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What to Get Dad for Father’s Day

What to Get Dad for Father’s Day

what dad really wants for father's day

Last updated on May 21st, 2024 at 09:50 am

Are you struggling with what to do for Father’s Day? What to buy for those special dads in your life? What plans to make so he really feels special? Whether you have a big budget or small, we’ve got ideas from moms, from us, and most importantly straight from the dads!

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The most important thing we heard from dads that they want for Father’s Day is to spend time with their family (awww…) Planning a special party, event, or outing with your dad is top priority for the day! Ideas include a trip to the zoo, a ballgame, a park, a museum, the beach, or just to your own backyard with a beer and a cozy lounge chair. :-).

Here’s Some Great Ideas to Get You Ready for Father’s Day…

From Dad’s Mouth

“Get your dad something they’ve never had before. A replacement of something they’ve had but no longer have. Dads are just grown boys, we still like toys and science and history and animals and burning stuff.”

“My perfect gift is always something very simple but came from love. Last year I received what to some seemed like a simple nut washer but my wife turned it into a key chain with all our children’s names engraved on it…it goes with me everywhere.”

“Hanging out with the family during the day and then dropping the kids off with grandma and grandpa to go to dinner and a movie with my wife. If we’re talking material possessions then either an iTunes gift card or a nice new chef knife.”

“A perfect Father’s Day gift would be to spend the day with the family, going out to eat, going swimming. And if we are talking materialistic then it would be some new workout gloves.”

“Spending time with the family is a must!!! Otherwise tickets to a ballgame or going out to dinner and a movie with the wife!!!”

“Hunting trip!!!
Great BBQ sauce.
A shave at a spa.”

Ideas from Moms

“I take pictures throughout the year of my hubby with the kids then make him a year in review Shutterfly photo book. I put the kids favorite toys, words, funny things throughout the book. He loves it because he does not have great memory.”

“Every year I get the boys pictures taken with them all decked out in Red Sox gear (his favorite team). I started with our oldest and it’s become tradition. Every year he brings the new picture into work to place on his desk and brings home the old one. I’ve been keeping them in a photo album and hope that my little guys continue to be good sports for years to come!” Make an awesome word collage for Dad!”

Homemade coupon book, including coupons for sexy time (of course) and yard work, date night, a guys night out, a back rub, etc.”

Ideas from Twiniversity

Check out this free printable Father’s Day hand print gift! Just print it out, place your child’s hand prints in paint, add the child’s name, and frame! You can make one for each of your multiples using a different color for each child.

A twist on the typical hand print idea is to use a baseball, basketball, football, etc. – whatever your dad’s favorite sport is! A larger ball would work nicely for twins or more. Photo courtesy of hannahkate design.

Is your dad a handy guy? Or maybe you need to inspire him to be more handy? (wink wink) This DIY hammer is a cheap, easy project and really jazzes up a mundane tool.

Hammer Multi Tool 12 in 1 Hammer Camping Gear Survival Tool, Birthday Christmas Gift for Men, Christmas Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing, Mens Gifts for Him, Dad, Husband, Grandpa, Boyfriend

The Home T is a great gift for anyone missing, leaving, or being welcomed home. Check them out at – a tee that helps you show off your state pride, stylishly. These are insanely soft shirts that are 100% made in the USA. The Home T donates a portion of profits to multiple sclerosis research.

Here’s a special treat for your meat lover. BACON. HEARTS. Make this a legen-(wait for it)-dary Father’s Day brunch. Visit the Paper Mama for the recipe.

If you’re at a loss for what to get the “dad that has everything”, check out these amazing leather bags for men from WILL Leather. They aren’t cheap (OK, they’re about the cost of a Coach bag) but if your dad will flip for one of these, it could be worth the investment for something they will use for decades to come. (This would make a nice group gift for a grandfather!)

What are your favorite Father’s Day outings and gifts? Share in the comments below!

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