The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Twin Baby Shower Planner + Twin Pregnancy Printables @ Twiniversity Etsy Shop

Twin Baby Shower Planner + Twin Pregnancy Printables @ Twiniversity Etsy Shop

Last updated on December 14th, 2023 at 09:08 pm

Are you in the market for some adorable, useful, unique twin-specific printables and digital downloads? Look no further than our Twiniversity Etsy shop! We have a large assortment of digital downloads including a twin pregnancy journal, twin milestone cards, a twin baby shower planner and games, and more.

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Take a look at some of these great products available today!

Digital Twin Pregnancy Journal – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

This is the first and ONLY digital pregnancy journal just for twins and it’s available now on our Esty shop for purchase now! Use this journal to track your pregnancy, belly pictures, cravings, and much more. You get over 163 pages of twin related pregnancy pages to fill out and never miss an opportunity to record this time in your life.

Twin Baby Shower Planner + Twin Pregnancy Printables @ Twiniversity Etsy Shop

Twins Schedule: The First Year With Twins First Month Schedule: INSTANT DOWNLOAD & PRINTABLE

Did you know that we have a schedule laid out for your twins first year? You can buy month by month or the whole multipack for a deep discount. These pages include a schedule, lists of must-have items, a planner sheet, recommended articles to read, and more!

twin baby shower planner and games letterboard

The Twins Baby Shower Planner + Games – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

This bundle includes 12 printables in 5 different color schemes to go with any twins baby shower theme. You can throw the best twins baby shower with a checklist, a theme and inspiration sheet, BINGO, trivia games, and more! Don’t miss out on this baby shower bundle at the Twiniversity Etsy shop today

Twin milestones cards graphic

Twins Baby Milestone Cards – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Have you seen all those cutesy little milestone cards the new Instagram feed mamas are taking with their littles? Have you wondered why twin moms have so few options specific to twins? We were wondering the same thing! So we went ahead and created some for you. They include “we’re ___ months old”, “Our first day home” and much more! Download them all today!

Twin pregnancy printables graphic

Twin Pregnancy Kit – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

17 pages of twin pregnancy printables? WHAT?!? That’s right. We have 17 pages to help you prepare for your twins’ delivery day. This set includes a hospital packing list, a must-have baby items list, a twins’ birth plan, and much more! Get your twin pregnancy printables at our Etsy shop and get started on planning your twins’ arrival today!

Twins birth plan worksheet graphic

Twins Birth Plan Worksheet – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Curious about creating a birth plan for your twins’ delivery? Not sure where to begin? We have the perfect birth plan worksheet for you. At Twiniversity, we know you need this. We have created a birth plan worksheet with different birthing options. We all know that sometimes twin births don’t go quite as planned. Let us help you plan and then come up with a plan B just in case to put your mind at ease.

Twin pregnancy checklist graphic

Twin Pregnancy Checklist – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

No matter where you are in your twin pregnancy, we have checklists to help you stay on track. Get your nursery set up, send shower invites, arrange the dog sitter for your hospital stay. Everything you need to keep track of is in these handy little sheets in 34 pages.

twin pregnancy bundle graphic


If you have recently discovered you are pregnant with twins and you’re not sure where to start you have to get this digital twin pregnancy bundle on our Twiniversity Etsy shop! It includes the twin pregnancy journal and 17 pages of twin pregnancy printables! You don’t want to miss out on all this great printable content.

breastmilk and formula storage guidelines graphic

Breastmilk and Formula Storage Guidelines – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Are you on information overload when it comes to preparing for your twins’ arrival? We have broken down the basics of breastmilk and formula storage guidelines. This handy little cheat sheet can live on your refrigerator to reassure you in the middle of the night or even the middle of the day when sleep deprived mom-brain kicks in and you can’t quite remember how many hours that bottle is good for.

hospital bag and delivery day packing list graphic

Hospital Bag Packing List – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Knowing just what to pack in your hospital bag can be tricky. Many people calm their anxiety by accounting for every possibility. (It’s me. I’m “many people”) On the other hand, you have to pack and lug everything plus TWO babies out when the twins come. You may not know what is really essential and what you should leave at home. Chances are you might be surprised by what the hospital provides. Check out our comprehensive hospital bag packing list to guide your packing.

nanny interview questions printable graphic

Nanny Interview Questions – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Let us take the guesswork out of nanny interviews. Make sure you leave no question unasked, no stone unturned when finding the perfect nanny to care for your twins. Just follow our guide to nanny interview questions available at our Twiniversity Etsy shop and put your mind at ease during this process.

baby safety handout bundle graphic

Baby Safety Printables Bundle – Infant CPR + First Aid, Childproofing, Car Seat Safety, Babyproofing Checklists – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

With so many changing safety guidelines, how can you really know what the latest recommendations are? How can you really be sure you’ve got all your bases covered? We have a bundle of safety checklists and handouts for you to prepare for your twins’ birth, newborn, infant, toddler, and even childhood years. Give yourself much-needed peace of mind with this 23-page bundle.

baby help chore chart graphic

Baby Help Chore Chart – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

How often does someone come by to visit with you and your twins and ask what they can do to help out while they are there? And how often do you say “Nothing, thanks. We’re OK” because you really just don’t even know what to ask for anymore? You probably can’t count that high. Trust us, it happens all the time. Well no more! Finally, you have a chart to help you out. Let your support system support you by laminating this chore sheet and hanging it on the fridge so people can see what you are needing help with in these early weeks of parenthood.

With so many printable and downloadable options, we’re sure there is something in our Twiniversity Etsy shop that will make your twin parenting journey at least a little easier. Head on over and check out the best twins parenting Etsy shop around!

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