad, are priceless. When I think back on all of the special (and not so great) moments of the last six years I can’t help but recall a quote that really hits home for me – “It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it.” There is no doubt that is true!

shellieShellie Fossick is “mom” to 5 year old boy/girl twins who started Kindergarten this year!  She is also the Development Director for a non-profit organization that provides high quality early care and education for more than 400 low-income children in Middle Tennessee.  She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and two children. To read more of Shellie’s Twiniversity articles, click here.


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