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How Far Apart Were Your Twins Born?

How Far Apart Were Your Twins Born?

When you’re a parent of twins, you get used to being asked, “Who’s older?” or “How far apart were your twins born?” Twins are fascinating, and for some reason, outsiders just have to know all the details. Well, we did it, we asked, and you spilled the tea on how far apart your twins are!

We recently asked, “How far apart were your twins born?” and here is what our fabulous twin community had to say:

How far apart were your twins born?

Twins born in a matter of minutes

  • 2 minutes ❤❤❤ –Sisanie
  • 1 min my first set and my second set 2 min –gfgemelas
  • 1 minute. My doctor must’ve had amazing lunch plans. –Avishakassir
  • 2 minutes ❤ –Rashonne_
  • 1 minute! –Mel_halladay
  • 6 minutes felt like 6 hours lol –Meganc3177
  • 1 min –Mrsmustage
  • 2 minutes ❤️ –Enigmanay
  • One minute ❤❤ –Nanolipama
  • 6 minutes! –tash_dail814
  • 1 minute apart; and my “oldest” holds on to that min to brag that he is the big brother 😂 –m3livr
  • 2 minutes apart! –Clean16
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  • 1 minute! –Life.with.bethanyg
  • 47 seconds. –Leah_b0123
  • 6 minutes –Pnixon1983
  • Fraternal b/g twins….they are 5 mins apart. –Queencity_mom
  • 9 minutes –mjonathans11
  • 6 minutes here! –Whenlifegivesyouanaupair
  • First set 2 minutes, 2nd set 1 minute! –Kaydengotit
  • 4 minutes both natural –Alidunn_
  • 8 minutes 🙌 –moon.mamma_
  • 1 minute!!! –paolaespinall
  • 2 min –curt_p5
  • 9 minutes apart with different birthdays! 11:52pm and 12:01am. –l_a_krasner
  • 9 minutes – baby B came out feet first 🤪🥰 –Sitanojo
  • 3 minutes! –daybabes
  • 2 minutes, different days! –Thebarbourbunch6
On average twins are born 15 minutes apart
  • 8 mins –twin_zs_zara_zyra
  • One minute! My partner swears they were born on different days though. Baby A right before midnight and baby B at 12:01. –sabrinaheim
  • 6 minutes due to baby B being breech, trying to come out with one foot, and my OB having to do breech extraction. It was also almost midnight so they were 3 minutes shy of having different birthdays! –Mooresimplelife
  • Our girls have 2 different birth dates but were only 7 min apart 💕 –thegrannymama
  • 4 minutes apart, 5 pushes total. They tried to fall out the whole pregnancy basically 😏 –kay.lah.ew
  • 2 minutes. My son will never let my daughter forget he is older… –my_twins_are_like_whoa
  • 3 minutes! Natural –danitc3
  • My b/g twins were 5 minutes apart –leja_pb

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Twin timing!

  • Within seconds of each other! I had a C-section, and they have the same birth time: 10:35! –byrdnest08
  • Ten seconds. C-section. Baby B surprised docs and flew out while they were working to take out Baby A. It was pure luck that the minute hand changed between the two of them, otherwise they would have had the exact same birth time. –victoriasmith
  • Mine was the same exact minute! C section –shannonmcbay_
  • 45 seconds 😅 –Iamthomascole
  • Well, technically, twin B came out a second after they got twin A out. She was still in her sack and twin A was still connected to me, so the doctor held her while they suctioned baby A (she pooped) and collected her cord blood. –Stefi_wefi6
  • Born in the same minute! 45 seconds apart!! 💚 –mgunn615
  • We will never tell who’s older…I’ve literally forgotten their birthtimes because we tell everyone 5am. 😂 –Flourishingpostpartum
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  • The same minute! My girls were born the exact same length and weight in the same minute. Everyone thought our birth announcements had a duplicate error 😆 –beyondcookiecutter
  • Same exact second! I had two OBs, so they pulled them out together, which is crazy –Khemric
  • Mine were actually born the same minute! 2:32AM. –krcat116
  • 15 seconds –Meljay_u
  • Only about 30 seconds –Aprilproveaux

Two Births, Two Times

  • 17 minutes, both vaginal. Rue on the left was 11:20 pm, and Noa on the right was 11:37 pm. –Krystalwock
  • 14 minutes. They didn’t realize how far I’d progressed and Baby A was born in the delivery room, head first. Baby B was breech so we rushed over to the OR where I delivered him breech successfully. 🎉 So thankful my doctor was comfortable with delivering him breech. –thefrontporchfarmhouse
  • 12 minutes! –Herculturecouture
  • 13 mins apart the longest 13 minutes ever, while twin two, had a wiggle around! –4_things_and_me
  • 52 minutes apart. Both born vaginally. –_leahmacisaac_
  • 15 minutes between A and B but 30 minutes between B and C — so 45 minutes total for 2 natural births and 1 c-section. –Rockpaperscissorstriplets
  • 11 minutes –Kirstenkizerian

“The average time between the birth of the first and second baby
is generally about 15 minutes”

