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How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need For Twins?

How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need For Twins?

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Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 01:58 pm

A MoM recently asked:

Has anyone cloth diapered their twins and what advice do they give for number of cloth diapers in stash?

Here’s what our Twinviersity fans had to say:

– We have over 50 all-in-ones. I wash them every 3 days and during the wash we use disposables. If you wanted to completely avoid using disposables I would probably get at least 100 so you have 50 to use then when wash day rolls around you can use the next 50. Keeps your diapers lasting longer too and you will have a good rotation going. We use Bumgenius Freetimes, Smart Nottoms All-In-Ones and Thirsties All-In-Ones.  ∼ SS

– We started with 50 Bumgenius. It was just enough to not have to wash every day. Skip the fancy cloth diaper detergent and use just plain powder Tide. Run them through the wash cycle twice with the extra rinse cycle. We never had to strip them they actually still look close to brand new 2 years in. We did the math and the initial investment was covered in 5 months with the savings from not buying diapers. It is really not that much more work and there is piece of mind in never having to run to the store for diapers. Skip disposable wipes and just do cloth wipes too. It is just easier to be able to throw them both in the diaper pail all together.  ∼ TS

– We had 36 diapers. A mix between Charlie Bananas (my favorite) and Alvas. I threw them in my regular wash to make it as easy as possible. Now my third is in my twins’ old diapers so we are getting our money’s worth. ∼ SE

cloth diapers

– We did! We had about 40 diapers, and did laundry every day. We used the Bumgenius pocket diapers and found that 40 let us have about 1/3 in the wash, 1/3 in the drawer and 1/3 in the pail every day with a little buffer. We did use disposables when we traveled. We tried a couple times with cloth diapers when staying with family and I don’t know if it was the difference in water or something but my boys got terrible rashes they never got at home. Other than that, it was a great experience.  ∼ JW

– For the first year we had 39 and it was pretty perfect. 39 fitted Sandy’s and six wool covers and two Flip covers as backup. We switched to disposables for a year and are now back to cloth diapers with 14 All-in-Ones that we wash a load every day, with four fitted Workhorses with four covers as backup. Sometimes it lasts a day and a half.  ∼ JC

– We had 36 pocket diapers and washed every other day (every day for the first few months). We have a programmable washer, so we washed them over night with a pre-wash and extra rinse, and put them in the dryer in the morning. We didn’t fold/sort–we’d just leave them in a bin straight from the dryer and stuff as we went along. We had a mix of Rumparooz and Bumgenius. The only time we ever used disposables was on vacation.  ∼ JS

– I have the Best Bottom covers and only 12. Then i have about 30 inserts. You can keep using the covers and just replace the insert as long as the cover isn’t soiled. I do a load about every other day. Works fine for us. They just turned one year. We were given a lot of disposables, too, so we use them when we’re out and about for longer than a few hours and when we’re on trips.  ∼ AD

– I do! I started when my twins were 7 months. They are 9 months now. We have about 40 diapers and wash everyday! We use the Bumgenius pockets and I love them. For our night time we use Grovia O.N.E and they wake up dry! As you go you’ll learn what works best for your baby & needs.  ∼ LM

cloth diapers

– We have used cloth diapers since my twins were 10 lbs (about 2 months old). They are now 10 months. We have 48 Bumgenius pocket diapers and instead of using the microfiber inserts we mainly stuff them with prefolds. We also use for overnight with an additional hemp insert. We mostly use when we are out and about except for when we go on longer trips.  ∼ KNW

– We do! We have around 50 charcoal/bamboo inserts (only used those in the beginning in a Rumparoo cover) around 24 prefolds (love them – use them without snappies in the cover with an insert – my girls pee a lot) and I have found the green mountain workhorses to be my favorite now but they are expensive and are not one size fits all. If I could afford it that’s all I would use. I’ve started using disposables at night now though since my girls are 7 months now their bottoms aren’t so sensitive (moved to cloth diapers at 8 weeks because of repeat diaper rash) and they sleep through the night. The last thing I need is for them to wake because of a wet diaper. We also use cloth wipes.    ∼ EMA

– I cloth diapered my twins from ages 6 months – 3 years and then passed them on to my son, who has been wearing them from age 3 months – and still going strong at 14 months. I only bought one kind, Bumgenius freetimes, and they are in great condition 4 years later! I bought 24 of them for the twins and it was plenty! Only did laundry every 2-3 days. Best decision I ever made almost 4 years ago!  ∼ MC

– I had a mix of a bunch of different styles and brands but loved the prefolds and covers so I narrowed it down to 24 covers and about a billion prefolds. Brands I liked were Sweet Pea and Grovia.  and then I also had about 12-16 soaker pads that you can add with the prefold for overnight or naptime.  ∼ SC

– I wash every other day and have 40 diapers (Alva are cheap and sturdy), 2 pale liners and 3 wet bags. I wash in Tide and Calgon. It’s saved us a ton of money!  ∼ KL

– We use cloth diapers 80% of the time. They are in disposable when out and about and at night. We have 26 all in ones. I wash every night but hang to dry. It really is only a few minutes to hang and then fold the next morning. ∼ JD

cloth diapers

– We have about 35 fitteds, so the equivalent of a stash plus a few extras and it’s enough. Diaper pails fill up twice as fast with twins anyway; instead of washing diapers twice a week, we wash three times.  ∼ SB

– We just transitioned to cloth diapers because they were too small to fit into them initially. They are ten weeks today. We have 25 cloth diapers. I’ll buy more if needed, but they’ll be in disposable when we go out and in daycare. ∼ JC

– I have 80-ish so I can set everything up on Sunday night and have everything ready for Monday-friday, even though I wash Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. We use Persil powder. Some people insist more detergent is the answer. I don’t put any in my prewash and not a whole lot in my main cycle. We like Blueberry Simplex and Best Bottoms. Things have changed as the babies have grown. At night, we’re using Sloomb fitted diapers with hemp boosters for my heavy wetter. I thought I would just use the cheapest diapers I could find, but I’ve found that I prefer some of the pricier ones and they seem to hold up better, but it’s all personal preference.  ∼ RRVH

– We used them! I used pocket diapers with different types of inserts. We still use the inserts in our car seats as we’re trying to potty train!  ∼ AW

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