Twin Parent Hacks: When You’re Out and About

Twin Parent Hacks: When You’re Out and About

Nat hosted a Facebook live chat on the topic of Twin Parent Hacks: When You’re Out and About, sponsored by our friends at Baby Trend. Check out all her great tips in the video below…

Twin Parent Hacks When You’re Out and About

I am Natalie Diaz.  Today we are going to be talking about tips and tricks when you are out and about with your twinnies.  Sadly we will not be talking about air travel or really train travel.  It’s going to be like right in your hometown or maybe taking a little road trip to Grandma’s house.  I’m super stoked that our partner today is going to be Baby Trend.  Baby Trend, if you’re not familiar with them, makes the grand mama of all twin items – the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Double.  They’ve been making that since the dawn of time.  It’s definitely a twin parenting favorite.  We got a lot of tips for you guys so if you have questions shoot them on over to us.  Of course you know I will answer them for you, but just like all of our live feeds we’re going to give you a spoonful of medicine which is our information with a little bit of sugar.  We got some prizes, we got some fun.  Maybe we’ll have a game or two.

So I’m going to give you the logistics for today.  I am Nat like I said.  I am here in my little tiny studio but over here to the side is the rest of the universe.  So I have my laptop sitting right next to me.  The laptop is where Julie is behind the curtain at Oz as I always say, behind the curtain at Twiniversity.  So she will be fielding any questions you may have and shooting them over to me on my laptop.  Just because we often get too many, not too many we can never get too many questions, but we get so many comments I want to make sure that we aren’t missing anything.

Everybody is starting to join on and it’s very, very exciting.  Thank you so much.  Julie is on like I said.  She’s going to be shooting me questions over there.  There’s so many great things that are happening and I want to fill you in on all of them.  So as the day goes on I’m going to give you some inside information into Twiniversity as well.  So first of all you know that I want to start off with you guys introducing yourself.  Tell me where you guys are from – that’s the first point.  I would like for you guys to find a buddy like we do in most Twiniversity chats.  Because Twiniversity isn’t just about fun and prizes, it’s all about you guys finding connection with another twin parent, hopefully in your area.  If you put down the city and state that you live in that would be fantastic.  I would like for you guys to each get matched up with somebody on our live feed today.  And just like we did last time perhaps there will be a prize for you and your buddy.

How about we start talking about our tips and tricks, but first I want to tell you we will be giving away kind of a grand prize today.  It is an unbelievable Twin Nursery Center from our friends over at Baby Trend.  Julie is going to shoot a link over to you and I want to talk about why it’s so awesome.  It was specifically made for twins.  And of course, you know when awesome products are like this they just get better.  I am happy to tell you that there is a very important team member over in Baby Trends that is, of course, a mother of twins so I know that we should be seeing a lot more twin products or at least having the twin mom eye on the products that they have.  This center that they have has two removable rocking bassinets.  It’s extraordinary because not only could use it as a sleeping station, so both of your twinnies could sleep side by side, but you can remove the bassinet and you could bring the babies outside with you.  And it’s got a canopy so you could shield them from the sun.  It’s really great.  Each bassinet has toys on each and then of course the station itself which is like a large pack and play.  It has accommodations for your twinnies to sleep, but then also has a changing table that could be flipped over.  Did you guys see them?  It is one of the most awesome things that Baby Trend makes outside of their snap and go.  They have great car seats, they have fantastic strollers, and they have a double stroller.  What else do they have?  They have a lot of stuff.  Baby Trend is definitely one of the go-to-places for twin parents to check out their goodies.  Julie’s going to be shooting over some links to different products that Baby Trend has that we think you might be interested in.  But they are our sponsor today and it gives us the opportunity to give you guys some tips and tricks.

So I want to talk immediately about going out with your twinnies.  We polled the mom squad – the mom squad is myself, Julie, Laura, Rasheena, Lauren, Kimmy, and Carrie.  Do we have any more?  And then of course we have you guys.  You are part of the mom squad.  We often ask you guys to give us tips and tricks.  Because I can say hey you know what this is, what I did with by twinnies, but guess what you guys?  Not everybody lives in New York City, and some people have cars.  It was so great and an invaluable situation where our mom squad could contribute and give us tips and tricks especially when talking about going to the grocery store and so on and so forth.  I definitely had kind of an isolated situation when my twins were little.  I personally have been born and raised in Manhattan and my twins were also born and raised in Manhattan.  So we don’t typically have the same things that people have in other parts of the world.  So it’s pretty cool.  I could give you tips and tricks from Manhattan and if anybody’s coming to visit and needs to take the subway.  I could tell you what we did but that’s a whole other story.

