The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

7-Month-Old Twin Girls | Twins Tale Podcast With Twin Mom Lucy Graham

7-Month-Old Twin Girls | Twins Tale Podcast With Twin Mom Lucy Graham

Last updated on February 28th, 2024 at 05:03 pm

Nat chats with twin mom Lucy Graham about her twin pregnancy after IUI, a diagnosis of cholestasis, C-section delivery at 35 weeks, how the newborn stage went with feedings and sleep, what it’s like with a 2 mom family, and what her day-to-day life is like with fraternal 7-month-old twin girls.

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7-Month-Old Twin Girls |  Twins Tale Podcast With Twin Mom Lucy Graham
7-Month-Old Twin Girls |  Twins Tale Podcast With Twin Mom Lucy Graham
7-Month-Old Twin Girls |  Twins Tale Podcast With Twin Mom Lucy Graham
7-Month-Old Twin Girls |  Twins Tale Podcast With Twin Mom Lucy Graham

7-Month-Old Twin Girls | Twin Mom Lucy Graham

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Lucy Graham is originally from the East Coast but has lived in Hawaii for 16 years. She moved for grad school and never looked back. She met her wife in 2016, got married in 2018, and they decided to try to have a baby in 2019. Lucy got pregnant on their second IUI attempt and they were completely shocked to find out a few weeks later it was twins (especially because they had been told there was one egg). Lucy was an elementary special education teacher but now works from home as an editor while her wife travels a lot for work (or did pre-COVID). They now have 7-month-old twin girls and are still shocked on a daily basis that there are two!

7-month-old twin girls at the beach

Top 3 Pieces of Advice for Other Parents of Twins

  1. Remember that everything is temporary and will get easier/better in time. It’s so cliche, but cherish those beginning days because you blink and they’re gone
  2. Ask for help and find support. It’s been really hard during the pandemic, but use FaceTime/Zoom/text/etc. Twiniversity is a such a great resource!
  3. Sleep train when babies are old enough. It can be really tough at first but so worth it to all get a good nights sleep
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Top 3 Things You Wish You Had Done Differently

  1. Made follow-up appointments with a lactation consultant immediately after we got home from the hospital to help with breastfeeding since feeding them breastmilk is very important to me 
  2. Marriage counseling before the babies were born to have it in place during the challenging times that will arise
  3. Always listened to my gut even if others were doing things differently or had other opinions
twin girls playing


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7-month-old twin girls pin
7-month-old twin girls pin

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