Don’t Let Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave Stress You Out

after maternity leave

Nat shares her best tips and advice for going back to work after maternity leave in this Facebook live chat with our community members, sponsored by Earth’s Best® organic infant formula. Check out the video below, and if you can’t watch it right now you can read the summary below the video. Enjoy!

Nat discusses going back to work after maternity leavve

Getting Prepared to go Back to Work After Maternity Leave

Today we’re going to tackle a very important topic here, at Twiniversity. Going back to work after maternity leave can be very stressful, exciting, and even a little sad. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks we think you’re really going to love that will help you to smooth the transition.

1. Plan Ahead for Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong kind of help. It may take time to even figure out what kind of help you need. It could be a friend or family member, a nanny, a postpartum doula, a daycare or a a combination. It can take weeks to find and vet your caregiver. The you still have to get everyone adjusted to this childcare provider and the twins being away from you.

You will need time to adjust to being away from your babies, too. It can be great to go back to see you co-workers and eat lunch with adults, but it’s still a little sad you wont be with your babies all day, everyday.

2. Start a Week Early

Going back to work after maternity leave is a hectic transition for many families. You can help ease this for you and your babies by starting a week early when possible Start slowly, maybe with a haircut or an outing to buy a new work outfit. Just a couple of hours at a time can be very helpful in building up to a full day.

Your caregiver will also appreciate this. If they have any questions or concerns, they will know you will be back in just a little while while they get their bearings. You know better than anyone how much work infant twins can be. Easing them into it can be helpful.

3. Figure Out Feeds

This can be a big one. Many moms exclusively breastfeed and will need to introduce the bottle to their twins for the first time after maternity leave. If this is you, you should being that transition ahead of time to ease the twins into it.

In this case, the first step is getting your twins to take a bottle and that means figuring out what kind of bottle and nipple they need. Next, if the babies will be getting formula, you will need to plan which formula they will have after maternity leave.

We have our own preference here at Twiniversity but you should first discuss this change with your doctor. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula is a great choice. They make a basic organic formula that is certified USDA organic for infants in their first year. Earth’s Best also created a reduced lactose and a plant based soy formula for sensitivity.

All of their formula is certified USDA organic and safe for the first year of you twins’ life. Most formula fed infants can take the Earth’s Best infant formula with iron. Their formulas are produced from organic certified cows on organic certified farms. They are made from cows who are never given antibiotics or hormones. This formula contains Omega-3 with DHA and Omega_6 with ARA. These are fatty acids that are found in breastmilk. These fatty acids promote brain development. It also contains lutein and pre-biotics and no corn syrup solids. It is produced with no GMOs, pesticides or herbisicdes.

Whatever formula you use, check with your pediatrician before and keep them apprised of any concerns that arise during the transition.

4. Plan Your Schedule for After Maternity Leave on Paper

Take a sheet of paper or a notebook and write out your daily schedule for the week line by line. We like paper because you can print it out and give it to any and all caregivers without worrying about system compatibility issues.

Do NOT forget to change the schedule as you babies go. When they drop a nap or feed, change it on the paper. The same goes for when you add in extra play time or a new activity.

5. Do a Dry Run

Once you have your new schedule written out, replicate it. Use your twins schedule to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything or missed anything during your day. This will help your caregiver know what to expect and help you to know what you have missed while at work after maternity leave.

6. Be Selective When Choosing a Caregiver for After Maternity Leave

Thoroughly vet anyone you are letting around your kiddos. A nanny cam may help to ease your anxiety about leaving the twins all day. Tell the nanny you are putting in the nanny cam to spy on your babies. This will allow you to check in on your babies from work and then go on about your day. Most nannies or caregivers will be more than happy to help you ease fear by checking in periodically.

7.Try Out Nannies or Childcare Options for After Maternity Leave

Always interview nannies in public places and keep them separate from your home and work until you are ready to hire them. This is for your safety as well as theirs.

Have them come and work for you for a day or even an afternoon to try them out. Do this multiple times with multiples sitters if you have a few in the running to see who would be the best fit for your family.

8. Pre-pack and Lay out Clothes the Night Before

Do it! This will make your first mornings back after maternity leave so much smoother and less frazzled.

9. Post a Pre-exit Schedule on the Fridge

List everything you need to have done before you leave the twins If you need to replenish diapers in the downstairs changing area or pack your lunch, make sure it is on this list. It will help during the initial transition.

10. Have Help Come 30 Minutes Early

This can help you to not feel too rushed and have a few minutes to get ready in peace. It can also help the caregiver to feel a calmer transition.

When you are finished getting ready make a quick exit. Lingering can give you twins the impression that you are anxious and they should be too. Even if you are, they shouldn’t be.

Whether you go back to work part time or full time after maternity leave, preparation is key. Even if you’re only using these tips to get a few hours for yourself, a girls’ night, or an occasional date night, every single one of us needs a break. These tips can be applied for only a few hours a week, too!

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