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Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins

Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 08:49 pm

When is being a twin mom the most fun? Halloween! The possibilities are endless when you have two littles (close to the same size) to be your Halloween mannequins! There is no better place to get Halloween costume inspiration than Hollywood. So many couples, duos, and twosomes to recreate! Check out our top picks for Hollywood inspired costumes for twins.

Moms of twins get to have twice the fun at Halloween because creating cute and clever twin costumes never gets old! I’m finding my costume inspiration from the City of Lights this year. Whether they are real-life famous couples or characters from movies and television shows, there is plenty of twinspiration to choose from.

These costumes will surely bring smiles to you and your twins’ faces, not to mention all who recognize them while out trick-or-treating. There is also a lot of opportunity to turn these into family costumes with the addition of more characters. Here is a list of fun, unique, and diverse Hollywood-inspired Halloween costumes for twins full of star power. Just watch out for the paparazzi!

Hollywood inspired costumes for twin girls

Taylor Swift “Eras Tour”

Taylor Swift is the Queen of Hollywood right now, and if you are looking for an adorable twin costume idea for your little girls, Taylor should be at the top of your list! Dress them as Taylor twinnies or in two different iconic Taylor looks; either way, you can’t lose! The hardest part of this costume? Deciding on what outfit to recreate….good luck.

Black Swan and White Swan

Although your twins probably haven’t seen Black Swan, they will love these costumes if they love to dress up like ballerinas (or princesses). Don’t read too much into the symbolism of the tale of the black swan. Just focus on the fact that no one can pull this costume off like twins! You can easily recreate them with leotards, shirts, leggings, and tutus. Use a hot glue gun to glue feather boas onto each costume for the full effect, and add a tiara.

Bring It On Clovers Cheerleaders

Clovers Cheerleader outfit
Photo Credit: @gabunion

Your twins could both be Clovers, or they could go with a Clovers vs. Toros theme, and each dress in a cheerleader outfit from two dueling cheerleading squads. If that is the case, make sure to hold a family-friendly cheer-off!

Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy

Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins
Photo Credit: Carrie Wildes

Your twin girls will love dressing up in vintage clothes like Lucy and Ethel. Especially if they are also partners in crime, snooping, scheming, and going on adventures together.

Eleven and Joyce from Stranger Things

Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins
Photo Credit: Tim White

Eleven’s pink dress and Joyce’s Christmas lights from season 1 of Stranger Things are iconic. I would add a shirt with the alphabet on it for Joyce so that she can properly communicate with the Upsidedown.

Annie and Halle from The Parent Trap (1998 Production)

Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins
Photo Credit: Montigne Hassett

With matching Camp Walden outfits, your twins will transform into Annie and Halle from The Parent Trap. You could even add the torn-up photo of their parents as a costume prop. This is the epitome of a Hollywood costume for twins!

Hollywood inspired costumes for boy/girl twins

David and Victoria Beckham

Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins
Photo Credit: Daily Record

While neither half of this couple is technically an actor, I still feel they are very “Hollywood.” We’re talking about 1/5th of the Spice Girls; this costume screams Hollywood! All you need is one twin in a soccer uniform- extra points if it says ‘Beckham,’ and the other in a black dress and celebrity-style large sunglasses (that is if it’s still light out while trick-or-treating, of course!).

Justin and Britney in denim

Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins
 Courtesy of Britney Spears/Instagram

Millennial moms will know just what I’m referring to with this costume. All you need is head-to-toe denim. One twin is in a denim dress, and the other is in a denim shirt and pants. Justin’s denim hat is the cherry on top of the denim cake! You might be able to get your twins on board if you show them some historical photos of the actual outfits. Not to mention, denim is making a comeback. Your tween twinnies might be begging for this costume!

Bruno (with rats) and Mirabel from Encanto

Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins
Photo Credit The Patricios Family

This famous duo is easy to recreate, and if it were me, I would glue some plastic rats all over Bruno.

