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Circle Time For Twins In 5 Moves

Circle Time For Twins In 5 Moves

Last updated on September 30th, 2021 at 10:16 am

When you are home with twins, having a set schedule for your day is huge! Especially when you have twins. One thing that helped me as my girls moved into the toddler stage was incorporating circle time in to their morning schedule.

My twin girls are 14 months now, however, I’ve been doing circle time with them since they were 9 months old and could sit up on their own.

Supplies you will need

– Small pillows for each child and yourself

– 1 drum or pot

– Rattles or something that makes noise for each child

– 3 books

Move #1: Gathering Song

twinsboygirltoddler2I use the song my son’s past day care used. I bang the drum or pot while I sing the song. The girls have gotten used to the banging and now know it is circle time. I do circle time, the same time every day. For us, it is 9am.

Here is how the gathering song goes for us:

“Hi hi Ellie
Hi, hi, Ellie

Hi, hi Elle,

It’s nice to have you here”

“Hi, hi Lily

Hi, hi Lily

Hi, hi Lily

It’s nice to have you here”

“Hi, hi Mommy

Hi, hi Mommy

Hi hi, Mommy

It’s nice to have you here.”

Move #2: Play song

momtwinsgirlsbaby2After I have the girls settled on their pillows, I move into a fun play song. For example “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes”. I make difference voices, laugh, and make it fun. No worries here. You do not have to be a perfect singer. It is more about the twins learning the sound and rhythm.

Move #3: ABC song

After I sing a play song, I do the ABC song. I know they are familiar with this song because they hear it from the toys they have or the word player on the fridge. I have noticed more and more that they are saying the words to themselves. Some days, I sing the song while banging on my pot. Other days I’m clapping my hands.

Move #4: Story time

twinsgirlstoddlers5After the singing, I move into story time. I usually read at least three books to them. I find that one of my twins likes to sit on my lap while I read.

Move #5: Closing song

I finish circle time with a closing song. For example: I might sing “Twinkle Twinkle” or “You Are my Sunshine”.

If you are used to having a schedule or are interested creating one, then the Circle Time in 5 Moves concept can be a great fit for you. The moves are easy to remember and fun to do. Enjoy!

victoriaVictoria Worch is a Student Affairs Advisor and Twin Blogger at and on Twitter @cafevic.

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