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What’s Your Best Baby Safety Advice?

What’s Your Best Baby Safety Advice?

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Last updated on August 22nd, 2023 at 07:25 pm

We recently asked:

“What’s your best piece of baby safety advice?”

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

My best piece of baby safety advice would be to always strap your baby into the car seat. Seems simple, right? But when you set the baby in the car seat to even just do something for a second you don’t think about the baby not being strapped in because you ALWAYS strap them in so you just grab the seat and go. Or I’ve had the car seat get pushed off of the entrance bench and was so thankful that we had already strapped baby in. 

∼ TS

Always double check everything even if it’s something you do every day. And don’t wait for the twinkies to learn a new trick to baby proof. They come up with stuff faster then Amazon can get a fix to you. 


Take the extra time to schedule an appointment at your local hospital, firehouse, or police station to get your car seats professionally checked. You won’t regret it. 

∼ AT
baby safety

Sit on the floor. Look from that perceptive! Also get the cabinet locks, keep things off of low reaching areas, baby gates too. 

∼ SJ

The best baby safety advice I received is to trust yourself and your baby. Some things we are told as wisdom won’t work for your children. My babies run hot so if I “dressed them one layer more than myself” they would be miserable. 

∼ BP

My best baby safety advice would definitely be to anchor dressers to the wall! 

∼ EA

Educate yourself as a parent as much as you can. Know the importance of safe sleeping, car seat safety, etc. 

∼ JR

Do not forget to rest! I could give a million tidbits about baby safety, but as a full-time mom, I was a full-on panicky wreck. I was afraid of every little sound or weird squirm my son made. I was afraid when he didn’t make a sound or a weird squirm. I never slept and it took a toll on me. 


Electrical outlet covers are a must-have. All of them need to be covered at all times! I feel like my daughter is always seeking out the ones that don’t have covers! And baby gates come in handy when cooking in the kitchen and you want to keep them out. 

∼ CJ

Baby-proof before the babies come, you won’t know how quickly they will develop. And take an infant CPR class before they come just in case. 

∼ AR
baby safety

Don’t wash the car seat padding it has a fire retardant chemical on it and when you wash the padding it removes the chemical. Never replace the padding with a cute one or add any strap cushions or handlebar toys as they void the warranty as well as harm baby if there was a wreck. Make sure you can only put a finger between baby and belt to make sure it is tight enough. 

∼ SA

I guess this is more of baby comfort advice (and safety) but we found some clip-on fans that clip onto the hoods of their double stroller and they are awesome! They keep the babies cool in the heat and we even used them recently at Disneyland! 

∼ LM

Number one tip is to make sure your car seat is installed properly. Read the manual, don’t just assume it’s the same as your last one! Many fire stations offer a free proper installation inspection. 

∼ SD

I am neurotic about this, but always making sure that their airway is clean and open. After reading about head positions in car seats specifically and how they can slouch forward and suffocate I always make sure their heads are tilted to the side and can breathe. 


It’s okay to let your baby cry for a moment or two while you collect yourself. Trying to comfort a crying baby while you yourself are about to lose your crap isn’t helpful to either of you. 

∼ JM

Leave your babies rear-facing as long as possible. Twins are often small so that means past age 2! Babies are 75% more likely to survive a crash rear facing according to the AAP. 


If you have a crawling baby make sure your floor is clean at all times. I have bigger kids and one day I caught my baby choking on a small edge of a Twix wrapper my kids had. It was so scary, I almost passed out. 

∼ FJ

Always make sure EVERYONE including mom and dad are buckled up. And always have your diaper bag packed and ready to go with you every time you leave. You never know when something might delay you. 


Always check straps and put your purse or something important in the back seat so you can’t forget a child or children are in there. Prevent deaths from forgotten children in hot cars. 

baby safety

I’m just always extra cautious about sleep safety because it makes me so nervous. No extra stuff in the cribs and always have babies sleep on their backs. 

∼ AI

I can’t think of specifics other than to relax and take time for yourself. Don’t get too overwhelmed. Ask for help. Happy parents = happy and safe babies. 

∼ SP

Best piece of baby safety advice is to allow Daddy to help with bath night so that when I am there bathing one, Daddy takes the twins and lifts them out of the water for me. Bath safety as a team effort allows Mommy to not slip and babies to not slip. 


Research baby proofing info and car seat safety. A lot of people seems to not know. Register your products in case of recalls. 

∼ OM

Use the changing table buckle and never leave them unattended in the car! You just never know what can happen to you when you’re running in for a “second”! 

∼ JM

Learn infant CPR. Hopefully, it will never be necessary, but if it is, knowing could literally be the difference between life and death. 

∼ LG

Don’t think “it won’t happen to me”. Be prepared and always keep an eye (make it both eyes) on your kids! 

∼ JP

Read all the manuals before placing your children in anything. Be it a car seat, bassinet or swing or anything. Always read the manual. It doesn’t take long. 


Never let your eyes off of them for 1 second!! That’s really all it takes for something to go VERY, VERY WRONG! 

∼ EK
baby safety

Baby-proof EVERYTHING! 

∼ BH

Never use USED car seats (you never know if they’ve been in an accident or if their safety features are compromised). 


Avoid distraction! Cell phones and laptops are a huge distraction. It only takes seconds for a baby or toddler to get themselves into a dangerous situation. 

∼ DD

If you ever have a fender bender, get a new car seat! 


My biggest piece of baby safety advice is when it’s super quiet, that’s when it’s all happening. Always be aware of what is going on. 


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What’s Your Best Baby Safety Advice?

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What’s Your Best Baby Safety Advice?

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