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Best Twin Breastfeeding Chair

Best Twin Breastfeeding Chair

If you are thinking of breastfeeding your twins, you will want somewhere comfortable to do it. But finding a twin-sized chair is not easy (or cheap). We’ve rounded up our favorite twin breastfeeding chairs that will last well beyond your nursing days!

So many things go into a nursery, and a must-have item is a comfy chair. But not just any chair will work, especially when expecting twins. This chair is where you will rock your babies to sleep, read them books before bed, and you will snuggle and stare at those cute little faces, trying to memorize each moment. Not only does the chair need to be comfy, but it also has to be functional. If breastfeeding is in your future, odds are you will spend quite a few night shifts in this chair nursing your sweet twinnies.

So, what chair is best for a twin-sized family?

Types of Chairs

Swivel, glider, recliner….each of these have their own unique functions. Some breastfeeding chairs combine all three, while others may focus on just one. Here’s a breakdown to help you understand their features.

Twin breastfeeding chair

Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs stand out for their exceptional range of motion. Unlike traditional stationary chairs, these versatile seats allow you to rotate 360 degrees. Swivel chairs are designed for easy movement. They allow you to rotate smoothly in all directions, offering flexibility and convenience.


Gliders offer a rocking motion but in a back-and-forth, smooth, soothing motion instead of rotating. This gentle rocking is perfect for calming both baby and parent during feeding or bonding time.


These chairs kick back for maximum comfort. They usually have built-in footrests, and some “power” recliners have adjustable headrests to fit all heights. Their recline design lets you stretch out and find your perfect lounging position. Whether feeding your little ones or just watching them sleep, a recliner chair provides comfort and support.

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Twiniversity Tip: If you’re considering a recliner, get a rocking reclining chair! A rocking recliner combines the best of both worlds: the soothing motion of a rocker and the luxurious comfort of a recliner. It lets you rock back and forth while reclining, offering a relaxing experience that’s hard to beat. Perfect for soothing babies, a rocking recliner is a versatile and cozy addition to any nursery.

Can I use a recliner as a nursing chair?

A hard wood rocker is not the best option as a twin breastfeeding chair.

Yes, you can absolutely use a recliner as a nursing chair for twins! Recliners can offer excellent comfort and support while feeding your babies. Look for a recliner that provides good back support, has padded armrests for comfort, and allows you to recline to a comfortable nursing position. Some recliners even have additional features like swivel and rocking motions, which can be beneficial when nursing twins. Overall, as long as you find a recliner that meets your comfort and functional needs, it can be a great choice for nursing twins.

Size Matters

Now that we know the types of chairs, how big does your twin breastfeeding chair have to be? said chairs are typically between 16 – 20 inches wide, 18 inches tall, and the back about 14 inches high. But can you nurse two babies at the same time in a standard-size chair?   

Spacial awareness in a room is one thing; seat spacial awareness is another. Think about how you’d sit with a baby in each arm. I needed a visual of how much arm space I needed, so I used teddy bears to measure my width. 

Best Twin Breastfeeding Chair

Do I need a double-wide chair for twins?

If you have the space, opting for an extra-wide chair can be a game-changer! Having more room would have been beneficial. There were a couple of instances where I wished the armrest of my glider was slightly wider to accommodate my nursing pillow more comfortably. So, if you have the space for a double-wide chair, it might be worth it for its added comfort and convenience!

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Best Twin Breastfeeding Chair

Babyletto Tuba Extra Wide Swivel Glider

Babyletto Tuba Glider in Performance Grey Eco-Weave with Silver Base, Water Repellent & Stain Resistant, Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US Certified

The Babyletto has a sleek, modern design that will still be stylish and functional in your home long after your nursing days are over. This chair is extra wide at 25.5 inches, with plenty of room for your arms and twinnies. Plus, the fabric is water-repellant and stain-resistant—excellent for you and your babies because spit-up happens! The Babletto is also a glider, so you’ll enjoy a back-and-forth and side-to-side motion.

Baby Relax Hadley Upholstered Double Rocker Chair

Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker Chair, Baby Nursery Furniture, Taupe

If you prefer a traditional rocker, this design is an upgrade from the hard wooden rocking chair days of our parents’ parents. A matching ottoman is available (sold separately) for your tired legs and overall comfort. This mini loveseat of a rocker is a whopping 36.5 inches wide! This is definitely a rocker that will grow with you and your family!  The Hadley double rocker is easy to  assemble and says it can be done in “under 30 minutes.” That alone is a great selling point for me!

DaVinci Juno Swivel Glider

Davinci Juno Swivel Glider in Vanilla, Greenguard Gold & CertiPUR-US Certified

The DaVinci Juno Swivel Glider is a stylish and functional option for a twin breastfeeding chair. This glider features a smooth swivel and glide motion, allowing you to soothe both babies easily. It has a high back for added support and a gentle recline feature for maximum comfort during feedings or bonding time. The Juno Swivel Glider is upholstered in soft, durable fabric and has padded armrests for added comfort. Its modern design and neutral color options make it versatile for any nursery.

What is an alternative to a breastfeeding chair?

If you are looking for an alternative to a breastfeeding chair, you might consider a breastfeeding bean bag. They make great nursing chairs.

Homguava Giant Bean Bag Chair

Homguava Giant Bean Bag Chair,Bean Bag Sofa Chair with Armrests, Bean Bag Couch Stuffed High-Density Foam, Plush Lazy Sofa Comfy Chair,Large BeanBag Chair for Adults in Livingroom,Bedroom (Light Grey)

The Homguava Giant Bean Bag Chair is not specifically designed for breastfeeding, but it can be a comfortable and versatile seating option for nursing mothers. This oversized bean bag chair is filled with memory foam blend, providing a supportive and cozy place to sit. Its large size allows you to find a comfortable position for nursing, and you can even adjust the fill to customize the firmness level. The Homguava Giant Bean Bag Chair is covered in a soft, durable fabric that is easy to clean, making it a practical choice for parents.

LoveSac SuperSac

A bean bag is a great alternative to a twin breastfeeding chair

The Lovesac SuperSac is a large, oversized bean bag chair that offers a luxurious and comfortable seating experience. While not specifically designed for breastfeeding, its spacious design and plush filling make it a versatile option for nursing mothers. The SuperSac is filled with shredded memory foam that molds to your body, providing customized support and comfort. Its removable, machine-washable cover makes it easy to clean, and its durable construction ensures long-lasting use. The SuperSac is available in various colors and fabrics, allowing you to choose a style that complements your nursery or living space. Overall, the Lovesac SuperSac can be a cozy and practical seating choice for nursing mothers looking for a comfortable place to nurse their babies.

This chair isn’t going to be any chair. Your twin breastfeeding chair is a chair you’ll spend a lot of time in. Choosing the perfect twin breastfeeding chair is about finding what feels right. Comfort is key whether you go for a double rocker, swivel glider, recliner, or even a cozy bean bag. Think about how it feels to sit in it, how easy it is to clean, and if it fits your style and space. Also, consider if it has the right support for feeding two little ones. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a place where you can relax and enjoy those special moments with your twins.

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is the proud mom of twin cyclones Zach and Carter (20-month-old).  Every day in the Miller house, you’ll find rooms turned over, floors covered in bits of Lego and puzzle pieces (mind your step), and the sound of “Brown Bear Brown Bear” read over and over, and over again.  You’ll typically find her being used as the seat to reading time for the two bookworms, covered in bubble solution as they try to excel in their Bubble Wand skills, or being the voice to command Alexa for their favorite tunes.  She and her husband are working on their traveling skills cause she can’t wait to show them the amazing world that is out there for them.

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