My Double Whammy Twin Birth Story

My Double Whammy Twin Birth Story

In episode 82 of the Twiniversity Podcast, “My Double Whammy Twin Birth Story“, Nat chats with twin mom Kirsta Ahmad about her “double whammy” birth story with a twist: her twins were born two ways (baby A vaginal, baby B C-section) on two different days! Listen to her experience with infertility, twin pregnancy, and an (extended) delivery day to remember.

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My Double Whammy Twin Birth Story
My Double Whammy Twin Birth Story
My Double Whammy Twin Birth Story

My Double Whammy Twin Birth Story

Podcast Episode 82 My Double Whammy Twin Birth Story

Kirsta Ahmad is a working mom with fraternal baby girls, who recently turned one in January. Kirsta and her husband, Hasen, both work full time and learning every day how to better balance their careers with raising their two amazing little love muffins! Kirsta, who works in eCommerce marketing, gains back as much time as she can doing all her shopping, and sourcing organization and twin guidance online. While barely one year old, Kirsta’s twin girls are two fraternal spitfires, who have been each other’s yin and yang from day one. Kirsta likes to say, “they came into the world on different days, in different ways, and they continue to be different in just about every way since.” You can follow Kirsta on Instagram @kbirger.

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