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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

6-Month-Old Twins | Twins Tale Podcast with Guest Kirsten Millar

6-Month-Old Twins | Twins Tale Podcast with Guest Kirsten Millar

Last updated on February 28th, 2024 at 05:04 pm

Nat chats with Kirsten Millar, mom to 6-month-old identical boy twins, about schedules, sleep, and daily routines with her sweet boys.

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6-Month-Old Twins | Twins Tale Podcast with Guest Kirsten Millar
6-Month-Old Twins | Twins Tale Podcast with Guest Kirsten Millar
6-Month-Old Twins | Twins Tale Podcast with Guest Kirsten Millar
6-Month-Old Twins | Twins Tale Podcast with Guest Kirsten Millar

6-Month-Old Twins | Twin Mom Kirsten Millar

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Kirsten Millar is a Manager at Rocky Mountain Institute, working on electric and gas utility decarbonization. She lives in Boulder, Colorado. Previously, she worked at Uplight (formerly Tendril) in business development. Prior to that she was in Oakland, CA, and worked at Pacific Gas and Electric. She met her husband in grad school at Duke University, they were married in 2016 and had their identical twin boys in December 2019. Prior to twins, Kirsten liked to bike, ski, rock climb, and hike. Follow Kirsten on Twitter and Instagram.

Top 3 Pieces of Advice for Other Parents of Twins

1. Get Help. All of It.

Couples coaching, night nurse with sleep training advice, grandparent support and helpful aunts. Oh and MEAL TRAINS! Do a meal train for the first month. These things will keep your life on the rails during chaos. 

2. Limit the Gear

1 of everything other than high chairs and car seats and boppies. (We got by on like 6 bottles.) We also put them straight in their cribs. No bassinets or snoos for us. It’s worked and they’ve thrived. 

3. If You Want to Breastfeed, Get a Lot of Pumps

I had 3, one hospital rental, 1 from a friend, 1 through insurance. Having pumps around the house made it easier to get it done. 

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6-Month-Old Twins | Twins Tale Podcast with Guest Kirsten Millar

Top 3 Things You Wish You Had Done Differently

1. We Tried an Au Pair

It was a huge hassle to get matched (our location isn’t that desirable), there were visa issues after we matched (even before covid), and had to scramble to find a replacement. And then when we had one, it turned out she was not a good fit for us. Talk to A LOT of parents about their ah pair experience, especially if you’re considering one to manage infants. 

2. Don’t Forget Preemie Clothes!

I honestly didn’t know preemie was a size of clothing and bought all the pink onesies available for our boys at the consignment shop the day after we got home from the hospital. Your twins club might have some to loan out!

3. You’re Going to Need a Bigger Car

Traveling with rear-facing car seats in an Audi A4 sucks. Front seats have to go way forward. No room for the dog with a stroller. Luckily we don’t drive anywhere since we’re locked down during covid but in a different world, we probably would have done some work to get a new car by now. 


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