You Know You’re a Parent of Twins When…

You Know You’re a Parent of Twins When…

Ahhh, the joys of being a parent of twins! There are some things that only we understand. Our Twiniversity parents shared their most hilarious and true to life examples of what it’s like being a parent of twins.

If you’re a parent of twins you are already very familiar with the unique differences that separate us and parents of singletons. But what are the actual things that make us unique?

We asked our Twiniversity fans to finish this sentence:

“You know you’re a parent of twins when…”

Their responses were OH so true and hilarious!!! Check them out below…

– When you see friends’ pics on Facebook of someone holding their new baby and you’re like, “Where’s the other one?” parent of twins

– When you take the sick one to the doctor but ask for a double prescription because you don’t want to have to bring the other back.

– When you do stuff with your feet…

parents of twins

– When you hide a chocolate bar because they want one each and you’ve only got the one.

– When an incomplete set of socks means 3.

– When you see a new mom stressing over one kid….and your like, really?!?

– When you want to order an outfit online but it says there is only one left. 🙁

– When you wash a paper plate off and put it in the dishwasher because you’re so exhausted. #teethingsucks

– When you are always doing a head count. Some days I feel like secret service, always looking around.

– When you can’t sign up for baby swim class.

– When you’re not overly worried about them falling over as they have been pushed by their twin so many times its toughened them up.

– When carrying 50 lbs on each arm is nothing.

– When you have a singleton after and you think 3 hours of consecutive sleep is like a full night’s sleep! parent of twins

– When you take one of them out on a special one-on-one date and you refer to your child as “them” when strangers ask you a question about your child!

– When it pisses you off when things like socks or barrettes or bottles come in packs of 3.

– When you use the word “singleton” way too much.

– When you try to plan going to events around knowing when you won’t be by yourself.

– When you typically don’t have pics of just one child alone. They are usually together.

– When someone asks if they can get the door for you because your arms and hands are filled to the brim. You say, “I got it—I’m a mom of twins!”

parents of twins

– When single strollers look so dinky to you! parent of twins

– When you ask a friend how many babies is she expecting.

– When you’re impressed when you see a mom with triplets!!!

– When you automatically roll your eyes at the new mom with one baby who describes her night as difficult and sleepless. Honey, you have no idea!! LOL

– When you think 1 baby/toddler is cute but sooooo boring! What else do you do with all your free time? parent of twins

– When you buy a “new” van based on how well your double stroller fits in the trunk.

– When the pediatrician asks, “Is he rolling?” and you’re all “Umm… one of them rolled the other day… I’m sorry, I can’t remember who it was!” I’ve done that about pretty much every milestone!

– When you have no idea what advice to give your friends having “singleton” babies during their pregnancy and beyond, since we only had one child for 11 minutes…

– When you have to visit enclosed parks, bring a stroller for simple tasks, and won’t vary from your schedule.

– When you sleep all night on the couch with the fussy twin because you don’t want to wake up the sleeping one. parent of twins

– When you have to ask your playgroup how far away from the parking lot the playground is when you meetup at an unknown-to-you park.

– When you know what the “double kiss” is at bedtime! I get attacked from both sides and there is a duet of musical giggles.

– When you can multiply by two in your sleep. Money, measurements, weight, even looking at a bowl of M&M’s or cereal and you can tell if there’s an odd or even amount in the bowl without counting!

– When people look at you funny for buying 2 of the exact same thing for gifts for your kids.

– When you can’t fit a car in your garage because the double strollers take up too much space.

– When your health insurance company rejects one of the doctor bills as a “duplicate” bill. parent of twins

– When you call the grocery store to see if they have double carts before you go….and you decide not to go when they say they don’t.

– When you’re rocking one to sleep and the other is standing in his crib talking to and laughing at you. parent of twins

– When you’re a stay at home mom but feel more like a zookeeper. Little monkeys everywhere!

– When every sale you shop is BOGO.

– When you sit down to do your own manicure and only manage to do 5 out of 10 fingers because someone is getting into something and then you walk around like that for a week.

You Know You're a Parent of Twins When

– When it’s time to pack a diaper bag to go somewhere, you feel like you’re packing for a vacation, just to go out for the day. parent of twins

– When you dread having to go anywhere in case the stroller won’t fit through the door.

– When I’m speaking to them from another room and ask, “Who am I talking to?” and of course, I get “Me!” and I always have to ask “Me who?”

– When you only have one twin at home and think, man this 1 child thing is easy.

