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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

What Should You Never Say to a Woman Pregnant with Twins?

What Should You Never Say to a Woman Pregnant with Twins?

Last updated on August 2nd, 2023 at 11:09 am

What is it about being pregnant that gives everyone the idea that they suddenly have the right to talk about your appearance? As if we don’t know how we look. Being pregnant is the most public and dramatic body change we can go though, we really don’t need others weighing in on it. Tell me I’m huge and I think of how much bigger I’m going to get. Tell me I look small and I think “really? Did I always look this fat?” Tell me how hard it’s going to be just one more time and I will snap. So avoid the wrath of a pregnant woman. And trust me- anything a pregnant woman says or does because of your comments is fair game. I almost punched my brother for an extremely rude comment, I regret to this day that I did not take the opportunity, hey I was pregnant, who could blame me?! So, you’ve been warned. Here are some things mothers pregnant with twins (or more) have heard- learn from other stupidity and shut up!

“You’re huge!” Jean B.

“Better you than me!” Heather P.

“You look like you’re about to pop.” (Said to me at 18 weeks. Seriously?) Laura D.

“Geez, you sure there aren’t more than 2 in there?” Kelly S.

“Are you having twins?” Brandy B.

‎”Are they natural?” Nikki D.

“You’re going to go crazy!” Sommer H.

“You could have a selective reduction.” Sara W.


“Do they run in your family?” Jennifer S.

“Double the contractions.” Kgaugelo M.

‎”Wow! You exploded since the last time I saw you!” (Said to me at 24 weeks.) Beth L.

‎” still have 3 months to go?!?! -Amanda B.

“Did you plan that?” Denise G.

“You’re going to have your hands full!” Mary V.

“A mother’s nightmare, grandmothers dream” Adina L.

“Oh my friend has twins… And she delivered at 22 weeks/was on bed rest for 30 weeks/blah blah blah” horror story.”  Courtney H.


“You’re huge, I think you will come any day now” (I was only 26 weeks) Mariah M.

“Wow, you’re small for twins”. (Said to me at 32 weeks and measuring 50) Tamara T.

“Oh my goodness how are you going to handle twins?!?!?” Sara S.

‎”I’m sure it won’t be that bad” Jillian M.

‎”I know someone who was pregnant with twins, one died.” Stefanie T.

When I told people I was having twin girls all I ever heard was “oh my gosh! Do you know how much drama girls are?!”, “Oh! That’s going to be fun when they get older!”, “Girls are so expensive!”, “I have 2 boys and a teenaged girl and I’d give my daughter away in a second!” Amy R.

I was carrying spontaneous quads. People can be so rude! For example: “Why would you punish yourself like that” or “Why would you not terminate your pregnancy?” or “That’s the worst thing that I could ever wish for” Glenda B.

“I am sorry!”  Jo D.

“You look great for twins.” Lisa K.

“How will you manage in that tiny apartment of yours?” Amy C.


“One and done!” (Said to us mothers of b/g twins often. Never assume that. I am, but I know many who aren’t)

“I had kids 14 months apart…it was JUST like twins….you will be fine.” Leslie B.

“My neighbor’s cousins’ aunts’ best friend has twins” Jaimi S.

“It’s impossible to nurse twins” (It’s NOT impossible–I DID IT!) Christa C.

“Oh you poor thing! God Bless You” – like it was some kind of handicap. Amy L.

“OMG! You make me want to double up on birth control.” Lisa M.

“Are you sure there are only two in there?” Diana L.

When I told people we did IVF to have twins they replied. “Well aren’t you glad you don’t have 8!”  Thank you Octomom, now every lady that needs fertility treatments has a chance of 8 kids at one time! Samantha S.

“Oh have you not had them yet?” (I still had 4 months to go) Jacqui K.

‎”You look great… for carrying twins” Francesca F.

“It must have been EXTRA good THAT night! Hope it’s worth it!” (Grrrrr….Made me so mad!) Jenny J.

“I would kill myself if that was me.” Rachael W.

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