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Fun and Affordable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Fun and Affordable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Valentine's day cards for kids

If you’re looking for some fun and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day cards for school-aged kids, we’ve got your back! Get ready for a cuteness overload because we’ve rounded up a bunch of ideas sure to bring smiles to all those little faces.

“And none for Gretchen Weiner….” This is the first thing that pops into my head when I think of Valentine’s Day cards (IYKYK). Even though that line comes to mind, it is the opposite of what I do for Valentine’s Day for my kids. Even though my twins are only 2 and their class can’t necessarily understand the message, they know there’s something special about Valentine’s Day. I love creating cards and packages for my twins’ class, it’s an opportunity to make someone smile. Regardless of how old your twins are, Valentine’s Day is a chance to create a “WOW” moment!

Fun and Affordable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids
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Need to keep the littles busy? Grab these Twin Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages!

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

You Blow Me Away

This Valentine’s card blew me away (pun intended). I love the simple message, and I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t enjoy bubbles! Get a free printable card from, grab some mini bubble wands, and let your twinnies pick some cute Valentine’s Day-themed washi tape to hold the bubble wand in place! And if you are really feeling adventurous, let the twins put them together!

You blow me away Valentine's Day Cards for kids
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I Choose You!

School Valentine’s Day cards should be something personable for your child.  Find an interest and match it to make it fun for them to give to their friends. My 6-year-old nephew is all about Pokemon, so this one tugged at my heart. It’s a simple concept and is sure to be a hit! Grab some Pokemon cards (one card or a pack per kid…your money, your decision) and wrap them in individual plastic bags with this cute PokeBall card free printable from You can see that a Pokemon mini figure was included in this Valentine’s as well, but these can be pretty spendy. If you want to include something extra, opt for a Pokemon sticker instead. Stickers are equally as fun and less stressful on the pocketbook!

Pokemon, I Choose you Valentine's day cards.
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You’re Sweet

If you are looking for sweet and EASY, this is your Valentine! Grab this free download and attach it to some PixyStix candies (if you really want to “sugar” coat this card, grab these XL sugar sticks!). This quick and easy DIY is perfect for the twinnies school Valentine’s Day party!

Fun and Affordable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids
Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens/MARTY BALDWIN

I Soda Think You’re Cute

This one might be my favorite! Get this free printable soda pop-themed card courtesy of Better Home & Gardens. Attach a silly straw to the card and tie it around a small soda can/bottle, and you have a fizzingly delightful Valentine’s treat!

Fun and Affordable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids
Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens/JASON DONNELLY

You’re All That and a Bag of Chips

Finding older children-approved Valentine cards is tough! This is why chips are a good option! Everyone loves chips. You can buy my love with Cheetos. So, grab a box of the multipack chips you were going to buy anyway for your child’s lunch and attach this free printable tag from

Fun and Affordable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids
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Whoopee! It’s Valentine’s Day

If your twins have a practical joke side to them, this may be the Valentine’s Day card for them. Attach a mini Whoopee cushion to this free printable tag from  Hopefully, the butt-end of the person receiving the prank will also find it funny…

Fun and Affordable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids
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Premade Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Scratch Off

Scratch-Off Joke Valentine’s Day Cards are awesome for classroom valentines! Thanks to the scratch-off fun, they are interactive and engaging. Plus, these cards bring the laughs with kid-friendly jokes. Buy them premade, or write your own…either way, a funny joke is always a good idea!

MADOO CITRUS 32 Pack Valentines Cards Scratch Off Jokes for Kids with Envelopes Stickers Sweet Food Valentine's Day Jokes Cards for Classroom Gift Exchange

You Make My Heart Spring

If printing cards at home isn’t possible or you’re just running out of time (like we all do), this kit has you covered. Each rainbow spring comes with a pair of matching animal cards to assemble together, leaving these cute animals with spring-tactically long necks or bodies!

JOYIN 28 Packs Valentine's Day Cards with Coil Springs Rainbow Springs, Stress Relief Coil Toys with Cards for Kids Valentine's Classroom Exchange Prizes Game Prizes, Valentine's Party Favors

Be My Squishy

Your twinnies and their classmates will be quoting Dory with these adorable Valentine’s Day cards: “I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine.” Thankfully, these squishies won’t sting their fins! Instead, they’ll love squeezing these fun little characters, and when they are tired of that, they can watch them glow in the dark!

JOYIN 28 Pack Valentines Day Gift Cards with Cute Kawaii Mochi Squishy Toy to Squeeze Glow in The Dark Stress Relief Fidget Toy for Kids, Classroom Exchange Prizes Valentine Party Favor Toy

Monster Lip Whistles

Get ready for a twin-tastic Valentine’s Day with these monster Valentines with lip-shaped whistles. They are easy to assemble, and the whimsical monster theme adds an extra layer of excitement, while the lip-shaped whistles bring a playful touch to the celebration. These are sure to be a big hit with your twinnies and their friends!

JOYIN 28 Pcs Valentines Day Cards with Whistles for Valentine Party Favor, Classroom Prize Supplies, Valentine’s Greeting Cards

SweeTARTS Conversations Hearts

Let a candy gift box do the talking with these SweeTARTS Conversations Hearts Valentines. Say things like “Be Mine,” “Hug Me,” and “Maybe.” without saying a word! Best thing about these Valentines? Almost no prep is needed; slap a sticker on the front, and you are done!

SweeTARTS Conversation Hearts Valentine’s Day Candy | Sweet and Sour Candy Individual Candy Boxes for Classroom Exchange, 1.5oz (Pack of 27)

Looking for a fun and educational Valentine’s activity for your toddlers? Check out Fun With Valentine’s Candy Conversation Hearts.

Fun Dip

Fun Dip Valentines bring a dash of sweetness and a whole lot of fun to Valentine’s Day! The beauty of Fun Dip Valentines is that they are not age-specific! Littles love them, teenagers love them, and even people my age (I was born in the 1900’s) love them! This kit comes complete with a “Fun” message sticker to slap on each one! Talk about easy and fun.

Fun Dip Candy with Valentine’s Day Stickers - 48 Pack

Why stick to the same old chocolate routine for your school exchange when you can spice things up with these delightful ideas? Let your twinnies’ personality show with their Valentine’s Day cards. Whatever their style or vibe, have fun this Valentine’s Day. Here’s to a Valentine’s Day celebration that’s as unique and fabulous as each of your wonderful twins! Happy Valentine’s Day to all you fantastic MoMs!

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is the proud mom of twin cyclones Zach and Carter (20-month-old).  Every day in the Miller house, you’ll find rooms turned over, floors covered in bits of Lego and puzzle pieces (mind your step), and the sound of “Brown Bear Brown Bear” read over and over and over again.  You’ll typically find her being used as the seat to reading time for the two bookworms, covered in bubble solution as they try to excel in their Bubble Wand skills, or being the voice to command Alexa for their favorite tunes.  She and her husband are working on their traveling skills cause she can’t wait to show them the amazing world that is out there for them.

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