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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Dental Issues You May Experience While Expecting

Dental Issues You May Experience While Expecting

Last updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 03:15 pm

Congratulations you’re pregnant and with twins no less!  You are currently being bombarded with information left and right at the same time your body is changing by the day.  While you set your calendar for all those upcoming doctor visits, don’t forget your dentist!  That’s right – the dentist.  Pregnancy can have a big impact on your oral health.

We all know “the drill”; brush twice a day and floss. This becomes even more important while you’re pregnant.  For the moms suffering from morning sickness here are a couple tips to remember. After suffering an episode the first thing you’ll want to do is brush your teeth. Don’t!  After getting sick your mouth becomes very acidic and it takes about 20 minutes to neutralize.  To avoid brushing that acid right into your teeth, skip the toothbrush.  Instead, reach for mouthwash, swish with water, or chew some xylitol gum.

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Many women notice their gums changing during pregnancy.  They become inflamed and sensitive and some may notice an increase in bleeding.  It’s due to all those lovely hormones racing around preparing for your baby.  It’s also the very reason why it’s so important to brush twice and to floss daily. Some women may experience pregnancy induced gingivitis. Most of these symptoms will clear up once you give birth. However, some breastfeeding moms may continue to experience these symptoms while nursing. To help avoid pregnancy-induced gingivitis, many dentists will recommend increasing your dental cleanings to every 3 months.  Here’s the good news – many dental insurance plans will cover the extra visits while you’re pregnant! Call your provider to find out about what coverage you have for the additional cleanings.

Another thing to consider while pregnant is all the additional snacking that may happen while pregnant. You want to be sure that any late night snacking is followed-up with brushing to avoid unexpected cavities. Falling asleep with your teeth coated with your latest craving is asking for trouble. You’re also probably increasing the amount of vitamins you’re taking during this special time;  however you should try and avoid the gummy vitamins if possible.  They may be great for your body but they stick to your teeth just like any gummy candy and can do the same amount of damage.

This is a very exciting time as you prepare to expand your family. Implementing these simple steps will help to avoid any unnecessary dental issues during and after your pregnancy. And remember to inform your dentist that you are pregnant. They will be sure to tailor your visit to accommodate your changing mouth.

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