So the first tip that we want to give you is when you are going to the Target mecca or you’re going to a super store or someplace else.  There are a few things that you could do to make that trip a little bit easier, whether they are newborns, whether they are toddlers, or even if they are school age.  Because certainly my twelve year olds I could use 26,000 tips about but one of the first things that we’re going to tell you which I think is an absolutely genius tip, is when you are choosing your parking spot.  So this tip starts before you kind of get into the store.  When you are choosing your parking spot consider parking by the carriage return.  So when you’re returning your shopping cart if you park by there you could a) get a cart right there and load the twinnies in or b) if there are no carts because you got there right when the store opened, what is what I typically did, then you can return the cart there and not have to deal with that or just leave it randomly in the parking lot.  Park by the carriage return.  And bonus points if you know the store has the particular buggies that you like that can accommodate you.  They make quite a few.  They make some that have cars in the front or cars in the back.  Or they make them that have actual seats in them.  If you drive around the parking lot there is a good chance that you’re going to find a stray cart that you are looking for.  You may want to consider parking by the stray car so that when you get out you can put your twinnies right in it.  So that’s another one.

Okay so we have a lot of questions coming up but that was one of our first tips and I absolutely loved it.  I always complain about, you know I actually parked there, now I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t be parking by cart return and I should be leaving that for new mamas and I shouldn’t be so selfish.  That’s what I think, but I always park by the cart return because then I like I actually like to park across from the cart return and then I play this game where I take the cart and I roll it and I try to get it into the cart return.  It’s my weird carnival game.  There aren’t any cars, I’m not far enough where I’m going to damage anybody’s car or anything but to me it’s definitely a little weird thing that I do often.  Now my twins end up doing it too.  Which is quite funny that I have now passed this to them.

So we got some questions coming in and I’m going to just jump out and I’m going to answer one of these questions.  And I do love how I could answer questions sight unseen.  I don’t know if you guys know this but there’s this little book called What To Do When You’re Having Two.  How many of you have read this?  If you read this book say I read it!  I just want to know who out there is reading it.  We’re selling like hotcakes because I don’t know…maybe because I’m giving them away all the time.  It’s the best-selling book for expectant and new twin parents.  I’d love to see the thumbs up.  This is something that I would like you guys to get.  There’s tons of tips and tricks in here about getting out and about, about scheduling, about feeding, etc.  I want you to know let’s give one away.  So Julie we’re going to give a book away.  If you do not have a copy of What to Do When You’re Having Two, please just say right now I want to win a book.  You don’t even have to say prize time.  That’s the kind of crazy mood that I’m in.  I mean if you say prize time you know I love it.  But yeah let’s give away a copy of What to Do When You’re Having Two.  I love that you guys are saying it’s your Bible.  It means a lot to be me but that’s where a lot of these tips and tricks come out.  There’s an awful lot of homework on educating myself on twin parenting issues, besides of course my own experience.  So if you want to win a book just say I want to win a book.  Julie’s going to pick a random winner.  She’ll message you and tell exactly what to do next.  But I hope that you get a book.

