Twin Boys Born at 28 Weeks Find Their Forever Home

twin boys Born at 28 Weeks

We are excited to bring you the story of Evan and Easton, who were born at 28 weeks and found their forever home 5 days later.

We spoke with their mother, Virginia, and here is what she had to say about these two:

My twins are truly miracle angel babies. Their birth mother delivered them by emergency c-section at only 28 weeks. Evan, baby A, weighed 2.1 lbs and Easton, baby B, weighed only 1.9 lbs. My partner Erika and I were chosen to be their moms when they were only five days old while they were fighting to survive in a NICU over two hours away from our home.

twin boys Born at 28 Weeks

We’ll never forget getting the call of a lifetime from our adoption agency letting us know that our dream of parenting twins was actually coming true, we are still pinching ourselves daily. It was “love at first sight” seeing our tiny sons laying in incubators side by side with so many things hooked up to them, they were so tiny and fragile.

We drove back and forth to the NICU every day for their seven and a half week stay. The 4+ hours in the car each day was the easy part, the hard part was watching them go through many ups and downs as they grew big enough and strong enough to finally come home.

twin boys Born at 28 Weeks

Evan formed a large abscess in his neck which affected his breathing. Easton needed heart surgery when he was still only 3 lbs. Ten months later it’s all quite a blur, but our boys are thriving.

We finalized our adoption on Sept 7th and became a forever family of four. They complete us and have changed our lives forever in the best possible way. We never get tired of people asking “are they twins?” Our huge smiles answer back, yes they are, they are twins. Our miracle twins Evan Angel & Easton Ashe.

twin boys Born at 28 Weeks

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twin boys born at 28 weeks