The Little Rascals Alfalfa and Darla

Hollywood Inspired Costumes for Twins

This Hollywood inspired costume for twins will have you swooning! You can pull this together in a pinch! Grab a sailor-style dress and parasol for Darla. Get some suspenders and a bowtie, and don’t forget the cowlick for Alfalfa.

Beetle Juice and Lydia

hollywood inspired costumes for twins of Beetlejuice
Photo Credit:

A Hollywood duo from a classic movie! So many options with this famous twosome. Get a red dress and maroon suit or a black dress and black and white striped suit. Both kids want to be Beetlejuice? Great, do it! And if you need some motivation, just play ‘Jump in the Line (Shake, Shake Senora)’ to help get everyone into character!

Barbie and Ken

hollywood inspired costumes for twins of Ken and Barbie
Photo Courtesy of @chammagsaysay

These costumes are more relevant than ever with the new Barbie movie out in theaters. The best part is that your twins can be whatever version of Barbie and Ken they want— workout, doctor, western— they do it all!

Casper Meets Wendy

It must be obvious that I love nostalgic 90’s costumes, and this one brings me right back to 1998 with Hilary Duff!

Hollywood inspired costumes for boy twins

Up’s Carl and Russel (or Carl and Dug)

hollywood inspired costumes for twins

This Hollywood inspired costume for twins is from the animated film Up. I love nothing more than a little tyke dressed as an old person. You need an old man costume complete with a bowtie, square glasses, and a cane or walker with optional tennis balls on the bottom. The other twin can be Russel (the cub scout)or, if they prefer, Dug the dog. Don’t forget the balloons…you can not create an Up-inspired costume with balloons!

Peter Pan and his shadow

I love this take on a Peter Pan-themed costume! One twin wears a regular Peter Pan outfit, and the other is in head-to-toe black or a black version of the outfit. The best part about this costume is how the twins interact, pretending to be a person and their shadow.

Dwight and Michael from The Office

Hollywood inspired costumes for twins

If your twins are always up to no good, (and let’s be honest, which twins aren’t), then Michael and Dwight from The Office are the perfect costumes for them. Michael needs a blue suit jacket and tie, and Dwight needs his signature mustard shirt and glasses. Don’t forget to part Dwight’s hair down the middle!

Marty and Doc Brown from Back to the Future

Hollywood inspired costumes for twins

This is a fun Hollywood inspired costume for twins! A timeless movie for kids and adults alike. It’s so timeless, in fact, that my husband, who is 41 years old, still watches it every year on his birthday! Who can blame him, though? Easy enough to DIY; lab coat, yellow cleaning gloves, swim goggles and white wig for Doc and jeans, plaid shirt and red vest for Marty. If you really want the full effect, make sure the jeans are Calvin Klein.

Fred and George Weasley

Hollywood inspired costumes for twins
Photo Credit: Shawnna-Pomeroy-writeshawnna-Twitter.jpg

If you have an opportunity to dress your twins like twins, do it! Fred and George Weasley are Hollywood twin icons! Plus, this costume can be really simple to create! Red hair dye or red wigs and matching outfits (or robes if you prefer) and tah-duh…The Weasley Twins.

Wayne and Garth

Wayne and Garth, Hollywood inspired costumes for twins

It’s party time! With this Wayne’s World-inspired costume, your twinnies will be saying “Excellent” for the rest of the year! You probably have most of these items in your twins’ closet right now. Just get a hold of a black “Wayne’s World” hat, a pair of plastic frame glasses and a couple of wigs and you are ready for “Game on.”

If you are still on the hunt for that perfect twin Halloween costume and this list of Hollywood inspired costumes for twins didn’t inspire you, there may be no helping you! If you do decide on one of these costumes for your twins, we’d LOVE to see them, be sure to tag @twiniversity. Happy Halloween to you and your twinnies!

Maddison Ellison

Maddison Ellison is a mom to vibrant and mischievous twin toddler girls. She works as a nurse in the Denver metro area and enjoys getting outside with her twins, husband, and sheepadoodle, Rosie. Maddison is inspired by health, wellness, the magic of everyday life, and of course, coffee. 

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