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How Do You Tandem Breastfeed in Public?

How Do You Tandem Breastfeed in Public?

breastfeed in public

Last updated on April 17th, 2024 at 11:16 pm

A MoM Recently Asked:

How do you tandem breastfeed in public? I have 2 week old twins and we tandem breastfeed at home with the My Brest Friend nursing pillow, but I’m nervous about how to do this out of the house.

Here’s What Our Twiniversity Fans Had to Say:

Mine were little enough to lay in each arm with legs straddling my elbows. I placed a little blanket over each one. I was tandem breastfeeding in public when someone asked “Are they both yours?” Um, no, this other one was just hungry. Really?

∼ DH

I did it one at a time, but if you need to do both, dressing rooms are a good place to do it. I had a My Brest Friend nursing pillow and a smaller but sturdy pillow for traveling.

∼ KB

You leave the house? I bow down to your super powers and have no idea how to answer your question. I stayed home until they weaned because I was nursing round the clock and had 6 other kids.

∼ RM

I used a nursing poncho to cover myself when I would breastfeed in public and only do it if I had someone to hand them to me. Or if I had a couch to sit on, so I could grab them one at a time from beside me if I was alone. 

∼ JK

I tandem nurse at home and one at a time in public. Occasionally I would sit with pillows in the back seat of my SUV and tandem nurse them there if we were out of the house. The back seat is big enough that I could bring my Twin Z Pillow if I really wanted to.


I dragged a nursing pillow with me the first few weeks. Around 3-4 months I figured out how to stack babies and use my arms to hold them securely. One baby cradle, one baby football with her head on other baby’s belly. This helped tons until they got too big for that at around a year. But by then they were happy with other food for short intervals. I spent a lot of time nursing in my van or in a dressing room, not because I’m against breastfeeding in public, but because it was so awkward and revealing to get ourselves set up.


I tandem nurse at home all the time but I’ve never tandem breastfeed in public. If I know I’m going to be out of the house during a feeding I bring pumped milk in a bottle or nurse one at a time. Since they are on the same schedule and get hungry at the same time nursing one at a time doesn’t work so I usually end up bottle feeding them at the same time. 

∼ JS

I am really good at tandem nursing at home, no pillows needed, but I can’t tandem breastfeed in public. I just bottle feed when we are out. 

breastfeed in public

I tandem breatfeed my boys at home with My Brest friend pillow. If I was going to someone’s house I of course lugged it with me. But as far as tandem breastfeeding in public I tried, believe me I did. It was just easier to do one at a time. But do what feels comfortable to you, if your able to tandem breastfeed in public that’s awesome!

∼ NH

With having 3 sets I became really good at tandem breastfeeding in public. I can nurse both babies and grocery shop without anyone knowing. 

∼ NJ

I tandem nursed at home, but nursed individually in public. It stressed me out to tandem breastfeed in public, which then meant it didn’t work for any of us. 

∼ ER

You need a great feeding top which let’s baby get to you but leaves you pretty much covered. Have babies both facing the same way, kind of one on top of the other. I was an experienced mom before my twins were born and I was daunted with the idea of breastfeeding in public. However, I kept to fairly ‘safe’ places for the first few weeks (ie: play groups, friends houses, etc) until we all had the hang of it. I have tandem breastfed my girls in a quiet spot in the museum and on a rush hour train just yesterday. Don’t be put off. Invest in proper feeding tops and go for it! 

∼ AL

We have a minivan. I took my nursing pillow and nursed them before we went in and then again in the minivan before leaving. If I needed to nurse while out I had to do one at a time. 

breastfeed in public

I didn’t breatsfeed in public. If I was in a friends house I’d go into a back room or I’d do one at a time for more privacy. If you’re in the mall find a family sized dressing room. But for me personally I just didn’t tandem breastfeed in public. 

∼ MK

I did tandem breasfeed in public, but wth great difficulty. We didn’t go out much. My boys fed for 1 hour each time, so if we had to go out I would sneak into another room with both if it was someones house. If it was church or somewhere else I took bottles of breast milk. 

∼ AA

ALL of you women are AMAZING. Just thought I’d throw that out. 

∼ AT

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