The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

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The Twinnie Awards

twinnie awards

The Twinnie Awards features the top products recommended by twin parents of the Twiniversity community. We asked our community of twin parents to nominate favorite products they have used and loved, with the products receiving the most mentions taking home the top prize in each category. The Twinnie Awards includes everything a parent could need for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and for mom and dad too. 

From twin strollers to car seats to diapers and more, the Twinnie Awards reflect the best of the best in parenting gear. Our readers have done all the work for you – it’s a list of recommendations from a best friend who’s been there, done that.

2019 Twinnie Awards

2020 Twinnie Awards

2021 Twinnie Awards

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