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How Do I Deal With Twins Who Destroy Everything?

How Do I Deal With Twins Who Destroy Everything?

destroy everything

Last updated on October 31st, 2023 at 10:53 am

A MoM recently asked:

Do your twins destroy everything in the house? Or is it just my twinados? My newly renovated kitchen looks like a meth lab now. How do other MoMs deal with it?

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

When leaving on vacation we decided to leave the house as is. If a burglar had come to our house, the would think they were too late. It always looks ransacked!


Complete and total destruction. Had to stage our house when selling it and we kept every room closed off and left the house all day every day pretty much. It’s the only way to keep the house clean.

∼ JK

My twins needed LOTS of outside time to run around, climb, dig, play so they wouldn’t destroy everything in the house. When they start getting rowdy inside, OUT we would go. We went on a lot of walks, trips to the park, etc. Teach them to pick up what they are finished playing with. They don’t come knowing the rules of life, they need to be taught. If they are playing with trucks and want to play with the play kitchen, they need to put the truck away. 

∼ NL

I couldn’t deal with them destroying everything, so I blocked off the kitchen and keep all other doors closed. Chaos is minimized this way. 

∼ EB

Yes, I call one of mine a living Texas tornado! One just likes to pull everything out, the other just straight like to destroy everything she touches. They’re 16 months old! 

∼ CV
destroy everyhting

No. Very seldom do they destroy everything. They are 4 and have known from early on that you can only have out a few different toys at once when you want to move on you put up some first. They play and have fun, I just can’t function in chaos. 


We made all the Tupperware in the kitchen the sacrificial lamb. The kids tear through it, but much of the rest of the kitchen is left untouched. 

∼ WB

Yes. We have resorted to moving most toys into the basement so they do not destroy everything in the house. They can only have a few toys upstairs, then we go toy shopping in the basement. But they have to exchange the toys they have upstairs. This is the only way I stay sane. We also have a toy pick up time at the end of the day and the few toys that are in our main living area are confined to the family room. As are our 2-year-old twins. Fencing them in helps too. Then the destruction is limited to one room! 

∼ KC

I was a complete neat-freak before my twins. I swore I would never be that mom who let their kids have crap everywhere but you learn really quickly that what you planned to be isn’t always the way they turn out to be. 

∼ DP

My twins destroy everything all day long! They turn 2 this month. I run around after them all day cleaning up messes and spills and trying to keep them from breaking stuff. 

∼ KB

We called mine were team demolition. They finally stopped being insane destructive around 3-4 years old. 

∼ KH

Our twins can take down an entire house in less than 20 mins and they are only 14 months. 

∼ SA
destroy everything

Utter mass destruction in every room in my house. 


Mine aren’t nicknamed Hurricane & Tornado for nothing. 


I should have had furniture covers on our baby registry! 

∼ RM

It’s non-stop complete seek and destroy! I always think my house looks like a crack house, stuff everywhere. Then I get anxious until it’s clean. 

∼ RJ

Yes, I will clean one room and go to move to another and that clean room is no longer. It’s a never-ending battle.

∼ LD

Yes. We call our boys terrorists! 

∼ JL

You are not alone. They have no bedroom furniture. They sleep on twin mattresses on the floor (no other furniture in their room). And all of the non-essentials are in bins. You are not alone! 

∼ AS

From the moment they wake, until they’re in bed they love to destroy everything. 

∼ MD

I’m waiting for my house to be condemned. 

∼ KM
destroy everything

Thank God I’m not the only one! 


Our twins names are Tim and Tom, otherwise known as TNT! 

∼ TP

My twins are 4 years old and there is no stopping them. The house constantly looks like it’s been ransacked by robbers. 

∼ SK

It is not just you, I refer to mine as the twin tornadoes of terror. I have twin 3 yr old boys that can definitely join this list! You’re definitely NOT alone with this one! 

∼ AO

All day, every day they destroy everything. The struggle is REAL! 

∼ VM

It’s a never-ending story with my twins and how they destroy everything in the house. 


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