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Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Monthly subscription box for kids

Last updated on February 10th, 2024 at 10:51 am

What gift is an absolute game-changer in the present world and is literally the gift that keeps on giving? Monthly subscription boxes for kids! From tots to teens, there’s a universe of cool stuff out there curated by folks at KiwiCo, Ipsy, Highlights, CrateJoy, Amazon, and more. They’ve nailed it when it comes to captivating young minds, regardless of age or what floats their boat (you can gift them a kit where they will actually float their own boat!).

The Lowdown on Monthly Subscription Boxes

The Upside

Picture this: monthly surprises that keep the excitement rolling well past Christmas day. There’s variety galore, catering to all tastes—STEM, artsy stuff, crafts, you name it, they’ve got it! Plus, monthly subscription boxes for kids are the ultimate time-saver for gift shopping (online) and, hello, doorstep delivery!

Monthly subscription boxes for kids

And the best part? Learning is disguised as play! These boxes sneak into education through fun activities, making them a win-win for both kids and parents.

The Flip Side

Watch out for potential overwhelm! Too many subscriptions might clutter up the place and dull the sparkle of each delivery. Maybe try one subscription box and then evaluate through the year. It’s all about finding that balance.

Then there’s the money side of things. Sure, one subscription might not break the bank, but if you start piling them up, those bills can sneak up on you faster than you’d think. And, you know, there’s the chance that the cool box you picked out doesn’t click with your kid’s interests. It happens! So, it’s all about finding that sweet spot where you get variety without blowing the budget and making sure the chosen boxes hit the right notes with your little one. Keep it fun and wallet-friendly.

Monthly subscription boxes for kids undoubtedly offer a unique and engaging way to entertain, educate, and delight children across various ages and interests. Careful consideration and selection can ensure that the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks, providing an ongoing source of joy and enrichment for the young recipient.

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Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids of All Ages and Interests

Whether you’ve got two little scientists, aspiring artists, or adventure-seekers (or any combination), we’ve put together a list that promises to uncover surprises that are designed to entertain, educate, and inspire every single month.

KiwiCo Crates

KiwiCo is for anyone and everyone, regardless of age. With an age and interest range so vast, you’re sure to find a perfect subscription for everyone. They have a Panda Crate specially for babies 0-36 months where they send you exactly what your twinnies developmentally need. But they also have hobby-specific crates, like the Yummy Crate (ages 6-14) for your mini chef or the Eureka Crate (ages 12-100) for your future engineers. KiwiCo Crates start at $16.95 a month and are designed for ages 0 to 100.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids


I’m a bit of a bookworm and a big fan of personalized picks, so I love Literati! You tell them about your reader, and five personalized books (that are appropriate for your reading level) are delivered to your door every month, but you only keep what you like! Literati Club subscription is $9.95 per month plus the cost of any books you choose to keep and are available for ages 0 to 14.

Literati book subscription is a great montly subscription box for kids


Consider Kidstir as a monthly subscription box for kids.
image via @kidstir Instagram

Pura Vida Bracelets

Tween and teen girls will love getting three of the newest and most popular bracelets from Pura Vida each month. And bonus, every bracelet helps support local Costa Rican artisans. Starting at $14.95/month and for ages tween and teen.

A Pura Vida subscription is a great option for teens.

Lovevery Play Kits

I am obsessed with Lovevery Play Kits and think they are every parent’s dream, especially if you take a more Montessori approach to learning. You’ll receive a new one every 2-3 months with developmentally appropriate toys your child will love to revisit as they grow. Each kit includes access to expert research, guidance, tips, and play activities to support your child’s development. Starting at $80 per play kit, delivered every 2 months and for ages 0-4.

Lovevery Subscription boxes for kids

Little Passports

From early learning to culture and geography and STEM, there’s so much fun to be had with Little Passports subscription boxes. It’s a passport to world knowledge and curiosity! Starting at $23.95 per month and recommended for ages 3-8+. Click here to receive 40% off sitewide (must use this link to receive this exclusive offer).

Little Passports Monthly Subscription boxes for kids

Brick Loot

Are your twinnies LEGO-obsessed? Brick Loot is filled with the coolest and newest LEGO and brick-related items. So perfect for that kid that goes through LEGO kits like they’re going out of style! Starting at $39.16/month and recommended for ages 6-99+.

Brick Loot monthly subscription boxes for kids


The monthly Ipsy subscription is great for beauty lovers. I had this subscription as a teen myself and loved the surprise products every month and was blown away by how much you get (5 products worth up to $70) for the price! Starting at $14/month and recommended for teen aged kids.

Ipsy monthly subscription for kids

Highlights Puzzle Buzz

Highlights Puzzle Buzz subscription is perfect for children diving into puzzles, brain teasers, and engaging stories. It’s a great way to keep young minds sharp while fostering a love for reading and problem-solving. Starting at $130.80 for 12 months and for ages 4 to 7.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Creation Crate

Your future engineers, chemists, and tech prodigies will geek out over Creation Crate’s STEM kits. Watch your child go from beginner to tech wizard as they complete challenges and unlock cutting-edge STEM skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow. Perfect for tweens, teens, and even adults! Starting at $29.99/project and recommended for ages 10+.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Think Outside

Fuel the passion for the outdoors with Think Outside. Monthly boxes contain hands-on activity and quality outdoor gear, perfect for a family adventure out in nature! Starting at $42/month and for ages 4-16+.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Amazon Subscribe & Discover Book Club

Amazon offers a few different book club options for a variety of ages. What’s so cool about it is each month you get a book that was highly rated on Amazon by Prime users. You never know when you’re going to discover a new favorite! Under $10.99/month and recommended for ages 0 to 6.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Stitch Fix

Did you know Stitch Fix has a kid’s option? Each month, they’ll get an entire box of clothes picked just for them. They keep their favorites and send back the rest! This would be a great gift for the fashionista or girl who can shop ‘til she drops! Starting at $10 and styling sizes for ages 2T – 18. And if you choose to keep everything in your Fix delivery, you’ll receive a 25% discount on your entire purchase!

Stitch Fix monthly subscription box for kids.

Twiniversity Testimony: I personally use Stitch Fix for a lot of my twin’s clothing. They always get a back-to-school box, a Christmas box (full of winter clothes), and an Easter box (spring and summer clothes). My favorite (the kids love this too) thing about Stitch Fix is that your kids get unique clothes. No more showing up to school wearing the same Target shirt as three other kids!


With various options for babies all the way up to teenagers. You can subscribe to a “My First Ready Club” Box and get a minimum of three books/month (and a gift for mom), starting at $19/month. Or, for that artsy teen, subscribe to the “Inky Box” and get a monthly selection of lettering and calligraphy tools, supplies, and greeting cards, all starting at $35.95/month. You name it, CrateJoy has it!

CrateJoy has so many options for subscription boxes for kids

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Monthly subscription boxes for kids are the “it” gift. They’re an ongoing source of joy, learning, and entertainment. Just keep an eye on the number of subscriptions, budget, and the child’s interests to make sure the fun keeps rolling in month after month. Trust me, there’s a perfect box out there for every kiddo waiting to be unwrapped!

Kylee Burleigh

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