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How Swaddles Make Sleep Better

How Swaddles Make Sleep Better

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Last updated on February 1st, 2021 at 02:30 pm

I thought I knew a lot about infant care, but during my recent pregnancy with my twins I found out the rules have changed since my babysitting years. Now we know that some practices of the past — such as using bumpers and drop-side cribs — are big no-no’s; they’re not safe for babies. But one very safe and helpful practice still remains: baby swaddling. There are many benefits to swaddling and, when done properly, swaddling helps babies feel warm and secure and results in longer, more restful sleep.

How does swaddling make sleep better?

  • The gentle, womb-like pressure of swaddling around the body helps babies feel secure
  • It helps babies settle quicker, which aids in establishing a sleep routine
  • It prevents startle reflex and arousal
  • It soothes fussy and colicky babies
  • Sounder sleep helps brain development
  • Helps to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • When babies sleep better, parents do too!

One study on the “Influence of Swaddling on Sleep and Arousal Characteristics of Healthy Infants” determined swaddling increased sleep efficiency and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. (Love to Dream, November 2016.)

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Safe-sleep practices

Even if you’re a seasoned parent, it’s best to become familiar with the most current safe-sleep practices and SIDS prevention before bringing babies home. Check your local hospital for newborn care classes and infant CPR/first aid classes to learn more about keeping your babies safe at home.

Safe sleep tips:

  • Provide babies with a crib or bassinet that meets current safety standards, clear of toys, pillows, bumpers, positioners, or blankets
  • If using a traditional swaddling method with a normal blanket, swaddle snuggly, but not too tight
  • Place baby on his/her back to sleep and offer a pacifier
  • Room temperature should be between 64⁰F to 74⁰F
  • Use a fan for good air circulation
  • Prevent overheating by dressing babies lightly under their swaddles, as babies can’t regulate their body temperature
  • Educate anyone who cares for your babies about proper sleep safety

There are swaddles for different stages and seasons, eliminating the risk of infants and toddlers becoming tangled in loose bedding. Current styles allow room for baby to move hips and legs, preventing occurrences of hip dysplasia.

Unfortunately, many preventable accidents and cases of SIDS have occurred by unsafe sleep practices. According to First Candle, a nonprofit educational organization on sleep-safety, “The number of babies who die in adult beds and other unsafe sleep environments (i.e.: an armchair or couch) is on the rise. In fact, of the more than 4,500 sudden, unexpected infant deaths each year, statistics show that as many as 80-90 percent are the result of unsafe sleep practices.”

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When to stop swaddling?

Rock-n-Roll: Stop when baby rolls from back position onto his/her tummy (around 4 months). At this time, they’ll transition to an open-armed transitional style swaddle and eventually to a sleep bag.

When awake: Use swaddling for sleep only. Babies need freedom to bond, play, move around, and do “tummy-time” to strengthen their bodies and necks.

Although infant care has changed over the years, some things never change – parents AND babies need sleep, especially when you have multiples. Swaddling your babies will help everyone to get a better night’s rest, which is crucial for child development… and preserving your marriage!



Lorraine Conforti is a proud new mom of twin boys and pet-parent of two cats and a dog. Being both conservative and artistic, she describes herself as “a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.” She enjoys the arts, music, writing, and had performed in a Blues/Rock band with her Husband for several years.

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Need more sleep? Swaddle UP!

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  • Eliminates excess loose fabric in the cot
  • Wings prevent face-scratching
  • May reduce the risk of your baby accidentally rolling onto their tummy
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  • Hip-healthy design allows hips and legs to flex naturally
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