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Cloth Diapering Twins Cheat Sheet

Cloth Diapering Twins Cheat Sheet

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 10:49 pm

Need a Cloth Diapering Twins Cheat Sheet? Well, finally you have one!

Many folks wouldn’t even get this far, we’re glad you did. Whether you are deciding to cloth diaper to save the planet or your wallet, we have some tips to help you out!

Modern cloth diapering has come a long way and been made very easy for Mom and Dad, unlike the cloth diapers used in our parents’ day. Below is a cheat sheet to get you started!

You Need:


  • Buy at least 24 per newborn (enough for 2-3 days of changes). You don’t need to buy double the diapers for double the kids: one and a half the amount for a typical baby should be enough. Twiniversity’s favorite cloth diaper: Bambino Mio
  • Try a “trial program” to determine which diapers are best for you and the twins (all-in-one, prefold, etc). Not all cloth diapers were created equally.
  • Search e-bay or local parent groups/message boards for used cloth diapers. Some people decide they don’t want to continue using them for whatever reason.  Make their loss your gain!


  • Diaper covers (if using pre-folds).
  • Diaper fasteners/Snappis (if using pre-folds).
  • Diaper Pail
    Diaper pail to store used diapers until you do the wash.
  • Diaper pail: a plastic bag could work in a pinch, but look for a washable pail liner and wash everything together.
  • Wet bag: store used diapers on the go like the Wet Diaper Bag (in a pinch, a ziplock will work too).
  • Detergent (Bambino Mio Miocare powder is great at getting odors out) or any fragrance- and dye-free will work as well.


  • Diaper sprayer (easily hooks water pipes to a sprayer to get solids down the drain for easy clean up).
  • Flushable diaper liners (captures most of the solids and can be flushed down the toilet for easy clean up).
  • diapersprayerCloth wipes (you can cut an old flannel sheet into squares if you’re a handy sewer).
  • A small spray water bottle/peri bottle from the hospital to moisten cloth wipes with.
  • Wipe warmer (we don’t use one).
  • Bleach or white vinegar for occasional use to make sure odors do not build up.
  • Antibacterial diaper cleaner to add to detergent.
  • Diaper pail deodorizer (Lysol works, or an organic spray).

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