Your crib or mine?

Your crib or mine?

Your crib or mine?One of the most asked questions I get about twinnies from expectant parents is:

“Do twins sleep in one crib or two?”

The answer is simple, one crib at first, then the rest is up to them.

Starting off with one crib for your multiples will make it easier for you and nicer for them. Think about it. When your multi’s are in utero they are about as close as humans can get, no? Sometimes parents think, “Well I’m having two/three babies, they need their own room?” Nope, quite the opposite, your kiddos will really enjoy the closeness to their siblings more than you can understand. It’s part of the multiple bond.

FACT: Did you know that your multiples will regulate their heartbeat and body temperature off of each other? Yup.

So keeping them in one crib is doing them a huge favor. They are comforted by each others sound, smell and touch so go ahead and leave them in one crib as long as they allow it.

Once their crib resembles a Wrestlemania match, you may want to split them into their own cribs, but please keep their cribs as close together as possible. I can almost guarantee you that even if you put their cribs at different ends of the room, they will end up sleeping as close to the edge of the crib that is closest to their multiple as possible. It’s like their multiple is their center of gravity and they will just gravitate towards each other.Your crib or mine?

Personally my twinnies used to use each other as a pacifier when they shared a crib. It’s one of the highlights of their early days home. Seeing your twinnies or trippies together in close quarters will really help the “HOLY MOLY THERE ARE TWO/THREE” feeling set in.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about which type of crib to buy!

So I ask my peeps…did your twinnies or trippies or quaddies sleep in one crib or more? Shout it out folks!


  • Well the room we had for the babies was really too small for two but its all we had at the moment.. So i didn’t want to have to buy two cribs so our girls shared a crib till they were just 8 months old, we had to get a second crib just due to our one girl waking up the other..

  • My 17 month old boys slept in the same cot until they were about 6 months and to big to share they now have their own cots in the same room

  • My g/b twins are 10 years old. They had to be swddled together to be brought home because my son could not regulate his body temperature on his own for long periods of time…when they could move, I put them at opposite ends of the crib to find them cuddled together in the morning…When they were one I moved them into their own twin beds in the same room to find one had climbed into the others bed shortly after we left the room…they shared a bed until we put the bunk together when they were 3…my daughter loved the top and my son would not climb up there for anyone or anything…little did we know, our little evil kneivel was having her brother pull his mattress off the bottom bunk so she could leap from her perch on the top bunk…how she has lived this long, i cannot tell you…at nine they finally received their vey own bedrooms…there is very few nights that go by that one is not asking if they can sleep in the other’s room because they miss sleeping together. My, who does not talk much during the day, apparently talks his twin to sleep at night, “downloading” his day to her….lol….

  • I had planned on putting mine together at first but the dr in the nicu told me it increases the chances of SIDS as they could suffocate against the other. So when we got home we put them in separate cribs. I did let them sleep beside each other in bed with me sometimes and they slept better together. But once they started sleeping longer stretches I put them in their own cribs side by side. They still to this day (19 months old) sleep at the tops of their cribs to be as close as they can to each other

  • My B/B twins shared until one shared rollingerie over before his brother and would wake him up with the rolling. But we always kept the cribs near each other so they could see one another and eventually have covert sleepovers.
    I loved walking to those morning and see them snuggled up together.

  • I have had 2 sets of twins and BOTH shared a crib for the first 2-3 months. Once they started moving around they would wake each other up. I think it is important to move them on their terms. Being close to their twin is all they have ever known. My oldest set of twins are 8 and as much as they say they want their own room, they can’t make it through the night if they aren’t together.

  • Our 9 month old boys slept next to each other in a co-sleeper until they outgrew it. Then they slept in a pack-n-play and also in bed with us until recently. Space constraints in our bed convinced us to finally try to use those fancy expensive cribs we bought, but they don’t like it much. I pulled a mattress into their room and sleep with them there. Maybe they would do better if I put them in the same crib?

    For naps they sleep together on my bed and no matter how far apart I put them, they inch their way in their sleep toward each other. Sometimes I walk in and find them literally lying on top of each other. It’s sweet, but sometimes they end up waking each other up.

  • My twin girls slept in the same crib until they received their braces for their bilateral clubfoot. Then there just wasn’t enough room. When they were 20 months they were moved to individual twin beds upon the arrival of their brother. Once they could get in and out of bed on their own I would always find them in each others bed. Now they share a queen bed and won’t go to sleep without the other.

  • We didn’t have them in the same crib too often when they were little – maybe we should have because now that they are seven years old and have their own twin beds, they share the same one!

  • My twin girls shared a crib for about 6 weeks and then transitioned to their own beds.