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The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Ideas for Working From Home with Twins

Ideas for Working From Home with Twins

Juggling two kids and a career from home is no easy feat! But for some families of multiples, it is a must (2 infants + Daycare = arm and leg from both parents)! Luckily, now more than ever before, working from home is widely available; as of September 2021, 44 million Americans were working from home (Did we just find a bright side to 2020??). It’s no surprise that one of the most common questions we get asked is “What are some tips for working from home with twins?”

MoM working from home with her twins by her side.
Working from home with twins is hard, but completely doable.

So, when a MoM reached out and asked: “I need ideas to make an income while having my 8-month-olds with me at home. Don’t have the space to nanny another child in my home and I tried working at a daycare and it was a HORRIBLE experience. I’d love any ideas besides being a nanny and daycares. Please give me great companies to work for, and side hustles ideas, and please be specific. Thank you.” We reached out to the fabulous Twiniversity community for help. Read all the advice, tips, and job recommendations from MoMs that have been there, done that!

Ideas for Working from Home with Twins

  • I tutored math when my kids were little. It was a struggle to manage time, but it was a great escape from everyday life. That said, 8 months to 2 years is a tough time, especially with twins. Not sure what your husband does, but finding something to do a few hours a night outside of the home will probably help your sanity. –yesimtheirmom
  • I started this account with my singleton and grew it with my twins. Sharing our easy, doable at-home crafts, activities, sensory, and STEM play ideas. It turned from just me sharing ideas into a full-time business. Could you turn your hobby into a business? –happytoddlerplaytime
Ideas for Working From Home with Twins

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  • I became an independent travel agent! It allows me to be a SAHM and it’s totally flexible around my babies’ schedule. I generate a second income for my family plus I also save up to 80% on hotels and resorts for our own personal use! –jadeticer_twinmama
  • Fully remote data entry jobs. Yes, it’s boring, BUT they are fully remote, with few (if any!) meetings. They just want the job done and don’t care when (before they wake up, during naps, or after they go down). You will need Costco amounts of coffee to work 2 full-time jobs (this and kids) but they often pay well and seems like just what you need. –amandamccarthysf
A dad working from home while feeding one of his kids
Data entry jobs are boring, but are fully remote so you can work at home with your kids home too.
  • I have a side hustle that brings in some helpful money for my family while I’m at home. I have six kids and three of them are still home including a newborn. I sell makeup and create cool content on Insta to help women. –virginiapriceofficial

More Recommendations

  • I work in IT from home and have a babysitter watch my boys. It’s the best of both worlds. I recommend learning how to code. Pays well and has lots of opportunities. –caraburbx2
  • I don’t do this but look into VIPKid. It’s teaching English to Chinese-speaking students so you can do it in the evenings after the kids are asleep. –rachel__weaver
  • I’m 35 weeks pregnant with twins, and a full-time Designer. But on the side, I’m a Beachbody Coach. Coaching was my full-time job during covid (I was laid off at the beginning of the pandemic). Coaching really saved my family financially, and since it’s from home, I was able to deal with the inconsistencies in school schedules. I’ve been doing it for 4 years and I’ve met so many amazing mom friends through Beachbody. All I do is focus on my own health and fitness journey, and share and connect on social media. It’s become my passion, and now I can pass down healthy habits to my daughter and our twins who will be here any day now. –mrs_kdubbs
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  • I worked at home prior to my twins, who are now 8. Insurance companies have work-from-home jobs but you are at a desk for 8 hours a day. Good luck! –marisoldejesus02
  • Check out “The Mom Project”. They are a website that has a number of mom-friendly jobs for companies that value the need for flexibility, etc. Some part-time, full-time, and contract. –ashbcarone
  • Definitely brand ambassador for something you find useful and are interested in. I am a brand ambassador for Keenz stroller wagons, for example, and love it. I earn a small commission each time someone uses my discount code. –indy_twin_mom_with_a_keenz
  • WAH Job Queen posts almost daily on FaceBook with wfh job openings! –stelamorton

Even More Work From Home Ideas

  • When I was in college, I taught myself graphic design via YouTube on my crappy little $500 laptop. In the last 10 years, I have continued to learn independently and through Google/YouTube, I now make $30-40k a year doing this business on the side. I do it evenings and weekends after my kids are in bed or early mornings before they wake! –brittraemartin
  • Possibly you could do something asynchronous and part-time in the evening hours (virtual assistant?). I’d encourage you to also try another daycare. We’ve learned in the past year that they have huge variations and one bad owner can make things miserable for everyone. Good luck. –rbk_hubbard
Work from home mom sitting on her bed with her twins coloring
Keep expectations realistic and manageable when working from home with twins.
  • Here are a couple of ideas. Tupperware! I was three generations in it but no longer sell it as I am now a photographer. But I do like that they have been around for over 75 years and even just consultants can make money and earn bonuses. I did in-home and FB parties, but in the end, I just focused on FB parties since I was basically having the same size parties without the drinking and such. –
  • What is your skill set? You could do property management for a small place, collect rent, deal with setting up repairs, leases, etc. Accounting for a smallish company, medical coding, real estate agent (if you’re willing to have someone watch your kids when you have showings…This would need to be very part-time to make it work).-twinmoemmy_smbc
  • Please just beware of MLMs (multi-level-marketing). They love to prey on SAHM, and it’s proven that only the upper tier will actually make money. Do your research before buying in. Much ❤️ to you! –littlesuzm

