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Twiniversity Tips: Age Appropriate Chores

Twiniversity Tips: Age Appropriate Chores

Last updated on April 26th, 2024 at 11:57 pm

There’s age appropriate chores for the whole family! Are you tired of picking up legos? Are you sick of picking up dirty socks or emptying the dishwasher? Do you ever feel like you are the ONLY one in your home that does any housework? Doesn’t this sound like the beginning on an infomercial? haha. We’ll this week on the Twiniversity Facebook page, we asked:

“What is a great chore to have your multiples do?” hopefully we can give you some tips on how not be the only one picking up your beautiful home with these age appropriate chores.*

Twiniversity Tips: Age Appropriate Chores
Tara T.’s Twinnies know how to make a mess!

For Multiples Age 2-3

  • They can start making their own bed. Fix their blanket, fix their pillow, pick up any stuffed animals.
  • They can put their toys away with a little help. They might not be able to start sorting, but if the boxes are labeled correctly, and you assist them, they will learn where stuff lives and be better cleaners later on.
  • Kiddies this age can also put dirty clothing in the laundry basket and fill your pet’s bowl (with a little help of course).
  • Another favorite for kids this age is dusting! Give them a swiffer duster and let them get all the low parts you miss (bottom of chair legs, lower shelves of coffee tables and bookcases*.)

“Mine will be three in April. They feed the fish, put their toys back in the play room and water the plants. They also “help” with putting away dishes and folding the laundry. Those last two actually mean more work for me but the live to help.”

-Rustell L.

Multiples Age 4 and 5

  • Everything above plus…
  • By this age your children should be able to dress themselves with minimal help.
  • They should also be experts at making their beds if you started young (see above).
  • Help them build those baby muscles and they can help you bring in groceries. Make sure the bags aren’t to heavy.
  • Your kids can be of great help at dinnertime now. Not only can they help prepare food (mixing, cracking eggs, etc.) they can also help set and clear the table with supervision.
  • By this age your kiddos can help you sort socks, hang towels in the bathroom, help dry mop (Swiffer) the floors.

“My 3 1/2 year old girls like feeding our cats and dog. They also love to help put away the groceries and put things out in the recycling bins.”

– Amy M.

“My neighbor has twins too and she throws a load of socks on the floor and gives them a quarter for every pair they make :)”

-Krystal S

“I have them use magic eraser to wipe all their fingerprints and crayon “accidents” off the walls, they love doing this, I started having them do it, with the hopes they would hate it and stop touching the walls with dirty hands but it didn’t work.”

– Tara L.

“My 4 year olds love to dust & clean windows.”

-Marlene V.

“My girls just turned 4 and they feed the dogs, set and clear the table, pick up their toys, unload the silverware from the dishwasher and put it away, and help bring in groceries in from the car. They try to unpack food but it ends up everywhere.”

-Jessica P.

For Multiples 6 and 7

  • Everything above plus…
  • No excuses. They should be making their bed everyday.
  • They can also independently brush their teeth, comb their hair, choose their own outfits and get dressed.
  • They can also write thank you notes with a little supervision!
  • They can also take more responsibility for the family pet. They can feed them, take them in the backyard for some exercise (both them and the pet).
  • They can help vacuum and mop (wet and dry) the floors.
  • They can help you fold and sort AND put away the laundry.
  • No more making dinners alone. Your kiddos can help prepare meals, even chop veggies (with supervision of course).
  • The dishwasher duties can be turned over to them, as long as they can reach where all the dishes go.
  • Your kiddos can also empty all the garbage pails in the house.

“Clean the bathrooms. Just use plain dish soap and a wet rag to “wash” and a dry towel to dry up the bubbles and water. They LOVE to make bubbles. It will be the cleanest you’ve ever seen your bathroom!”

– Twiniversity member and January’s SuperMOM Bev H.

“They have to unload backpacks, take dishes from table and feed the dog. They just turned 6 so we are getting there with chores.”

– Lori

Multiples Ages 8-11

  • Everything above plus…
  • They can fly solo when getting ready in the morning and at bedtime. They can take their own shower, brush their own teeth, pick their own clothes. They should be on their own by now. They should even be given their own alarm clock!
  • They should be expected to keep their room clean. Nothing on the floor, drawers closed, bed made, rug clean, etc.
  • They should be responsible for their homework and any supplies needed for school.
  • Your kiddos can wash dishes, empty and fill the dishwasher, prepare meals, take out the trash.
  • Got a big yard? By this age they should be able to help you rake leaves.
  • Laundry time is a breeze. Your kiddos can help sort clothing, wash a load, put in dryer, fold and put away. I said they “can”… I didn’t say they “will”. : )
  • Help them get involved with the family safety. They can help you test your smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detectors every six months.
  • Bonus points, you can teach them how to wash the car!

For Multiples Ages 12 and 13

  • Everything above plus…
  • They should be responsible for changing their own sheets
  • Finally they can help with spring cleaning!
  • By now they can change lightbulbs, change the vacuum bags, clean the bathrooms alone, and even mow the lawn.
  • They can help you clean out the fridge!
  • Some state even allow kiddos this age to babysit.
  • Finally they can make YOU dinner….that is if you like hot pockets and a salad. I always say, any meal I didn’t make is a perfect one.

Multiples Ages 14 and Beyond

  • Everything above plus…
  • They should do their assigned chores without reminding them (good luck with this one!)
  • By this time they may even have a part time job!

We hope this gave you a few ideas to lighten your load.

Good Luck and Happy Cleaning with these age appropriate chores!

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*If your home isn’t childproofed, please make sure it is before your children are crawling. More than 4.5 million children are injured in their homes each year according to the International Association of Child Safety. If you are going to have your children help you clean, make sure your home is secure. If you are unsure if your home is “childproof” please seek the assistance of a professional in your area.

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