Singleton Parents Never Have to Worry About…

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Raising twins presents unique challenges; challenges that singleton parents of an only child, or children born at different times, do not face.

We asked our Twiniversity parents to tell us exactly what are the unique challenges of raising twins that parents with only singletons will never know. Here are just a few things that set us apart as parents of twins.

Singleton Parents Never Have to Worry About…

Nursing two infants at once.

Always using a double stroller.

Taking the bus alone with 2 infants.

Buying 2 of everything at once. singleton parents

Deciding if we should sing “Happy Birthday” once or twice.

Being asked by strangers, “Did you conceive those kids naturally?”

twin problem funny

Hearing “Double Trouble” a dozen times a week.

Hearing “You’ve got your hands full” a dozen times a week.

The ongoing challenge of telling identical twins apart. singleton parents

Having a vaginal birth and a c-section within an hour of one another! singleton parents

Being asked if your boy/girl twins are identical.

Being a spectacle everywhere you go.

Your twins being compared to each other all the time.

Conflicting graduations if they go to 2 different schools!

Potty training 2 at once. If there’s only 1 bathroom in your home, bless you. singleton parents

Twin escalation: one screams, the other has to scream louder, then back to the other again… on and on!

8 limbs kicking the crap out of your insides.

Chasing two toddlers in two different directions when your playgroup decided the park would be a fun place to meet.

Worrying if your stroller will fit through the door.

Double vaccinations and blood draws in the same doctors visit.

Worrying while snuggling one that the other one isn’t getting enough snuggling too.

Singleton parents never have to worry about…

The logistics of grocery shopping. How to get them both inside the cart, and where to fit the groceries.

Carrying two 45 lb car seats, simultaneously.

Trying to keep babies on the same schedule, for peace, quiet, and sanity purposes. singleton parents

One baby finally falling asleep, and then the other wakes up!

Should I keep them together or separate? From cribs, to rooms, to school, to activities.

mom and child in a mask and cape

The kids being referred to as “the twins” instead of acknowledging that they’re individuals.

Having complete strangers pass judgment on whether you should have more children. singleton parents

Explaining why their children don’t look exactly the same, even though, yes, they really are twins.

Not getting to enjoy the birth of the first child, since you are too busy pushing the second one out!

One seated grocery carts.

Paying for two activities always: two swimming lessons, two violins, etc. $$$$

Explaining what a “singleton” is.

Shopping for outfits in the same size but different colors or something similar in pattern. singleton parents

Picking which child’s class to be a chaperone for on the field trip, or which class party to attend, or which curriculum night classroom to visit…

What will happen if one twin is invited but the other isn’t.

mom holding up baby

When attending a birthday party, do the twins each bring a present or is one present enough?

If you should ever tell them who is older.

When they run off, pausing for a moment to think of who is in the most danger and who should be caught first.

One twin waking the other.

Restraining yourself from strangling the mother who says that her kids born 18 months apart is like having twins.

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