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Ready To Eat Food – How Not To Cook Tonight

Ready To Eat Food – How Not To Cook Tonight

Ready To Eat Food

Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 01:28 pm

Ready to Eat Food and how NOT to cook tonight is something that I recently was looking up and I discovered SO MANY great lunch and dinner ideas that require no time in the kitchen. I’m getting to the age where me and fast food have broken up. I still love some Micky D fries, but my stomach goes into a full revolt when I indulge.

With the hot weather here too, the last thing I want to do is spend time slaving over a hot stove, or even an oven, so after a bunch of research, I’ve found some great ideas on the inter-webs (as my twins now call it) that we’ve not only tried, but loved.

What is an example of a ready to eat food?

A ready to eat food could be fruits, veggies, cooked deli items, some canned foods, smoked fish, desserts, breads, cheese and a slew of other items that can easily (and inexpensively) be purchased for you and your family. The key isn’t FINDING ready to eat food, the key is COMBINING ready to eat food so it tastes like something you’ve been cooking for hours. YUMMY!

Take a look at the Ready To Eat Food ideas that I’ve compiled from around the web to make your life a little easier today to come up with ideas for this week’s meal planning.

Momma Lew brings us this SUPER DE DUPER DOOZIE of a salad that’s cooking free and is a 100% Ready To Eat Food. This Mexican Chopped Salad will have the family scraping the bowl.

I SEA Food! (get it! hee hee) Bring on the summer and get out of the kitchen with this ready to eat food favorite! The flavors of the coast to your kitchen this our crab roll. A mouthwatering crab salad made with celery, onions, and our favorite seafood seasonings!

Ok, this one takes a TINY bit of cooking, but it’s worth the few minutes for these delicious Cold Sesame Noodles. One of my twins favs and can store for a bit in the fridge. The kids sometimes eat the noodles right out of the container, ok, MOST of the time they eat the noodles right out of the container.

OPÁ! Besides, Italian, Chinese our next favorite cuisine is greek. My son LITERALLY just asked for his own GYRO machine for his birthday in December. I am not even kidding you on that one. When we saw this recipe for Avocado Greek Salad, we added it to the list of our Ready To Eat Food list for the summer!

Super easy side, authentically summer and can be served as a side, a main or even as a snack. Cucumbers and tomatoes always have been something we have on hand and with a few quick spices, you can turn them into this delicious Cucumber Tomato Onion Salad that can be stored for a bit in the fridge. Hint. I like to have mine with eggs. This is one of my fav ready to eat food picks.

If you DO feel like cooking, check out our Cheesy Potato Casserole Recipe made by our resident Twiniversity chef!

Who can resist a cold rice salad? It’s one of my summer weaknesses. Typically I make a few cups of rice, some are for that night’s dinner, some are for the next night and some go in the freezer. YES, you can freeze rice! #whoknew #Idid This Cowboy Brown Rice Salad will make you yell YEE HAW (do cowboys really say that?).

A ready to eat food that’s also a taco? YUP! Check out these Mediterranean Veggie Tacos. TEN (yes, ten) minute prep time, the kids will enjoy this ready to eat food version of taco Tuesday! Not only is there no cooking, but there the kids can help make these so easily. In fact, this is on our meal plan for next week. The twins and I can’t wait to try em.

You had me at Green Goddess. Have you ever tried Green Goddess dressing? I was late to the party with this one discovering it in my 30’s when it’s been around forever. You can put it on chicken, pork, steak, veggies, honestly even eggs. These Green Goddess Cucumber Wraps are easy to make, absolutely delish, and meet our Ready To Eat Food requirement. You can make a bunch of the dressing ahead of time too, but this recipe is out of this world.

If you love chicken salad and you’re tired of the same ol’ same ol’ recipe, try this ready to eat food that’s literally called The Best Chicken Salad Recipe with Lemon & Sage. It uses rotisserie chicken or chicken breasts that you can toss in your InstaPot. Either way, you’ll thank us for this delish meal.

I’m an absolute sucker for a good coleslaw. Bags of shredded cabbage are a constant on my shopping list since coleslaw isn’t just for summer but it’s one of my favorite ready to eat food picks. This is a recipe I hadn’t seen before using bacon….DID SOMEONE SAY BACON…. count me in! You got to try THE BEST HOMEMADE COLESLAW (BRAZILIAN-STYLE)

This is a MUST TRY sandwich. It’s like if an Italian sub and a muffuletta had a baby…this would be it. Quick to make. Delicious and the kids will want more than you probably will have on hand. Try this Pressed Italian Sandwiches with Olive Tapenade to cure that salty craving you have and fill your belly.

Ready To Eat Food – How Not To Cook Tonight
Pressed Italian Sandwiches with Olive Tapenade

This is a judgement free zone, right? Well, this sounds gross, but one of my favorite foods is the curry chicken salad. I know, that doesn’t sound weird but when I tell you where it’s from, you’ll be confused. It’s from Terminal 5 in JFK airport in NYC. I kid you not! They make the most amazing curry chicken salad you’ll ever eat. This one is as close to it as I can imagine and I’m excited to not have to board a plane as soon as it’s on my dish. This ready to eat chicken salad will have you hooked. This Curried Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap.

Ready To Eat Food – How Not To Cook Tonight
Curried Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap

If you had a big BBQ weekend and now you’re stuck with a bunch of cheeseburgers no one ate, we have an idea for you. How about a Leftover Cheeseburger Salad. WHAT? yup! Check this one out and you’ll be making EXTRA cheeseburgers for next time just to have the leftovers.

I thank that last one was a Mic Drop! I’m so making Leftover Cheeseburger Salad Monday after our weekend BBQ. If you try one or all of these ideas, and I hope you do, I hope you are out of the kitchen and having fun with your family. THAT’S the way to spend a summer!

Have Fun and Happy No Cooking!

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