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5 Features to Look For in A Sippy Cup

5 Features to Look For in A Sippy Cup

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Last updated on May 2nd, 2024 at 10:04 am

Hey gang! Listen up, today we have a great article on 5 features to look for in a sippy cup along with a giveaway from ZoLi! Five lucky families will win 2 of the brand new BOT2.0 cups!


Who says you can’t teach an old BOT new tricks? The BOT2.0 cup is a 10 oz. straw sippy cup that is both BPA & Phthalate free. It can now handle warm or cold liquids and even milk! Made with the same weighted straw you love, this sippy is good to the last drop. Go ahead, fill it with your toddler’s favorite liquid and sip away. 

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Introducing your babies to sippy cups can be stressful at first. It will take them a while to get the hang of holding it in their hands and learning how to suck from it. Since they’ve only ever had liquids from your breast or a bottle, it’s a huge transition! Here are five features to look for in a sippy cup to help transition your little ones a lot more smoothly and with less stress for you.

1. Leak Proof

This is a given. Leaky sippy cups are the WORST! You want to make sure it doesn’t have a top that pops off easily (screw-on tops are better than snap-on) and that it doesn’t leak when tilted in any direction. Fill it up with water and test it out before you throw away the packaging and receipt. Throw it on the floor, into the air, let it land on the ground, and THEN see if it still holds all the liquids inside.

2. Handles That Can Be Removed

When you are first introducing sippy cups to your little ones handles are a great feature to have. It makes it easier for them to hold and control the cups. When they get bigger those handles aren’t as necessary and can be taken off. This will allow for a much longer period of use. Even after your kids are drinking from normal cups, you can still use their sippy cups on-the-go and at nighttime in bed.

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3. Weight at the Bottom of the Straw

If your babies are just starting out with straw sippy cups they might not understand that they need to lift the cup up to get the liquid out. A weighted straw allows your babies to be able to get the liquid regardless of the orientation of the cup.

4. Ease of Cleaning

When there are too many parts or nooks and crannies to clean, the issue of mold comes into play. Look for cups with parts where you can see everything. There shouldn’t be any hidden compartments in the lids where bacteria can get trapped. A sippy cup that is easy to clean will make your life easier and give you peace of mind.

5. Soft Spout or Straw

If the spout or straw is too hard when your little ones are first starting to use a sippy cup, they may not like it, and therefore not want to use it. Having a soft spout or straw will help them get used to using a sippy cup. As they get older and are comfortable with using them you can buy sippy cups that have the harder spouts and straws.


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5 Features to Look For in A Sippy Cup

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