Alright I’m getting a thousand questions – how wonderful is this?  Alright Addie are you ready Addie because I’m going to answer your question.  Addie asks what do you recommend when going to someone else’s house for past bedtime.  We are thinking something portable while they’re out of their car seats for a quick trip.  Uh Addie FYI have you heard of our sponsor Baby Trend today because they are giving us a nursery center to give away.  Addie this would be ideal for taking to somebody’s house and you don’t have to take all of the parts with you.  You could take just take the pieces that you want to kind of keep it a bare minimum.  Oh wait – somebody won the book.  I missed it.  Tell me you won the books so I can say congratulations.  Addie this would be ideal not only because it is totally compact but it comes in its own travel bag.  So it has its own travel bag so you could leave it in the trunk full time, you don’t even have to take it out of the trunk, and then you just use it as necessary.  I wanted to give you just a few little things on that.  Okay so the bassinet that we are giving away today starts from birth and goes up to thirty pounds.  It weighs forty five pounds independently but I’m sure that is actually with all of its pieces.  And the bassinet pieces go from birth to about four months or fifteen pounds – Julie correct me if I’m wrong on this.  Addie this would be ideal for going to people’s houses.  I could remember that when my niece would come over when she was little we would make this bed for her in our bed and then surround her with pillows.  That certainly was not an ideal situation like having something that is super portable that you could keep in your trunk.  You know you don’t always know when you’re going to, I mean most of the time we’ll know, when we’re going out but what happens if you bump into some friends and they’re like hey come on over we’re going to have a barbecue or let’s do this.  Just leave it in your trunk all the time and that way you can pop it out whenever you get to somebody’s house.  Also, not everybody has room in their home for all the stuff that they have to store for their kiddies.  So consider that.  I would definitely look into something like the nursery center.  Ideally it’s perfect for traveling – whether it’s a friend’s house when you’re staying late for a card game or going to Grandma’s house overnight.  That is ideally the thing that you want to do.  I also want to mention with pack and plays there is a mattress at the bottom and the mattress isn’t exactly what I would call plush or luxurious.  It’s kind of a utility mattress that suits the need of that particular piece of equipment.  You should never ever ever buy a supplemental mattress.  Now once back in the day right, when I used to walk uphill both ways in the snow to school and ride dinosaurs to school, it was super acceptable to use an additional mattress pad on top of the mattress pad that the company gives you.  However, there is legislation that is being passed in several states throughout the country that they are like “no way, Jose” should you be using anything that didn’t come in the box with that particular piece of equipment.  Same goes for car seats right?  You should never use any aftermarket product if it didn’t come in the box with the car seat.  It’s the same thing for nursery centers.  If it did not come in that box for the nursery center you should absolutely not use it.

So let’s get to our next tip before we get to our next question.  What I want to tell you guys is something that you’re going to want to do whether they’re newborns or even for yourself, but you should always have a bag in your trunk that is stocked with things that you’re going to need in case you get home late or maybe have a protein spill, which is a nice way that you could call it.  I actually did the Walt Disney College Program in Disney World in college.  If a little kid puked all over the place you could never say throw up into the little walkie-talkie that there’s you know puke outside of the Magic Kingdom.  You would have to say there’s a protein spill.  So if you have a protein spill you should have a bag packed in your trunk at all times with a change of clothing, some extra diapers, some extra wipes, a first aid kit.  I cannot stress the importance of having a first aid kit in your car not only for your twinnies but for yourself as well.  I just took a wonderful spill in the street the other day.  Not in the street, the kids were in camp and I fell on gravel.  I am as klutzy as my children and I had blood gushing down my legs.  I drove to Walgreens, and I was using Starbucks napkins to clean up the blood that was dripping on the floor.  I think how dumb am I?  I am not practicing what I am preaching and I did not have a first-aid kit in that car.   But for the record it wasn’t my car.  It was my dad’s car because we always had a first aid kit in our car.  But when I was in Walgreens I ended up spending fifteen bucks on unnecessary first-aid supplies that I already had in the house.  There was a first-aid kit from Johnson and Johnson that was on sale for fifteen dollars as well.  So now I bought that and it permanently lives in my trunk.  It has everything from Tylenol to Neosporin packets.  So please and yeah I fall every single year when the kids go to this camp I fall.  Last year I went and told them that I fell and they gave me this stuff to put on my legs.  This year I was too embarrassed to say remember last year, I slipped on the gravel like a moron?  Yeah I did it again this year.  So this year I just took my napkins and blotted the blood from my legs.  And what did my son say?  If you can tell me the response my son gave me, and my team is not allowed to participate in this, but if you can tell me the correct response that my son gave me we will be sending  a Starbucks gift card.  Simply because those were the napkins that I used.  Shoot over what you think my son said to me after I took a spill.  And if you are right we will pick one person, if we get multiple people that have the right answer we will pick one person to win a Starbucks gift card.  And I love me some Starbucks.  I can’t find one over here but thank god I had all those napkins.