– When people stare at my son for grabbing 2 of something and me being proud of that (yay he is sharing with his twin!)

– When you don’t just ‘pop’ out anymore!

– When you have a long week of synchronized puking and pooping!

– When you’ve mastered a one-handed catch/toss thanks to all the bottles that were tossed or caught with one hand while simultaneously holding a baby. Or making bottles with one hand because you always have a baby in your arms!

– When you look forward to bedtime and the peace and quiet. parent of twins

– When meal times are an assembly line of similar plates, cups, and food and you think how weird one set would look now!

– When after loading up everyone in the car, both you and your spouse not only forget to lock the front door, you forget to shut the door at all!

parents of twins

– When you have to choose toys with the forethought of whether it can be used as a potential weapon or not. parent of twins

– When you feel like a sheep herder, but not a very good one.

– When it doesn’t matter if the same kind and amount of Goldfish are in the container. If the containers aren’t the same, someone is going to be mad.

– When you pray you get through the day with everyone alive at bedtime.

– When you have no problem waking up one twin because everyone takes naps at the same time and goes to bed at the same time. If one is up everyone is up.

– When you schedule grocery shopping and outings around feedings and pray to make it home in time for the next one.

– When you have to answer ridiculous questions. “NO, they are not identical, yes they are natural, no we didn’t plan them, yes I have my hands full, no you may not touch them.” LOL

– When you don’t have to eat the other half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because each half is spoken for.

– When you can’t remember which baby you just fed or changed and which one you haven’t (especially in the middle of the night)!

– When you get to work and realize your pants are on inside out and you’re still wearing your house shoes.

– When the melted fruit snack under the front seat is your lunch.

– When you forget to eat but you always know there’s snacks in diaper bag.

– When one’s eating one’s crying and all you can do is pray the one eating hurries so you can feed the other.

– When you put her clothes on him & his on her!

parent of twins

– When you gave the wrong one medicine and have to call the pharmacy in panic and admit that you have b/g twins and, yes, you STILL gave the wrong one the meds!!

– When you can’t figure out why the infant you pulled from the bassinet in the middle of the night and are trying to soothe continues to cry until you realize you picked up the wrong baby.

– When one has two left shoes on for the entire day, and his twin has the two right shoes…

– When you pick up your older singleton from 1st grade with twin babies in tow. Load kids in the car. Get home. Realize you left the stroller in front of the school. Go back. Teacher knew who owned the double stroller and kept it.

– When you leave the van door open at a parking lot.

– When you open your purse and you have extra underwear, sock and snacks!

– When they are both running fevers but not at the same time, but you can’t keep track so you just give both of them Tylenol at the same time.

– When you’re so tired you change the same twin’s bum twice.

– When you just put them down for a nap 20 minutes ago and one starts crying, then the other starts crying, and you look at your husband and then you both join in crying!!!

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  • When you are relieved that they have finally started walking!!! Everyone tells you that now the trouble begins, but they are getting so heavy that it is less trouble chasing after 2 than it is trying to carry 2 around!!!

  • When twins were your first born and someone asks, ” how is it having twins?” And your response is,” what do you mean?”

  • When I everyone you ask to babysit gets this terrified look on their face and starts to talk about much if a saint you are…before they say no.

  • when you’re nursing both newborns at the same time (double football hold) and they hold hands. THAT’S a treat the singleton moms don’t get!

  • considering whether to get a side by side or tandem double stroller based on your lifestyle–what kind of doors will you have to get through? will you be maneuvering around aisles in a store?

  • when you use the basket of your stroller for a few grocery items because it’s easier than dealing with carts.

    when you put each kid in their carseat in a cart and have to maneuver two shopping carts around the store because you need the space in the cart for the food (not the second kid), cursing your husband the whole time for not staying home with the babies so you can shop in peace.

  • When you have to take 2nd twin back to the drs on their own as the 1st will not let the nurse “do that” to her sister (immunisation )

  • you drive halfway to your destination and shout in a panic to the other kids in your car “oh my gosh, where’s —–.” because you only remember putting one in the car and the other twin has leaned out of view.

  • When you go to the sonogram of your next pregnancy and when they ask if you want to know the sex of the baby you reply ” I don’t care about the sex of the baby, I want to know how many are in there!”

  • Mine are identical so I get the ‘are you sure you’ve never mixed them up?’ Um….yes, I’m 100% sure

  • When you develop monkey toes so you can bottle feed your twins in their bouncer with you feet so you can have a cuppa tea.