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What is the Best Diaper Bag for Twins?

What is the Best Diaper Bag for Twins?

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Last updated on March 8th, 2024 at 10:02 am

Are you looking for the best diaper bag for twins? Our Twiniversity community of twin moms suggested their favorite diaper bags for twins.

A Pregnant Mom of Twins Recently Asked:

I’m 20 weeks along with twin girls. I also have a 2.5-year-old boy. I’m looking for the best diaper bag for twins, plus my older child. Even though my oldest is potty trained, he will need extra clothes and snacks. Any suggestions?

Here’s What Our Twiniversity Fans Had to Say:

The Best Diaper Bags for Twins

I have twin fraternal infant boys and a 4 yr old. My best friend gave me a bag from Thirty-one to use as a diaper bag. I love it because it has pockets on the outside & a wide opening on top so you can see everything at a glance. 

The Be Prepared bag by Ju-Ju-Be. I am amazed at how much stuff I can get in there with this.

best diaper bag for twins

I used a backpack!! Hands free! I can carry both car seats and be comfortable with the diaper bag. Tons of compartments plus exterior pockets for sippy cups or bottles!

Dagne Dover in medium size! Just got mine and it has all the features you’d possibly need. Definitely the best diaper bag for twin mamas!

Kate Spade makes diaper bags that are very spacious and attach to any stroller. I have two and love them both.

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The boss backpack from Itzy Ritzy.

I love my All Day organizing tote. It holds a TON and has several exterior pockets for bottles, cups, snacks, the socks that no one leaves on etc. There’s an add-on interior (or exterior) pocket option too. Works great for my 1-year-old twins and 5-year-old daughter.

I used the Hostess special backpack from Thirty-one. I had the same age group as you but all boys. It was a single sling across the back to be hands-free. And being hands-free is a must! It had little compartments that I could put diapers, wipes, extra clothes and whatnot in. Worked great. You really only need it until they go to sippy cups. Then it’s just some diapers, wipes and a few snacks. I keep extra clothes in a bag in the vehicle at all times for just in case.

I looked and looked and ended up buying the Skip Hop Duo because it was the most spacious.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack: Mainframe Large Capacity Wide Open Structure with Changing Pad & Stroller Attachement, Charcoal

Mom of a 9 year old and 11 month old twin boys. I learned from my mistakes 9 years ago that the less bulky a bag is the better. I use the Thirty-one bags. Not only does it have 5 pockets but it has 2 mesh side pockets. Works great for me to have a few items I need such as keys, water bottle and gives me perfect amount of room for the boys bottle. Also love that it now has the zipper option.

LOVE the Jeep brand backpack diaper bag. I put my old diaper bag in the car with her extra clothes and then just put a few snacks and pull ups in the backpack with all the twins stuff!

Anything that can be carried as a backpack. Multiple carrying options are great, and there will definitely be times you need BOTH hands.

Lily Jade! The Carolina bag. It is Amazing! My twins are 7 months old and I also have 3 other kids. I tried a few other diaper bags and back packs. This one takes the cake! 

Twin Mom Recommendations for Best Diaper Bags for Twins

I love my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag! It’s big, with pockets open very wide, and they have beautiful prints. It’s has to be my new purse, so it needs to look good.

Used a Timi and Leslie bag with my singletons and loved it but with twins I moved to a backpack … best decision

My singleton was not yet two when the twins were born. I used a backpack. That way nothing could fall off your shoulder while carrying two carriers and plenty of room for three in diapers and spare clothes. Messenger bags don’t fall either but I found they got in the way with two carriers. Especially if I had to carry big brother too.

newborn twins sleep guide

I have 19 month old twins in cloth and a third on the way. I use the petunia pickle bottom abundance boxy. It can also be a backpack for easy carry and all their print are super cute! They are a little pricier then some (not by much) but are durable and fantastic! There’s plenty of room!

When my twins were infants, I had the backpack diaper bag by Lands End. A backpack is the way to go. Mine was roomy, plus I did not have to use one of my already full arms to carry the thing.

Eddie Bauer spaces and places backpack

It’s not cute but the tactical baby gear mod backpack is legit. My husband has it and it’s our best bag. I have the dagne backpack and it doesn’t even come close to his.

We have the Eddie Bauer Cascade backpack diaper bag. I exclusively nurse, so I’m not sure it’s effectiveness as far as bottles, but it has more than enough room for us!

We have the backpack diaper bag for men. It was so great. It has three outer pockets, straps for attaching to just about every type of stroller, a cell phone pocket on the strap, an outside rear pocket and a changing pad on the inside as well as an inside pocket and a bottle pouch on the outside for easy access. Anytime anyone asks for suggestions on a diaper bag I always highly recommend it.

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