Alright so not only do you keep your diapers and spare clothes, but you should also keep sippy cups or if you need two extra bottles, anything that you really would use in your house.  Maybe spoons like baby spoons if you’re using that.  You could always use outside stuff but anything that your kids are particular about whether it’s pacifiers or whatever.  Keep anything that you are going to need.  It is very, very important to make sure that you have those items.  My son said walk it off mom.  Okay, so Lara I’m fine.  Yes, no he did not ask me if I was okay.  He simply looked at me and said walk it off.  Because of course the previous week he had taken a spill and tumbled.  His knees and his elbows and his hands were bloody.  But once I saw that there was no broken bones I’m like its just skin – walk it off buddy you’re going to be fine.  Please, please, please don’t tell me I’m the only mom out there that tells your kids these things.

By the way it’s 792 degrees with this light in front of me.  Oh my god I’m dying.  But it’s ok.  I died for you guys.  So yeah my son looked at my bloody legs and he was like walk it off.  Congratulations!  You were going to buy a cup of coffee because ten bucks is basically what you get for a cup of coffee but if you like the cheap coffee like I do you could also have a cake pop perhaps.

Julie can you put up a link specifically up to the Johnson and Johnson first aid kit from Amazon?  The reason why I’m specifically saying that one is because it was the most inclusive at the lowest price.  So it had things that were good for the kiddies and it had things that were good for me next time I take a tumble.

Let’s get to the next question alright.  So Gina says how do you all bottle feed twins alone when you’re out and about?  At home I have feeding shares and we’re good, but when we’re out yeah.  Okay are you ready?  So when you’re out Gina, if you have your car seats use the car seats as feeding chairs.  You do not have to have the specific feeding chairs.  One thing that we did I think once they were around one years old…I’m grabbing Fred and Ginger because they’re right there.  I got the great bag of Fred and Ginger.  They now live in this bag in my room because that’s not creepy at all.  So let me grab them out and here’s what you do ok.  Can you see this?  What I would do is I would sit on the floor and I would put them against my body but in between my legs.  And then I would hold the bottles like this.  Does this make sense?  I know that sounds crazy but it’s one of those things where there’s a will there’s a way.  So I would hold them so that everybody was secure and safe and everything was good but I would put them against my body and then I would feed them two at once.  I would love Gina if it was a possibility for you to ask somebody to feed the babies.  Now once they get bigger you can have feeding chairs and high chairs and stuff you can feed them in the stroller.  If you’re out and about prop your stroller up to the most right angle possible and then all you could do is you just get your food out and feed them.  We feed alfresco dining is how we called it because many times on a beautiful day you don’t necessarily want to go home.  So if you don’t feel like going home or if you’re out and you have to feed them if they’re bottle feeding, prop them against your body or feed them one at a time put them back in their stroller.  Get the other one out.  You could use the stroller.  Make sure it’s at a good angle for them to eat similar to the feeding chairs that you’re using now.  Or of course use their car seats.  So Gina I hope that was specific enough.  If you mean like while we’re in the car or while we’re on the go that’s a different question.  Because then I don’t recommend that you necessarily feed tandemly while you’re on the go.  You should probably pay attention but if they are in their car seats and the car seats are rear-facing and you’re sitting in between the two car seats then it’s actually a pretty stable position to bottle-feed the two babies.  If anybody else has any other suggestions for Gina then definitely shoot them on over.  Like I said, it’s not just my word it’s all of your words too.

It is officially prize time.  Our next prize that we are going to be giving away is our seat, a seat, in our next online Twiniversity class.  If you have not yet taken a Twiniversity class and if you are expecting or if you have new little monkeys in the house, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more.  So as a guest of mine, or Julie’s, or the mom squad, we would like to invite one lucky family to join us for an online class.  How do you win such an online class?  Why I’ll tell you.  All you have to do is say I want to win a class.  It is just literally that simple.  I want to win a class.  I want to come to class.  I have class.  I have no class.  Whatever you say just say the word class because that’s what’s going to trigger Julie to find your little thing.  Julie will send over the information on the class.