Penn Medicine, Lancaster General Health
  • 18 min apart, over midnight… different days and one was vaginally the other emergency c-section. –Macgownmountain
  • 14 minutes –Susanvernicek
  • 16 minutes. I was rushed to the OR for Baby B but was able to deliver breech. 💖💝 –Morgplesac
  • 17 minutes! –arianajoychristie
  • 11 min –Loe_twins
  • 22 min apart –mehreenharoonmalik
  • 24 minutes, they tried to do a c section with baby B and I said “make him come out like his brother did!” lol –Stephchaikin
  • Two different days! But only 11 min apart over midnight. –seeyalia
  • 16 minutes –hayley.ellsessor
  • 21 minutes –kadaisycrazy
  • My daughters were born 20min apart. And my brother and I were 1 hour and 44min apart (I was Twin B hangin back). –asafrockyy
  • 23 mins apart ❤️ born vaginally –justin_danielle
How far apart are your twins?
  • 90 mins 😭😭😭 –jlmorris33
  • Different birthdays !! 36 minutes apart. –Get_nathy
  • 55mins! We shall see what the second set of twins decides… 🙈 –addinglittlearrows
  • 42 minutes..they have two different birthdays 10/30/17 and 10/31/17 👻 🎃 –l__pea
  • 28 minutes –tautenhahntwins
  • 20 mins! Felt like hours! –prettypisces87_
  • 32 extremely long minutes 🙌 –Krispyguillory
  • 37 mins! A was head down, and B was transverse. After A delivered naturally, B decided to flip the breech. OB flipped B, and he came out head 1st. –dmorab120
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  • 41min!! 2 different days. –Jennycee12
  • Baby A 8:25 and Baby B 8:52! 27 minutes apart. It took 4 doctors to turn Baby B in my belly before I could push her out. I delivered both in the OR in case of emergency, but I’m so happy they both were able to be delivered naturally! –Prettyme_ash
  • 34 mins –D0menicaa
  • 43 mins 😫😫 –Xoxjennyt
  • 50 min both natural –jona_and_twins

Time gaps between twins

  • 4 hours, to the exact minute. –teawhy_ty
  • 7 hours 30 minutes –chanelsheri
  • My 1st set 1hr and 15 mins apart. My 2nd set 1 minute apart 🥰🥰 –Mystartingfive
  • 6.5 hours. 4:33 am and 11:00 am. Both vaginally. -4shlawlor
  • 10 hours, born on separate days. Baby B was nice and comfy and did not want to come out after baby A was born. Both born vaginally. –paige.dinslage
  • 9 and 1/2 hours! Different days and different months! –sjvolek_hodge
How far apart were your twins born?
  • An hour and 12 mins apart. We had to turn B to head down because she refused to come out breached 😆 –Anniebraley
  • 6.5 hours –nadia_marie_
  • 2 full days. 10th and 12th January.😂😂 –lifeof_reilly_twinsplus1
  • 2 hours. Baby a came vaginally pushed for an hour with baby B who flipped breech when brother came out and then had to have an emergency c section ☹️ –byemmakelly
  • 7 hours! V+C-sec delivery and they have different birthdays. 🥴 –kbirger
  • 3 hours and 21 minutes. They have different birthdays. –saracydol
  • 1 hour and 3 minutes… almost was a c-section with a different birthday. Baby A born at 10:56. Baby B born at 11:59 with help from forceps. –L_st.jean
  • 2 hours & 28 minutes… True story. Baby A was born at 10:56 pm & comfy Baby B was born at 1:24 am. –Elissav
  • 2 hrs 53 min –Raylash
  • 1 hour and 48 minutes apart and born on separate days! Baby A was born at 22:46 on 03/27 and Baby B was born at 00:34 on 3/28! 😵‍💫 –Misslis511
  • 1 hour, the longest hour lol –Fendy2120
  • 8 hours –Blessedlopezmama
Some twins are born just minutes apart, practically on the same clock tick, while others might have a bit of a time gap.
  • 8 hours apart, 2 separate birthdays. Delivered both vaginally. –_kschaffner
  • 1 hr 31min 😓 –Nessnuts
  • 9.5 hours apart. Same day, thankfully! But we were only 30 minutes away from a new day AND a new year!!! So glad we didn’t have that happen honestly. –Mama.detwiler2019
  • 10 days and counting. Baby A at 23 weeks and Baby B is waiting for her moment! –Wingchunnadine
  • 5.5 hours apart- pushed for over 6 hours total! They have different birthdays too 🙃 –Rbasgil
  • 8 hours ⏳ –Zaintwinzz
  • 6 hours! I dodged a c-section by having the world’s most patient doc ever! –Meganhulquist
  • 6 hours 💙💙 –Pcilla88
  • 3 hours…, practically coughed out baby A (was on oxygen, so dry throat); doctors reached in and turned baby B, but he flipped back to breach when his sac broke, so C-section it was, but not an emergency they stated, so they took their sweet ass time 😫 –Greektwinados

It’s clear that how far apart your twins are born is as diverse as their personalities. While the average gap between twin births is around 15 minutes, the reality is far more intriguing. Some twins practically arrive hand in hand, while others take their time, maybe even enjoying a bit of a gap before making their debut. When it comes to twins, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” – and that’s what makes each twin story so wonderfully unique.

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