Awesome Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

non-toy gifts

We recently asked our fans: “What are some great alternative non-toy gifts for kids?”

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

– We like memberships to zoos and parks. It takes a big expense off of us when our family buys them instead of toys for birthdays and Christmas. ∼ LBR

-Their favorite snack. I wrap up a can of Pringles for my daughter every year. She LOVES it. I’m also going to wrap up two boxes of tissues for my twins and just let them pull them out until their gone. They love doing this and it’s usually a no-no. ∼ AGH

– There are also some great big kids and little kid magazines out there. That is on our list this year for anyone that wants to buy our kids a gift. I know they would love to check the mailbox and see something for them. Some favorites are Highlights Hello, Ranger Rick Jr, and National Geographic Little Kids∼ SG

– I love flash cards∼ AL

– We’re doing savings bonds for our nieces and nephews this year. But books, coloring books, arts & crafts, membership gifts (zoo, museum, ymca, etc), dance or karate classes, winter wear (gloves, mittens, etc) are all other non-toy gifts. ∼ JK

– My family loves to camp so this year we’re setting our 9 year old twin girls up with all new “real” camping stuff for next summer! ∼ AFD

– Practical, but boring is so appreciated like mittens. My singleton goes through a pair a week can’t wait to see how many my twins go through this winter. ∼ ML

– My daughter would be happy with just paper, glue and scissors. She loves doing crafts and using her imagination to create beautiful art. She likes making her own birthday cards. ∼ KW

– These are awesome! Books and comfy chairs are my big ideas for non-toy gifts. That’s what my boys are getting for Christmas. ∼ MRM

– Experiences and classes. Looking for family members to gift money this year so I can put my twins into dance and gymnastics classes. ∼ WD

– A movie night with fresh popcorn and latest kids movie curled up under blankets. The kids also love getting new books to read! ∼ BZ

– Arts and crafts supplies, swimming lessons, children gym, ice cream gift card, movie tickets, family board games, trip to favorite theme park. ∼ KG

– This year for Christmas, they’re getting bed tents! I know they’re going to love them! ∼ BW

– Really lame for the kiddos, but the ever practical deposit to the college fund. Great when they are little and don’t realize! ∼ BMZ

– We usually try to get them at least one practical gift. Last year it was snowmobile helmets and kids luggage another year. ∼ JG

non-toy gifts

– Some of my favorite non-toy gifts are binoculars, kid’s microscope, kid’s sewing machine, personalized aprons and kitchen tools to help in the kitchen.  ∼ AR

– We always get at least one new book for our kiddos. This year we’re finally in a position to sponsor a Christmas for children in our community. So I’m going to bring the kiddos shopping and then they will help wrap the presents and bring them to the drop off. For me this is the greatest gift I can give my kiddos- the gift of giving. ∼ ASF

– Date days with mom and dad for one-on-one time. Getting to go to special events. We are taking our son to Monster Jam and our daughters to Frozen on Ice. Give memories! ∼ JR

Diaries so they can write down memories of their holiday time off from school and weekend events that I will be taking them to. ∼ KT

– I love doing crafts with the kids, it’s amazing how entertained they are with pipe cleaners and modeling clay∼ LS

– I️ always get clothes they need, like coats or boots. I️ also get them backpacks. ∼ AD

– We are getting an experience gift for each one of our kiddos. For the twins Disney on Ice, older daughter Broadway play and older son tickets with Dad to see a baseball game! ∼ KM

– Since my husband and I can’t swim. We would love for them to take swimming lessons. It will help them mentally and physically to be active especially during the winter when its freezing outside. ∼ GL

– Non-toy gifts are actually my favorite. I hope that my son gets a snow suit and sled so we can continue my love of snow and winter together! ∼ DNC

non-toy gifts

– I give markers, coloring books, clothes (which most kids hate), and crafts as non-toy gifts that still make my kiddos happy. ∼ DKG

– My oldest doesn’t really like to play with toys so this year we went with decorations for his room. It is done in Minecraft so we got him a creeper pillow and a really nice blanket. Pajamas and movies are always great ideas as well ∼ SJ

– My daughter loves makeup and wants to take all of mine while I’m getting ready. So definitely her own little kit. ∼PP

– My kids love taking pictures, so definitely a camera is one of the gift that I will try to give them. ∼ BYL

– We are giving our older kids snorkeling adventures. Memories last a lifetime. ∼ JN

– My girls love the outdoors. Luckily we have a Greenway nearby with the yearly passes for horse back riding and nature hikes. ∼ RTN

– This year we are gifting our kids amusement park passes instead of toys. ∼ XT

– Movie tickets! We are a big movie family. ∼ PP

non-toy gifts

– Going to the local hounce house place or trampoline zone. ∼ MS

– My oldest is getting guitar lessons, the twins are getting art lessons, and the baby is getting a My Gym membership! ∼ SAJ

– Pajama boxes with a movie and snacks for a night in with the kids! ∼ CP

– A special day with Mommy. ∼ AL

– College funds or special ornament keepsakes. ∼ TB

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