Besides having the goodies in your trunk you should also have a change of clothes for yourself.  Let’s say you’re at the park and you’re swinging them, swinging them, swinging them and all of a sudden protein spill on aisle seven.  If there is a protein spill I am literally covered in protein so keep a change of clothing for yourself.  If nothing more than just a shirt if you have like super refluxy babies this is not nothing you get it.  You may even want to keep a different bra in your trunk.  How many, show of hands, have had baby puke on you that may have penetrated a shirt and gone directly to your bra?  I’ve had many protein spills that have penetrated my shirt, gone into my bra, pulled in my cleavage.  Oh it is a glamorous life being a parent of twins.  And if you guys don’t know we are more likely to have babies that have reflux because they’re born a little bit on the early side.  And if they’re born a little bit on the early side the little flap on the top of their stomach hasn’t fully matured so it’s  not as rigid as it is with a typically term child.  So it’s kind of like a screen door in a hurricane – that’s the way that I say it.  So when the food goes down the food comes up.  When it comes up, it comes up all over mama like it’s my little protein shower.  Thank you babies, but keep that extra bra and maybe if you remember to change it often.  It’s not something that you should keep in there full time, but you may want to keep some wet washcloths in a Ziploc bag.  You don’t want to keep it too long because they can get moldy and disgusting, but if you keep them handy so that you always know to rotate the washcloth.  Wipes are great but you know that not every job was made for a wipe.  Sometimes you need a good old school washcloth to scrub-a-dub-dub and get that job done.  It’s going to be on a bumper sticker.  Scrub-a-dub-dub gets the job done – you guys like it?  I like it.

The next question is Rosa says I have yet dared to leave my house with my four month old boys by myself.  First of all everybody say congratulations to Rosa.  Rosa congratulations on your twinnies and making it four months.  Okay so her question is how do I even handle twins alone out and about?  What I would do, depending on the time of year, I actually think like Rosa what stroller are you using?  Because you have their car seats look into the double baby trend, double snap and go because that would be fantastic to put their car seats and then that becomes your stroller.  But if they, oh they don’t like their car seats.  Okay they don’t love their stroller.  They got to get used to their stroller because it’s going to be really, really tough especially on hot days to wear them on a carrier.  It’s a lot.  Like right now if I was carrying two babies in a carrier I would have lost thirty five pounds by now, just from the sweat that would happen.  So you just want to be cautious on hot days to make sure that you have plenty of ventilation with the twinnies and you’re not overheating and that you’re not overheating the babies.  But what stroller are you using Rosa?  That is my question of the day and why aren’t they used to it?  If they are not used to their stroller maybe that’s our first step.  Maybe our first step is getting them used to the stroller.  So bring the stroller into your home.  Lay them in the stroller, get them used to being in the stroller.  You don’t even have to wheel it outside.  And when you feel comfortable that they are ready to make it outside, and then you take it outside.  I remember the first time I took the twins out by myself.  I took them when they were about four months, around April, and we both went out all of us solo and when I took them into the sun at the same exact time, this is the first time like I had both of them in kind of a stroller, and they both started sneezing.  Do any of you have sun sneezers?  So both of my twins are sun sneezers, as they call it, as is my husband.  So when I wheel them into the sun these tiny four month little twinnies they both sneeze tandemly.  And they still do this all the time.  And when I go out with my husband and my twins if that direct sunlight hits them, they all sneeze and it’s hilarious.  So that’s how I definitely know that they were his baby that was like my sure thing.  Not that I was ever worried about it but with IVF I was like…hmmm I wonder.  But they are definitely his little monkeys with the sun sneezes.  Are you guys sun sneezers?  If you have sun sneezers let me know so I know that I’m not totally nuts.

Okay we talked about the washcloths.  Next thing I want to talk about is traveling in a hotel for just a brief second because I know that we’re already like deep into this live feed and I want to give away more prizes.   But I want to talk about when you are traveling to go to either Grandma’s house or a hotel and you’re going to be spending the night, there are a few things you may want to bring.  Number one if the babies are accustomed to sleeping with white noise you want to make sure you bring a white noise machine with you.  Now the good thing with the nursery center for Baby Trend that we’re going to be giving away later on in this feed comes with a nightlight, music, and vibration.  So it already has that set up.  But if you don’t have you know their nursery center and you have the babies used to a certain song or a certain sound make sure you take it with you.  And if it’s typical white noise I may or may not have a lot of times forgotten to take everything with me.  But there’s always a radio in hotel rooms right?  If you put the radio on am static, that’s white noise tah-dah!  So that’s one thing.

