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21 Tips for MoMs having a C-section

21 Tips for MoMs having a C-section

Last updated on May 28th, 2024 at 12:11 pm


We Asked:

What tips would you give an expectant Mother of twins before her C-section?

This Is What You Said:

“Start stool softeners immediately. Seriously, the gas pain can be debilitating. Wear the brace they give you even if it feels uncomfortable; your abdominal muscles will thank you for it.”

– Karen B.

“Relax! I have had 4 c-sections (5 babies all together!). The first one I was in labor and not progressing (BIG babies, little pelvis) so I had a c-section. Then my fabulous doctor (I really do love him) planned c-sections for each of my other pregnancies. On each of the subsequent c-sections I got up, took a shower, did my hair and make-up and went into the hospital – I had seen the photos of my FIRST delivery and I swore I would never look like THAT again during surgery!”

– Trisha H.

“Be prepared for your hospital stay, bring your comforts with you. Bring a pillow if breastfeeding. Remind yourself that at least your vagina will stay in one piece.”

– Jill S.

“I talked the Doctor’s ear off during the whole procedure and asked her all sorts of questions about what she was doing. You don’t get to see the action so getting the play by play is nice.”

– Timolyn D.

“Ask the nurse for a compression bandage that fits around your stomach.”

– Pamela N.

“Have someone take pictures you can always delete what you don’t want.”

– Michelle C.

“Limit visitors. Seriously! You need your rest and time to bond… You may be nauseous afterwards, hold a pillow over your incision if you vomit and don’t be afraid to ask for something for the nausea.” – Angela K.

– Michelle C.

“Drink Gatorade after your c section!! I have heard that this prevents having the spinal headache. I was so thirsty afterwards so I downed 2 I didn’t feel any pain the first 48 hours… I never got a headache and I stayed on top of my pain meds.”

– Kelly C.

“Just because you start to feel better after a week or so, remember that you have just had surgery – major surgery! Be very kind to your body as it is still healing on the inside.”

– Karen B.

“Bring a razor with you to the hospital. You haven’t seen your lower half in months, the hair situation is scary! ”

– Katie S.

“If you keep the babies in the room with you while in the hospital make sure your husband (or someone) stays with you the whole time. It is way too hard to get up out of bed quickly and the nurses can’t be in your room all of the time.”

– Amanda C.

“Find out if you can take your own music, it really helped me.”

– Claire S.

“Have the doctor prepare your husband for what he will see during the c-section… My husband is not a squeamish guy but he thought there was something wrong during the delivery and people just weren’t telling him. When I saw him backing towards the door slowly it made me worried.”

– Mindy O.

“Be prepared to have the shakes. It’s like your cold but your not. An empty stomach is always the best. And you will smell some unpleasant things if your awake so be prepared for that too.”

– Trish S.

“The first day you will think you will never walk again , the following day is much better.”

– Libby L.

“Relax and trust your doctors and nurses!”

– Christina K.

“One if the scariest things for me was feeling like I couldn’t breathe. Remember even if you can’t feel yourself breathing you are!” 

– Erin G.

“Make freezer meals before delivery, they will save you when you would rather sleep than eat. Schedule people to help YOU, not hold the new babies. Tell them you need help with laundry, vacuuming etc. Take 1/2 your pain meds. That way, you always feel some discomfort and know when you are about to push yourself too hard. Pain is your bodies way of saying slow down.”

– Momisms M.

“Make sure the docs give you the anti-nausea meds in plenty of time for them to start working prior to your surgery. The last thing you want to do is throw up during your entire surgery”

– MiaRose H.

“Send the babies to the nursery every night! You are not a horrible mother for doing so. You just had major surgery and you need your rest to recover. The nurses know what they are doing and they don’t mind at all. Trust me, you will have plenty of sleepless nights ahead to bond with them.”

– Tammy C.

“Take a heating pad with you, that helps with the gas too. And take your own bathrobe!”

– Kimberly N.

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