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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Tips to Keep Your Twins Happy On-the-Go

Tips to Keep Your Twins Happy On-the-Go

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Last updated on September 29th, 2023 at 01:27 pm

Hey gang! We’ve got a great article today about how to keep your twins happy on-the-go.


happy family

If you haven’t checked out their new line of organic pouches, Clearly Crafted, RUN — don’t walk — to the nearest store to grab some for your twinnies today. These premium organic baby food pouches have clear packaging so you can see everything inside. BRILLIANT! No more guessing if your pouch could have something questionable inside because now you can see for yourself and be sure your child is getting the BEST. And especially when you’re feeding two babies at once, that is a feature that is worth every penny.



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After bringing twins home, it may seem overwhelming to even think about attempting to leave the house, but it will not be long before you are scratching at the door to get outside again. Below, you will find some tips on getting out and keeping your twins happy while on-the-go!

Plan Ahead

The very first time I took all three of my kids out for a walk, it took about 45 minutes to get out of the door. But after that I became a well-oiled machine, and learned to do it quickly. The worst thing would be to spend so long getting everyone and everything ready that by the time you are actually ready to go, the babies both lose it. Planning ahead can help to keep those babies and you happy as you head out into the world.

Packing the diaper bag in advance and keeping it by the door for running out makes things simple and easy. Remember to always restock the bag with anything you may use during one of your outings (diapers, wipes, clothes, bibs, pacifiers, etc.) so that next time, all you need to do is grab and go! When possible, planning your outings so that you can get the stroller out for a walk or into the car when the babies are sleeping or happily safe and occupied is a lifesaver. Then, it is only a matter of tucking the twins into bassinets, stroller seats, or car seats and getting on your way!

Busy Hands, Happy Babies

No matter what form of travel you are taking – stroller, car, airplane, train – having things for your babies to do will definitely keep them, and you, happy. Books, stroller toys, dolls, cars, or stuffed animals are a great distraction from being locked in one place. But be careful that whatever comes with you stays with you, since many a child’s toy has found itself tossed from the side of the stroller, often without anyone noticing. Toys specifically made to wrap around stroller bars, or that can be attached directly to the stroller can prevent unwanted loss. Most babies love toy rings and they can be used together as links to connect a toy or book to a stroller or car seat.

When flying, pack a bag just full of the things your babies or kids love to handle, like small puzzles, games, busy books, and favorite shows preloaded onto an iPad or other device if you allow screen time. As they get bored of an activity, you can pull a new one out which should keep them happy for more time, in turn giving you a break, and allowing everyone else around you to collectively give a sigh of relief.


Snack Attack

When planning ahead and packing bags of everything you will need to survive your trek — whether that be a couple walks around the block or several hours — make sure to bring lots of snacks and water. Snacks are key in keeping twins happy and content. Whether those snacks are just smaller things for munching like dry cereal, puffs, or yogurt bites, or more like meal replacements, it is important to plan ahead and come prepared. Consider delays as well, especially when traveling by car or plane where the ability to move around may be limited. Traffic or weather may keep you longer than intended, so having extra snacks handy can be a lifesaver. Consider as well that certain snacks will not be as safe if you cannot see your kids, for example when they are in rear-facing car seats or facing away from you in the stroller, so make sure to grab appropriate snacks at the store and keep them well stocked at home.

Keep Them Engaged

It may sound silly, but pointing things out to our kids is not only a great way of keeping them happy and engaged on the move, but it is also a great way of building language skills. The earlier you can talk to your babies and make connections for them, such as the birds chirping loudly or the car horn beeping, the earlier they will be able to make those connections on their own. Additionally, you are keeping them happy while they are at the mercy of a moving vehicle, including strollers. When I sense a change in mood in the car, I point out a cool car, fire truck, or remind them again who we are going to see or what fun thing we are going to do to help distract them from their frustration at being stuck in one place for so long.

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Use Your Bag of Tricks

Sometimes, our kids are just not cooperative at all. It may take a snack to coerce them into the stroller or the promise of a trip to the park, but whatever it is that your kids really enjoy and will help you get them where they need to go can be used in moderation. Usually when there is about to be a big blowup in the car, I loudly announce that we will yet again be listening to Frozen, and as soon as those first few notes start, my kids become entranced and the drama ends, and Mama can happily drive us along to where we are headed. Or as happy as one can when listening to the Frozen soundtrack for the millionth time.

In short, the best way to keep your twins happy on-the-go is to be prepared and really think about what will work for them, which in turn will make your trip that much more successful.

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Alyssa Keel has worked as a social worker in both Canada and the U.S. for several years. Living in Toronto, Alyssa is a single mum to a rambunctious four-year- old boy and amazing two-year-old identical twin girls, one of whom has Cerebral Palsy. During her high risk mono-mono twin pregnancy, Alyssa began blogging, an extension of her love of writing. Alyssa loves taking photos and impromptu dance parties with her kids. Follow Alyssa and her family’s adventures at Adventures With Multiples.


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