Julie whenever she traveled she would always bring a dark sheet and clothes pins with her because, not necessarily in a hotel because they usually do have blackout shades, but often when you go to Grandma’s house she may not have she may have beautiful sheer curtains like I do and not necessarily blackout curtains.  So if you bring a darker shade with you what you could do is you could clasp it onto whatever shade is already there creating the same kind of visual situation as they have been accustomed to home.

So you could bring that, you’ve got the sound machine.  If your kids have a skin sensitivity and perhaps you know can’t sleep on every sheet, you may want to consider bringing sheets from home, pillowcases from home because typically in a situation like a hotel situation they do wash them in harsher chemicals because they’re making them sanitary for you.  But if you have a kiddo that has a skin sensitivity, you definitely want to make sure that you bring your little items from home.

Our next question comes from Bonnie.  Bonnie says still trying to be brave and go out solo.  How the heck do you go to the bathroom with twins and a toddler in public?  This mama has a bad bladder.  Bonnie first of all you could wear some beautiful Poise pads but if you don’t want to do that you could do is for the toddler and the twins, this happens so often.  Because look, we’re out and about right?  So hopefully you know that there are places that have handicap stalls.  A handicap stall should accommodate a double stroller, even a side-by-side one because there are not any double strollers that without bands on the side and stuff like that, but those handicapped bathrooms could accommodate a wheelchair.  And wheelchair should be the same depth as your stroller so that’s number one.  So you can wheel everybody in right?  But let’s just say they don’t have one.  What I may have been known to do is to wheel the stroller as far as I could get them, leave the door wide on open, and take care of business.  Please don’t judge me.  And then as they got older and they if we didn’t all fit in the stall there’s two things that you could do – either pee with the door open.  Because I’m certainly not above that.  Safety is first and by the way there was seventeen people in my delivery room so my hoo ha may be been witnesses by a lot of people that day.  They can take a little pee for God’s sake.  So just deal with it and just lose your modesty but safety first and then the other thing is that I would always make them keep their feet where I could see them.

So if I was in a bathroom and let’s say it wasn’t as high traffic and I wanted them to learn a little bit, make sure that they could see if you can see their feet underneath the stall.  And the other thing that I would do is I would always make them sing.  So if we went into a bathroom and they went into different stalls, so let’s say they were maybe like six or seven, we’re not going to go into one stall and pee as a family but I would make the kids sing.  So if I heard them singing I know that I was fine.  So I didn’t sing, clearly you know I love to, but I would make the kids sing a song and then I knew that they were in the stall next to me and they had to see my feet and I had to hear them sing.  And if I didn’t hear them singing I would immediately shout, “I can’t hear you singing”.  And then they would start singing and a lot of the other moms in the bathroom with kids would chuckle because they had similar things that they did with their own kids.  But not many people apply the song technology that I have to my twinnies but you definitely want to come up with something like that.

Carmine is asking how old everyone’s twinnies are – I would love to know how old your twinnies are so right now tell us how old your twinnies are.  I would love to know.  And hopefully you could find a partner for a prize that we are going to give away later on in this live feed.  So that is how I dealt with going to the bathroom outside.  Clearly Bonnie I have known people you know have asked somebody nicely could you just watch my kids for a second.  I personally have never felt comfortable with that.  But that’s probably because I live in New York City and it’s a little you know transient and I don’t have neighbors really.  But when you’re out here like where I am spending the summer I could easily see doing that and knowing people at a local store or whatever but when you’re potty training I remember having to run into some place to get them to a bathroom despite the fact that we went right before we left the house.  Which brings me to my next tip is to always have two portable potties in your car.  You may even want to consider having one in the bottom of your stroller.  So if you had to park far away from where the park is and there was an emergency, if you don’t think that you can make it back to the car take your little portable potty and put it in the bottom of your stroller.  There’s a great potty called my travel potty.  Jewel could you send them a link to my travel potty?  This is a tip that Julie gave us and was applied very often to her little boys.  Yeah I love that my team is all chiming in on their peeing stories.  If you have a great peeing story in public please share it now.  This is definitely the time.  If there was ever a circle of trust this is where it is.  So yeah having travel potties are great.  Have I ever seen a mom on a travel potty?  I’m trying to think that perhaps I must have in my travels.  In a jam man that’s all I got to say.  I got my travel potty.  My cooler may be big but you do what go to do because really the paramount thing is the kid’s safety.  So you want to make sure you have your little potties with you.

