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How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Twins

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Twins

Make Valentine's Day Special for your twins

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the air becomes infused with love! This Valentine’s Day, make it an extraordinary occasion by forging everlasting memories with your twinnies. Check out these easy (and cheap) ideas and thoughtful gestures on how to make Valentine’s Day special for your twins!

Valentine’s Day is that one day when someone goes above and beyond to tell you they really, really, really love you. It can make you feel unique and special. And the best part is it’s not just about passionate relationship love; it’s also about friendship, love of family, and parental love! Valentine’s Day love has no limit.

So, when you have twins, how do you make it special and unique for each twin? They are their own unique persons with their own unique traits. Psychology Today suggests that “each child’s special qualities be identified and developed.” And there is no better time to embrace this than on Valentine’s Day. Here are some fun ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your twins.

Heart Notes

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Twins
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Modern Honey had some fun ideas, and I really liked this one. Grab those ready-made hearts from your go-to craft store—Hobby Lobby, Michaels, you pick. Stick an envelope with each kiddo’s name on the back. Jot down something special for each twin, you know, what makes them cool. String the hearts up and let them dangle from the ceiling for all to see! Plus, you’ve just saved yourself some decorating time! Festive decor and personalized notes, all in one. Easy peasy, right?

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Baking/Cooking Together

Heart pizza

They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but I think it’s safe to include children in the group, too! Plus, nothing brings family together like spending time in the kitchen. Some of my favorite memories with my mom and grandma are in the kitchen. That’s one of those special times when you are alone and can ask them questions and just have a real conversation with your kids.  Don’t believe me?  Taste of Home said it best.  “When your kids’ hands are busy with a task, they’re more likely to start chatting and sharing what they’re thinking, too.” It’s no wonder my parents and grandparents loved a good chat when I joined them in the kitchen.

Cooking together is a great way to make Valentine's Day special for your twins

Cooking together doesn’t have to be complicated. Buy pre-made sugar cookie dough or pizza dough and have a build-your-own night. Or combo them and make dessert pizza! Now there’s an idea!

Arts and Craft

Do you have craft-loving kids? Well, there is no better time than Valentine’s Day to get your crafting on! Bring out the creative side of your twinnies and watch as their minds and hands are at work! Create something from scratch, or grab a craft kit! No matter what, doing crafts with your littles is a sure way to make Valentine’s Day special for your twins.

Here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day Crafts:

Diamond Suncatcher Art Wind Chime

6 Pack Valentine's Day Heart Arts Crafts Gem Diamond Suncatcher Art Wind Chime Crafts for Kids DIY Valentines Diamond Painting Wind Chime Gifts for Girls Boys for Home School Birthday Party Decoration

This Valentine’s Day gem diamond suncatcher wind chime set includes 6 pre-printed heart window designs, 6 color guides, a sheet of glue point, 28 wind chime tubes, and 19 sheets of gem stickers. Grab your Valentine’s Day heart gem diamond suncatcher wind chime crafts kit here, and get crafting with your twinnies!

Valentine’s Day Wooden Magnet Painting Craft

JOYIN 12Pcs Valentines Day Wooden Magnet Painting Craft Tools for Kids Paint Your Own Wood Magnets for Kids 4-8 Creativity Arts & Crafts Painting Tools Birthday Parties, Family Crafts Classroom Prize

This make-your-own magnet Valentine’s Day set provides fun and entertainment for kids of all ages! It includes 12 wood magnets, a paint palette, a brush, glitter glue, and an instruction sheet. Grab one here!

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Valentine’s Day Handprint Fun

I Love You Handprint

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Twins
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This is a fun idea. Trace your twinnie’s hands and help them cut it out. Bend the two middle fingers over into the plam and glue. This makes the sign for “I love you.”  Add some hearts or color on some fun fingernails, maybe even leave a little hidden note inside…just have fun with this “I love you” card.

Layered Family Handprint

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Twins
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Grab some craft paper and three (or four) different color paints and make this fun layered family handprint with your twinnies this Valentine’s Day. The biggest hand goes first, then you’ll continue to layer the handprints based on size, ending with the smallest on top. Create one with the whole family, and then make one with just dad, mom, and one twin (each twin gets their own layered print with just their handprint with mom and dad’s handprint). This gives your twinnies a chance to create some individual Valentine’s Day memories that they can display for years to come.

For more Valentine’s Day Crafts, check out Valentine’s Day Decorations to Make With Kids

Floating Notes

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Twins
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I love this idea from Fabulously Frugal. Similar to the heart notes above, this one takes some ninja skills.  Sneak into your kids’ room and release your helium-filled balloons above their bed. At the end of each balloon, you’ll have a handwritten heart note and maybe a little something sweet for them to read and eat. Imagine their faces when they wake up in the morning to see your floating surprise!

Cupid Ding Dong Ditch

This one is particularly close to my heart, this is how my parents made Valentine’s Day special for me and my siblings. Grab your twins’ favorite snack and drink, a heart balloon, and a gift bag. Place the goodies in the bag, tie the balloon to the gift bag, and put on some good running shoes! Sneak outside, drop the goodie-filled bags on the porch, ring the doorbell, and RUN! Now, with current technology, this isn’t as easy as it was in the 1980s, but I still LOVE the nostalgia of it. Give it a try; maybe afterward, you sit together and watch the Ring Doorbell footage of you trying for a fast getaway and make some even more Valentine’s Day memories together!

How to make Valentine's Day special for your kids

So, there you have it! Making Valentine’s Day awesome for your twins is all about crafting moments that stick. Whether you’re stringing up cute notes or diving into hands-on fun, it’s about embracing the cool connection your twins share. Let the day be a mix of love, creativity, and good vibes. This Valentine’s Day, enjoy the ride of having not one but two special valentines and make every moment a part of your family’s awesome love story.

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is the proud mom of twin cyclones Zach and Carter (20-month-old).  Every day in the Miller house, you’ll find rooms turned over, floors covered in bits of Lego and puzzle pieces (mind your step), and the sound of “Brown Bear Brown Bear” read over and over, and over again.  You’ll typically find her being used as the seat to reading time for the two bookworms, covered in bubble solution as they try to excel in their Bubble Wand skills, or being the voice to command Alexa for their favorite tunes.  She and her husband are working on their traveling skills cause she can’t wait to show them the amazing world that is out there for them.

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