Job Ideas to Work From Home with Twins

  • I’m a single mom and have no choice but to work from home with my kids. I do remote medical billing/coding which is something you can get certified for online in a few months. There are tons of companies that hire part-time and contract positions as well. Working from home with my kids isn’t ideal, but with twins and my single income not being enough to cover childcare but also being too much to qualify for assistance, I make it work. 😕 –jaxandpark
A mom working from home with her infant on her lap
When your twins are infants, you will have to work around their schedule.
  • When my twins were babies, up until preschool age, I worked from home but only part-time. I worked for a Chinese company in product development and customer service so answering and returning calls during the day, tons of customer emails, Facebook messenger, and more emails at night. It was not easy at all, especially in 2020 with the older kids’ remote learning. It was very stressful. –mrskluck
  • I started selling children’s books from home when my twins were 1 year old. A double bonus because we get soooo many free books for them too!! –twins_ontherun
  • Transcription. I work 25 hours a week and have twins. It’s very flexible and I can work around my kids so I do a lot of my work at night. I’m exhausted but it is possible. –lani_vaughan_
  • Insurance companies, telemarketing, call center. Some small companies are looking for administrative help…This can also be done from home. –adnamadiaaz
  • Freelance work is amazing!! There are so many opportunities. Check out Full Thrive Freelancers by Lisa Cumes on YouTube and her FB group. I wouldn’t have the success I do today without her. –samantha_montalbano
  • I’ve had a side hustle with @doterra for many years. When my twins were 8 months old, I was hustling during nap times and in between. I would do IG lives to educate people with twin one on my lap while the other played –robynpineault

For more ideas check out How to Make Money While Staying Home with the Twins

Ideas for working from home with twins
Working from home while taking care of children

Work From Home-ish Jobs (Kids come along)

  • Instacart, Doordash, or Uber eats. Any shopping/delivery service. You can make $15-25/hr. Do it while your husband is home to watch the babies or take them shopping with you. –khaugeberg
  • Be a mystery shopper. Some mystery shopper jobs specifically require that you have a kid with you during the shop. Kids can also help you blend in while shopping. -anonymous
  • Spark Driver for Walmart (This one isn’t at home but it is on your own time.) You and your hubby can decide what works for you. My friend only works 2-3 evenings each week and she brings home around $700 a week. –

Tips for Working from Home with twin infants:

Be flexible with your schedule

When your twins are under the age of 6 months, you are at their mercy. They are going to tell you when they want to wake up when they want to eat, sleep, and when they need to be changed. Let your little one lead the way, there is no fighting it. Get used to their schedule and adapt yours. And remember at this age, your babies’ needs come first.

Take Naps

A work from home mom with twins is having a quick nap on the couch
Take a 20-minute power nap while your twins are napping to give yourself a little boost in energy

It will be very easy to feel like you must work as much as you can while your babies sleep, but if you are not well rested (and you will not be, you will most likely still be waking 2 or more times a night to feed the twinnies) your work, your health and the well-being of your children will suffer. You will be amazed how much a 20-minute power nap can help you feel like you have a little extra in the tank.

Utilize technology

Can’t seem to find the use of both hands at the same time unless it’s for feeding, burping, and changing two babies? If your job means lots of typing, you might want to try dictation. Think, “Hey Alexa” but for work purposes! This could be a real help for both you and your babies.

“I have a side hustle that I’ve been doing for 3 years! My twins are 1 and I have a 3-year-old. I work during nap times, get up early, and after the kids go to bed. I’m busy, but it’s allowed us the financial freedom to not feel strapped in this economy with only one working parent.” – stephanieloglisci

Tips for working from home with twin toddlers

Create a routine

As your child gets bigger, you will want to create a routine for your day (and your children’s day). Having a regular schedule can help you keep your sanity and make sure that your children are getting enough sleep and attention. Make sure to include regular playtime, naps, meals, and any other activities that your children enjoy.

Ideas for Working From Home with Twins

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Start with the “Must Do” or more Challenging Tasks

Start off each day by tackling the more difficult and time-consuming tasks that require more focus and attention. This will help you build up momentum and get the most out of your day. Additionally, it will also help you avoid procrastinating on the more difficult tasks which can often lead to frustration and lower productivity. Once you’ve completed these harder tasks, you can move on to easier tasks that don’t require as much concentration or focus. This will help you stay productive and allow you to spend quality time with your children when needed.

Manage your Expectations

Making good enough okay is an important mindset to have when working from home with twins. This means that you need to accept that while your work may not always be perfect, it will still get done and done well to best of your abilities. It is important to set realistic expectations and manage your time efficiently to ensure that both your family and work life are balanced.

Work from home moms playing with their infant on the floor
A good work/life balance is even more important when working from home.

Working from home with twins is definitely doable, but it requires planning and organization. With two infants/toddlers in the house, you will need to adjust your work schedule to accommodate their needs. It is important to create a realistic work-life balance that works for both you and your babies to be successful at working from home with twins.

*Question was posted on the Twiniversity Instagram page on October 9, 2022
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