The Complete Baby Safety Course is Live!

The Complete Baby Safety Course is Live!

We are so thrilled to finally announce the launch of our newest Twiniversity class: The Complete Baby Safety Course! We’ve been wanting to offer a class like this for ages and now it’s finally here, available online and on-demand for your viewing pleasure on your own schedule.

We all want to keep our children safe, but doing all the research on CPR, first aid, car seat safety, and childproofing can be very overwhelming and time-consuming. And as time goes on, your children go through different stages and have different safety needs. How are you supposed to keep up??

The Complete Baby Safety Course by Twiniversity is your one-stop shop to get all the training you need to keep your children safe through the baby, toddler, and child stages of life. 30 instructional videos are included on infant, toddler, and child CPR, a variety of first aid techniques you may need with kids, a full explanation about different kinds of car seats and how to install them, and a room-by-room description of how to best childproof your home. Includes 23 pages of CPR, first aid, childproofing, and car seat safety handouts.

This safety course isn’t just for twins! Parents with singletons, twins, and/or higher-order multiples will all benefit from this class.

We’ve got 2 options to buy: 3-months access or 5-year access. 5-year access will allow you to watch the videos anytime you want, and take a refresher course in CPR every year.

Register Now for 25% off!

From now through December 8 at 11:59 pm Eastern take 25% off your order with the code SAFETYLAUNCH. Click here for the 3-month access sale and click here for the 5-year access sale!

To learn more about the class, click here!

Baby Safety Class Curriculum

  • Performing Infant CPR
  • Performing Toddler CPR
  • Performing Child CPR
  • Responding to a Choking Infant
  • Responding to a Choking Child
  • What Should Be in Your First Aid Kit
  • What is “Check Call Care”?
  • Placing Your Child in a Recovery Position
  • Muscle, Bone, and Joint Emergency
  • Burns Emergency
  • Heat Emergency
  • Cold Emergency
  • Child Breathing Emergency
  • Infant Breathing Emergency
  • What is Croup?
  • Poison Emergency
  • Childproofing Tips & Tricks
  • Childproofing the Living Room
  • Childproofing the Kitchen
  • Childproofing the Nursery
  • Childproofing the Bathroom
  • Childproofing the Backyard
  • Car Seat Information and Tips
  • Infant Car Seat Installation
  • Convertible Car Seats
  • Convertible vs. All-in-One Seat
  • Booster Seats
  • Why Should We Rear Face?
  • What to Wear, Expiration Dates, and Registering Your Seats
The Complete Baby Safety Course