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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Twin Moms Have Super Powers

Twin Moms Have Super Powers

Last updated on August 18th, 2023 at 11:11 am

When you first realize that you are going to have twins, the world sort of tilts on it’s axis. You go through the motions but you’re in a stage of, “Is this really happening?” You pass through that stage and become excited by all that having twins will entail. The soft glow of your pregnancy that will shine like a beacon to all who see you, the beautiful delivery you will have, and that wonderful first moment of seeing your twins for the first time….(this is where the needle scratches across the record to bring the lovely twinning music to an abrupt halt!)

Fast forward two or three years and you’re the MoM running in and out of every door in your house chasing your toddlers, praying that the red lipstick they found will come out of your grandmother’s antique lace tablecloth. Now you are the haphazard mama that can barely form coherent sentences with other adults because you spend all day using toddler speak. You stare in awe (and sometimes anger) as that perfectly styled mama with the wind blowing through her hair strolls in slow motion out of the department store with her ONE toddler holding her hand. The toddler is perfectly dressed just like her mother and is patiently waiting for mom to finish her conversation with the other perfect mom standing beside her.

mom kids fighting frazzled upset angry mad tired

All you can think is, “Will I ever be the calm and collected mama?” Right now you can’t see it because your two screaming toddlers are both fighting for supremacy over the one toy you managed to find in the bottom of your purse. You look down at your rather ratty yoga pants and the tank top that has seen far better days. You glance in the rear-view mirror and see that those bags under your eyes really are large enough to hold a week’s luggage.

We all have those moments mamas. Those insane, “When, for the love of God, is it going to get easier?” moments. You pray for patience as your toddlers scream back and forth and you already know this is how your entire trip uptown is going to be. All you can envision is being back at home where you can at least contain the sounds of your offspring’s outrage. You guiltily wish away the day so that it’s bedtime and you can finally, finally have peace and quiet and you time or just sleep.

We all look at those perfect mamas with those beautiful hairstyles and neatly dressed children and let that small ping of envy slide through us. And you know what? That’s okay. After all mamas, we’re human. We’re not perfect.


But let me tell you what we do have that those “got it together” mamas don’t have. We have super powers. Yes, that’s right. Twin mom super powers! We have finely tuned our senses to track and trace the least bit of noise or upset. Our super-trained hearing can hear the clink and know it’s our cell phone in the toilet. We can hear a slight shuffle in the middle of the night and our eyes will pop open to see a toddler less than an inch away from our faces asking for a glass of water or for mom to check under the bed one more time for monsters. We have such great vision that we know exactly which twin hid their shoes and where they stuck them (because it’s fun to watch mom lose her mind as she’s running late!) We can sense a slightly flushed cheek and because we’ve had double the practice, we know that sickness is about to strike the household again. We can be standing at the stove and know exactly which twin pushed the other first without ever turning around to see. Because we have superpowers.

So you see mamas, I’ll trade perfectly groomed hair and clothes for an extraordinarily keen sense of sight, smell and all around know-what’s-going-on any day! Embrace the superpowers that having twins have given you and try not to act too superior when you see those mamas with their one baby. 🙂

Deanna Burkett

Deanna Burkett (Twiniversity Pinterest and Forums Manager) is multi-tasking mama of two year old boy/girl twins and teens and a wife of 19 years to a very patient husband. On any given day you can find her pinning her heart away at Twiniversity’s Pinterest page, saying howdy to a new member of Twiniversity’s Message Board, working on school work while she earns her double degree of History and English at Ashford University, catering to her teenagers every beck and call or chasing one or two naked babies around the house! Look for her on Facebook, & Twitter!

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