Twiniversity Hospital Bag Checklist

Twiniversity Hospital Bag Checklist

What should you take to the hospital when you go to deliver your bundles of joy? Here is the official Twiniversity list. You can find a printable version of this list when you sign into the Twiniversity forums. Find it under the “files” tab. You want to make sure that you pack your hospital bag WELL in advance, in the event you go into preterm labor or are put on hospital bed-rest.

____ Paperwork for Hospital.  Pre-admit papers, insurance card, recent doc visit notes.

____ Twiniversity Birth Plan (Available for download as well)

____ Copies of the Twins Daily Log or Daily Twin Schedule

____ Robe and Pajamas (make sure it’s something comfortable!)

____ Slippers or Flip Flops. **Remember a non slip bottom is best!**

____ Socks (make sure they are not too tight)

____ Extra pairs of underwear…for dad too!

____ Pillow from home, bring extra pillowcases. (Make sure they aren’t white so the          hospital doesn’t take em’!)

____ Clips and hair bands

____ Lip moisturizer

____ Glasses/Cleaning Cloth/Contacts/Contact Case/Solution

____ Cell phone/Charger (You may want to consider increasing your minutes and data for now)

____ Address Book

____ Snacks. Dried fruit and nuts work best.

____ Notebook and Pen

____ Camera (extra battery and extra memory card. It may be a good idea to put a disposable camera in the bag, just in case)

____ Toothbrushes for both of you!

____ Nursing Bra

____ Loose fitting shirt and pants for coming home (maternity clothes may work best)

____ Personal Items (extra absorbant sanitary pads, toiletries, nipple cream, ear plugs)

____ Going home outfits for babies (2 each, just in case)


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