So we are going to go to our next tips and tricks.  And there are a few other things that I want to make sure that you always carry with you.  We talked about it in the Twiniversity classes and now I’m giving you kind of the background to a few tips that we give in our Twiniversity class.  There’s a few things you should always carry with you besides the extra goodies with you, you should always have cash on you.  Even if you’re not a cash family have a little bit of cash with you.  Just twenty, or forty or fifty just stuffed deep in your bag and if there was an emergency or if you forgot your wallet at least you’ll have a little bit of cash on you.  Certainly it’s not going to you know be enough for you know a new car or a hotel room, but just have a little bit of cash on you.  And the next thing that I always want you to carry is that if your kids have health insurance cards make a photocopy of them and carry a copy of their health insurance card in their diaper bag at all times.  So let’s say they’re at Grandma’s and you went out and had a nice evening out with your partner, if they were at Grandma’s house and something happened god forbid that they had to go to the hospital Grandma’s always going to have a copy of their medical ID cards.  So please make sure that you photocopy that, you put some cash so I always kept that in my little first-aid kit.  So there was some cash, a little bit of first aid supplies, and then I had the ID cards.  Out of my first aid kit one of my favorite items when they were tiny was liquid Band-Aid.  Have you guys ever used liquid Band-Aid?  I would love to know if you did.  I remember when they were babies if I put a Band-Aid on them they would peel it and eat it.  Disguising.  Disgusting children, I don’t know why they were doing that.  I think it’s pretty typical though sadly.  So what you could do if you have this liquid Band-Aid you could forego the Band-Aid and use this liquid Band-Aid and call it a day.

Alright so we are going to go to our next question.  Kathy are you ready because I am ready for you.  So Kathy asks how do you manage getting twins that are mobile into a car without losing one during the buckling process.  Alright Kathy oh my god I’m throwing my notes in a reckless manner.  So Kathy what you could do is you could have toys attached to the backseat.  They have a lot of backseat activity things.  You could tell them to get in car and start working on that activity while you get one buckled in.  Or you could give them an incentive and say whoever sits in their seat the fastest and the most perfect is going to get something out of this bag.  And this bag could be toys that you brought from home.  Perhaps every once in a while a new toy is brought in.  Julie also had the great idea of wrapping a toy.  So you could wrap something, go to the dollar store.  Sometimes you could get like a six pack of cards for a buck at dollar tree or something.  Wrap them up because they don’t know what’s in it and everybody wants the reward but do that positive reinforcement.  Positive reinforcement really really does work.  There’s definitely a time and a place for negative reinforcement but first start off with positive reinforcement.  Make it a game.  We’re going to play a new game as of today.  Guys who’s going to play?  Who wants to play?  I don’t know if you can do this.  Let’s see who can do this.  And you prep this before you get to the car.  And when you get to the car you play this game consistently.  Okay another great thing to do is you can buy a sticker book.  You could buy a sticker book once again at dollar tree.  I love me some dollar tree.  You can buy a sticker book that has like four hundred stickers for a buck.  Literally four hundred stickers for a buck and they have activity centers that go on the back of the back of the car seat that is in front of you.  So like the back of the passenger seat and the back of the driver’s seat they have like little activity centers and sometimes they even have like storage containers.  The storage containers are usually outlined in vinyl because it’s little pockets.  Almost like a shoe tree right?  Does anybody know what I’m talking about – those old shoe trees?  So giving them a reward by saying whoever gets in the car fastest is going to get a sticker.  And when they get this sticker they can only put it on this car section.  And then maybe you could do like you know whoever has the most stickers at the end of the week is going to get a prize or something like that.  Those are great ways to motivate them to get in, be good, and be patient.

