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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Preparing for Your Twins Via Surrogate

Preparing for Your Twins Via Surrogate

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 11:21 pm

We interviewed recent Twiniversity graduate Meryl about her experiences with delivering her twins via a surrogate. Here is what she had to say:

What Where the Items That You Packed Before You Went to Get the Babies?

Packing for the birth can be very overwhelming. One thing I learned from our experience is that they have diapers, wipes, formula, and all of the basics wherever it is that your babies will be delivered. If you are flying to your destination it is important to prioritize. You can’t bring the entire nursery.

Preparing for Your Twins Via Surrogate

My Suggestions Would Be as Follows:

  • Bottles- Have them washed and ready to go
  • A bottle brush and a drying rack to set up in the hotel room. I suggest something simple and inexpensive as you most likely won’t travel home with it.
  • Microwave steamer bags work great in hotel rooms
  • Infant Car Seats
  • Swaddle Blankets
  • Newborn Hats
  • Onesies
  • Sleepers
  • Carriers/Slings – these are perfect for traveling and bonding with your new little ones

What Were Your Biggest Fears About the Whole Process and How Did You Overcome Them?

Preparing for Your Twins Via Surrogate

Having someone else carry your babies is a very scary and overwhelming process. It is very hard to trust someone else with something so precious You have to somehow find peace and the ability to trust your surrogate throughout the process. In many cases surrogacy is an option after pregnancy loss and/or many years of struggling with infertility. It is important to remind yourself that you selected this person because her body has an easier time carrying babies. I often told myself “this is what she is good at, being pregnant is easier for her.”

How Did You Navigate Your Relationship With Your Surrogate?

There are many surrogacy options available both within the country and internationally. It is important to pick something that works for you and your partner. That might mean a surrogate who you talk to regularly and attend all doctor appointments with. Some people prefer to keep things more private and receive medial updates via email and not form that close relationship. I chose to do international surrogacy so I did not have contact with my surrogate throughout the pregnancy. That was okay for me as I knew that my babies were being well cared for. I had an opportunity to meet my carrier after the birth. We were able to thank her and she had a chance to hold the babies. Other families stay in touch with their surrogate for years after the birth and visit as the children grow up. Again, this is all a personal preference and it is important to think about what feels right for you and your family.

Any Specific Advice You Can Give to Families Who Are Currently in the Process of Dealing With a Surrogate either in Another State or Outside the Country?

Another tip I have for the pregnancy is to make it a special time for you and your partner. My husband and I spent months cleaning out and preparing the nursery. We enjoyed shopping for baby gear. We took a twins class (Twiniversity). It probably took you a long time to reach this point so you should enjoy it and experience the pregnancy in your own way.

Thanks so much for your help Meryl! We hope that these tidbits of info help you if your twins are arriving via surrogate.

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