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Highlights of 2020: It Wasn’t All Bad, Was It?

Highlights of 2020: It Wasn’t All Bad, Was It?

Last updated on February 13th, 2024 at 10:52 am

What were some of your highlights of 2020? See what our fans say about the bright side of 2020 and how we will carry these highs with us into 2021.

In the year 2020, we have all been through it,  I am not one for making a New Year’s resolution, per se. But I do believe in reflection, which can often lead to goal-setting. And who isn’t down for some motivation as we head into 2021?

It might be easy to say we will take nothing good from 2020. For some of us, we can’t see any other way. And that’s okay. It is absolutely okay to be in a dark place. This year has done us all dirty.

But there have been some highlights for many of us. There have been some -dare I say- GOOD things that happened in 2020. It can’t all be bad. At least not all the time. And hey, if the best thing that happened to you all year was way back on January 3rd of 2020, it still counts!

We asked you, our Twiniversity fans what your highlights of 2020 were and as always, you delivered.

higlights of 2020 a masked woman taking a selfie with a group of masked children in front of a statue

Twiniversity Fans Highlights of 2020

“Unexpected extra time we were given with our kids.” Kim G.

“Spending time with my girls. Best gift of 2020!” Gina D.

“BOTH of my girls potty training simultaneously!!!” Twiniversity fan.

“Finding out I’m Pregnant with our 4th boy. Our twins will be 17 months old when he comes along!” Mel

“Becoming a mom to twin boys on 2/20/2020!” Jen O. 

“My husband is completing his architecture licensure exams.” Emily B.

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“Finding out I am pregnant and then finding out it is twins!” Emily B. 

“Having delivered my mono mono twins healthy at 34 weeks.” Twiniversity fan.

“My three toddlers have built an amazing relationship this year.” Twiniversity fan.

“I sewed over 600 masks. That was my biggest contribution to society for 2020.” Lauren O. -MoM Squad

“My father in law came to stay with us and quarantine together. Having him around with our young boys (4) has been a huge blessing and allows them to get to know him better. It also helps that we don’t have to hire outside help while we are in Zoom meetings for work all day!” Jenny S.

highlights of 2020 a woman smiling with 2 boys in a room with wrapping paper and the word JOY in glitter letters

“Made a new tradition of Operation Find Santa. This year Santa was in the garage (socially distant). At the beginning of the quarantine, I asked family and friends to sign up for virtual storytime with the twins. To date, they have read 60 books this way! Also, 2020 marks our first family protest!” Rasheena M. -MoM Squad

“My twins started occupational therapy and are already about done with it.” Twiniversity fan.

“My twins turned 1! We survived the first year!” Twiniversity fan.

“Getting pregnant with our twins!” Twiniversity fan.

“My boy/girl twins were born in August 2020!” Twiniversity fan.

“My twin boys being delivered safely and healthy even though they were 6 weeks early and had Severe IUGR.” Twiniversity fan.

highlights of 2020 a woman working out with a toddler on her back

“I found time for myself almost daily to workout. And had me time with my twinados “helping me” sometimes. Also learned my little guys have a love of yoga!” Jen R. -MoM Squad

“My twin B survived open heart surgery and is now recovering at home with her twin sister by her side. “ Kayla T.

“Welcoming our twin boys as babies 4 and 5! They complete our family!” Rose W.

“I’m happy I have twins during the pandemic. They have a built-in friend while we socially distance.” Dani M. 

“Working from home was tough but it was nice to be able to watch my twins go through stages I didn’t get to witness with my first baby when I returned to work.” Twiniversity fan.

highlights of 2020 3 kids standing in a desert

“Lots of hiking, game nights, movie days, and my twins getting their driver’s license. Getting tons of extra family time with my teens and pre-teen. Taking on a permanent, active role at Twiniversity and my husband getting a much better job!” Megan L. -MoM Squad

“Not having to go back to work and leave my 12 week old twins with the nanny while my husband and I are both working from home. We are very lucky and grateful to not miss this time with them.” Maureen T.

Finding out right before Thanksgiving we were pregnant with twins after our very first IVF attempt!” Twiniversity fan.

“We did a ton of walking and hiking as a family. We got to see some really cool animals and things in nature together.” Laura B. -MoM Squad

“Winning 2nd place out of 22 in our temple’s road rally fundraiser. It was the most fun we had all year!” Julie B. -MoM Squad

“Learning to bake and cook more with the kids. My twins (9) discovered they LOVE to bake and they each pick a recipe for a breakfast or dessert every week and have a bake-off. It’s fun to watch them challenge themselves and each other.” Stacey R.

highlights of 2020 a woman laughing

Funny Highlights of 2020

“I’ve learned I don’t really like people!” Lauren O.

“I’m living my best life. Changing from yoga pants to sweatpants, watching TV for 6 hours a day, painting my bedroom every 2 months, and baking every kind of bread known to man is everything I have been dreaming of for more than 30 years. I may never go back to pants again.” Tiffany R.

“I perfected a banana bread recipe that is now a staple. Even though I’m actually allergic to bananas!” Jen R.

“Getting adult braces. No one even knows I have them. 2020 was the perfect year to get them.” Tina T.

“Finally getting my quiet Thanksgiving without my inlaws!” Anonymous.

highlights of 2020 a kitchen with no counters

“I finally got my new kitchen island and countertops. My sink had to fall in the cabinet in the middle of the night to get it because our builder didn’t actually attach it to the countertop, but I finally got to justify my new counters and island!” Megan L. 

“Discovered my love for mimosas?” Laura B.

“My birthday party in January 2020. That’s about all I got. LOL” Julie B.

Tiger King. It is the gift that keeps on giving in memes and costumes. I binge-watched it in 2 days and now nothing measures up.” Maria G.

See, whether you would sum up this past year as a complete circus or not, there is always SOMETHING to look back and smile about, even if it’s just a party in January. Thinking back on the highlights of 2020 is a good way to ring in this strange new year. At home.

So, tell us, what were your highlights of 2020?

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