We are nearing our time.  I have so many more tips to give you and I apologize that we did not get to all of them.  We’re going to give you some more but I want to give you an opportunity to win this nursery center right now.  So if you would like to win the Baby Trend outstanding twin nursery center all you have to say is we love Baby Trend.  Feel free to link Baby Trend in on that.  That’s just the way that we are going to pick the winners.  That’s just it.  I really do love them.  I personally had a Baby Trend double snap and go.  I also had a Baby Trend single snap and go because I had one twin that was a little bit more medical fragile let’s just say.  And often I would have a doctor’s visit just for that little puppy so having the single snap and go was fantastic.  Just say we love Baby Trend.  Feel free to link them in there.  Julie’s going to pick one winner, one lucky winner.  One very very lucky winner that’s going to win that nursery center.  So Julie tells me when you know what there is.  I love you guys by the way for participating in this.  We are so really fortunate to have wonderful partners who always work with us and give us the opportunity to really provide some great education to you guys.  I hope as long as you said we love our Baby Trend right?  So just put that in there.  So enter to win but I want to know what you guys thought about today’s live feed.  I would love some feedback.  How did you find the tips?  What was your favorite tip?  What was your favorite trick?  What’s one thing that you’re going to take away from today’s live feed.  Besides me falling on the floor and live singing right?  So what was the twin tip that’s going to stand out in your mind the most?  I would absolutely love to know because I know I threw a lot of things at you guys.  And I always do but I really do because you know not every tip is made for every family.  And not every trick is going to work for every family.  So what was the one that you think works best for you?  So let me know that.  Julie is going to go ahead and pick a winner.  Just like I told you in the beginning of this live feed, I wanted you to find a buddy right?  Did you find a buddy?  Are your buddy’s friends?  If you guys are friends I would like to give you guys both an opportunity to win a prize from me.  So if you have found a buddy I would like to send you both an Amazon gift card just as a thank you from me to you for participating in our live feeds, for being a part of Twiniversity.  It’s just what we do.  The reason why we choose Amazon is not because we’re partial, even though I’m actually stacking my computer on two Amazon boxes right now.  But it’s universal.  You could buy of course anything from your diapers to your wipes and so on and so forth.  Naomi congratulations on winning the twin nursery center.  Everybody congratulate Naomi because she won and I’m so excited.  And now of course we have our final prize of the day now that that is out.  And I would love if you guys could find your buddy.  Just say here’s my twin buddy and then link their name.  And if you can’t link their name because you’re not already friends just put it in there and then we could go back and we could find them.  I would love for you guys for you to just say here’s my buddy.  Put their name and then we’re going to send you guys both a little Amazon gift card as a little thank you to us for really developing this community spirit.  We cannot do this without each other.  Of course Twiniversity can’t do this without you right because if nobody watched this I would actually I would probably be on all by myself because I was for a while before we kind of got popular.  But for me it is very important because I did not get here by myself.  As a twin mom, as a business owner, as an entrepreneur I have not done any of it by myself.  And I don’t want you guys doing anything by yourself too.  I can remember many, many times when the twinnies weren’t sleeping or when red was a little too sick and I didn’t know how to handle it.  Or even now when the kids get sick or something happens I have my mom squad to depend on.  Not only professionally but personally too.  I just thank Julie this week for letting me vent a lot.  You know it’s been a struggle.  It’s been a challenge.  But I got here all thanks to you guys.  Not just you guys the viewers like I said.  But fellow twin parents who have always been there to support me no matter what.  Julie is going to pick a winner for you guys for the two buddies.  That’s it guys.  We are done for the day.  I am going to head out to the movies to see Planet of the Apes with the twinnies.  So if you want to find out how I liked it make sure you stay on top of my little Instagram page.  I am Nat real world over on Instagram.  If you want to be friends with me I’m at  But you could always find me here at Twiniversity.  But I do kind of try keep church and state a little separate so I’m not necessarily going to post about Planet of the Apes on the Twiniversity page.  So Julie you’re going to give them each, you’re going to pick one person and their buddy are both going to get a ten dollar Amazon gift card.  Julie is going to look out for you guys because she didn’t know what was happening because I did not give her notice before then.  But follow me over at Nat’s real world.  Don’t forget to follow us over at Twiniversity on Instagram as well.  And Pinterest and Twitter and probably even snapchat now.  So find us over there.  If you need anything you know where to find me.   Thanks again to our friends at Baby Trend.  Make sure you visit their page and definitely check out their unbelievable nursery center.  See you later alligators.

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