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Love Your Sexy, Pregnant Self

Love Your Sexy, Pregnant Self

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 07:59 pm

Love Your Sexy, Pregnant Self

I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed by the number of articles that I have found online about pregnancy and  body image.  I find myself turned off to these articles when I see them because most of them have messaging like, “don’t worry your body will return to normal” or “it’s okay to eat more now that you are pregnant”.  I get it, there is a lot of pressure out there for women to stay skinny and the pregnant body is far from that.  But this kind of messaging creates the image that a pregnant body is not a sexy body.  I must beg to differ.

I have never felt sexier than I do not that I’m pregnant.  From watching my belly grow bigger and bigger to the cleavage that I never thought possible.  Here is my list of the top 10 ways that I’ve enjoyed my sexy body during pregnancy:

1. Maximize the Cleavage

I’ve never had huge boobs and now that I have them I totally want to flaunt them.  It’s probably because they are only temporary so I feel the need to enjoy them while they last.  But whatever the reason, it certainly makes me feel sexy to push up the boobage a little bit to get the most out of what I’ve got.

2. Practice Yoga

It’s not something I did much before my pregnancy but now that I’m pregnant I’m sure to do a little prenatal yoga in the morning to help stretch out my body and make room for baby.  I have found that my prenatal yoga DVD helps me to enjoy my changing body and really be in touch with the changes that my body is going through.

3. And With That, Stay Present With Your Body

I have found myself totally lost in the moment feeling those baby kicks.  Enjoying the moment and the experience that is so unique to my own pregnant body has helped me to stay connected and appreciate the uniqueness that my body is experiencing.

4. Do Those Kegels

I hear it (and say it) all the time, the important role of kegel exercises in pushing during labor and healing after pregnancy.  And it’s true.  But there is another good reason to do kegel exercises – pleasure!  I will pop in my smart balls for an hour or two, flex those muscles and feel the pleasure of the exercise.

5. Masturbate Often

Masturbation is always a  great release and has helped me feel really connected to my own body.  Using toys or hands has helped me explore my body and all of its changes during pregnancy.  I have found my clit to be extra sensitive during pregnancy and my nipples respond surprisingly well to stimulation.  Enjoy your changing body – and the more powerful orgasms that you are probably feeling as well.

6. Ask for What You Want in the Bedroom

My body has changed and so have the types of stimulation that I enjoy.  Letting my partner know what feels good has given him a sense of pleasure to know what he can do to please my pregnant body.

Love Your Sexy, Pregnant Self

7. Pamper Yourself

I’ve heard this one a lot too, even before I was pregnant.  Knowing that soon there will be a little one running around taking all of my attention has helped me realize that the time to enjoy myself is now.  Manicures, pedicures, massages – all of these can be a special treat that makes you feel sexy from head to toe.

8. Use Pillows as Props

As my body continues to grow throughout the pregnancy I have found that sex gets awkward because I can’t seem to find the right position.  Pillows and wedges have been my savior.  My favorite is the iceberg which is small enough to store under the bed or in the closet but the perfect size for boosting my bum.

9. Buy Some Sexy Lingerie

Sometimes wearing maternity clothes can feel like I’m putting on a garbage bag every day (when am I  going to be able to wear those tight jeans again?).  I have a sexy piece of lingerie that I will slip into any time I need that boost in confidence.  And I don’t just wear it for my partner; who says you can’t clean the house in sexy lingerie?

10. Have That “Sex After Pregnancy Talk”

This is an important conversation to have and talking about sex can feel just as sexy as having it.  I felt sexy just thinking about all of the ways that we would keep sex alive once the baby comes along.  It’s important to remember how sexy you are and how sexy you will continue to be after giving birth.

One of the most significant things that I have learned during this pregnancy is that how sexy I feel is how sexy others will see me.  While I’ve seen a lot written about how your partner can make you feel sexy during pregnancy, there is a lot to be said for how you can make yourself feel sexy.  No matter how your body is changing – whether it be stretch marks or extra weight gain in the ass and thighs – there is always something sexy about your pregnant body.  Take time and enjoy your sexy, pregnant self!

Love Your Sexy, Pregnant Self

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Written by Mary – Staff writer for Babeland

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