Twin Toddlers

Twin Toddlers

Welcome Parents of Twin Toddlers:

Word on the street has it that you got yourself some twin toddlers running around. This is when the crazy questions like “Are they twins?” start to get a bit old and you may be finding yourself more tired than usual.

FEAR NOT PARENTS! We got you and your twin toddlers covered here at Twiniversity. We are the “been there and done that” needle in the twin parenting haystack and we’ve compiled some of the best resources online to help get you through those toddler times. From sleeping arrangements to food fights to good ol’ sibling rivalry, this is going to be a challenging time, BUT…trust us, you got this.

Let’s do a quick little Q&A of our top twin toddler questions we’ve compiled and then we are going to stretch our editorial legs out and link you to some of our most popular posts on Twiniversity regarding your toddler twins with each question. You can jump to the question that is bugging you today, or you can scan them all to get ahead of the game. There is no wrong way to do this, just remember that we are always here for you and your twin toddlers.

Click on the link below to get you the fastest help you need today, or keep scrolling to the bottom for a little twin toddler Q & A

Potty Training Twins

Twin Toddler Sleep

twin toddler sleep
twin toddler behavior
twin toddler devlopement
twin toddler health
twin toddler gear and toys
twin toddler safety
twin toddler childcare
twin toddler feeding and nutrition
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Is raising twins hard?

One of the questions that strangers ask us all the time is “is raising twins hard?” While I’d like to be snarky and say “Noooooooo” and then roll my eyes, I do appreciate how the world knows that we have more challenges on our plate.

Some Articles on the Joys of Toddler Twins

Twin Toddlers Are So Sweet and Also Exponentially More Work

What Should People Know About Having Twins?

The Benefits of Having Twins

Consistency Saved Our Sanity With Twins

The Dirty Little Secret About Raising Twins

twin toddler girls in a car having twins is like

How do you entertain a twin toddler?

Entertaining toddler twins can be a challenge. They sometimes seem to have the attention span of a goldfish, ok, maybe that’s most of the time, but seriously, you can’t expect too much from them. They just became humans a little over a year ago and it’s not fair to hold them to the same standards you would an adult. Entertaining them is actually pretty easy as this age, you just need to think like them. This is another great change you’ll get to let your inner child roar. Play, be silly and don’t look back. They will only be toddler twins once and you don’t want to miss all the fun that comes along with that.

Twin Toddler Activities

How to Choose Toys to Support Your Child’s Development

Try Quiet Time Boxes If Your Kids Don’t Want to Nap

6 Tips to Keep Twins Busy At Home

Thinking Outside the Sandbox: Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

11 Awesome Toys That Twins Can Share

How do you deal with twin toddler tantrums?

Twin Toddler Tantrums! This should literally be the name of a hard rock band. Twin toddlers are just like rock bands, they want to stay up all night, throw things around, pick fights and they want to world to know they are here and are the best thing that has ever happened to you. Tough? Yes. Manageable? Totally!

If you happen to have the Metallica of twin toddlers, we got some articles for you. See below!

Twin Toddler Behavior

4 Tips for Coping With Twin Toddler Tantrums

The Challenge of Raising a Strong-Willed Child

How Do I Deal With Twins Who Destroy Everything?

5 Tips to Teach Your Twins To Harness Self-Control

What Should I Do About Jumping and Climbing on Furniture?

What age is a twin bed for?

Twin Toddlers Sleep? This may be a new concept for you, but they are supposed to sleep through the night (typically) by this age. Bedtime routines become fairly critical at this time and once you’ve established that, you’ll have eventually get them out of their crib. Many folks bypass toddler beds all together and move right to a twin bed. This isn’t the worst idea we’ve ever heard (trust us, you should hear some of our Twiniversity ideas! We actually keep a “worst idea” list that we come up with.). So let’s jump in and talk about getting your toddler twins some shut eye, shall we?

How can I manage Twins at night?

How can you get twins to get along?

Why do my twins fight so much?

What do parents of twins need most?

Are twins happier than singletons?

Is it safe for twins to sleep together?

Do twins delay speech?

Do all twins get along?

Got twin toddlers? Twice as nice, or double trouble, we’ve got tons of great articles to help you navigate having two (or more) toddlers at once!

Toddler Sleep

Toddler Feeding & Nutrition

Toddler Health

Toddler Safety

Toddler Development

Toddler Behavior & Discipline

Twins Potty Training

Childcare & Education

Toddler Gear & Toys

Toddler Travel


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