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Why Every Twin Family Should Invest in a Single Stroller

Why Every Twin Family Should Invest in a Single Stroller

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024 at 06:31 pm

Twin families are always looking for ways to make life a little bit easier! Having a single stroller for your twins might do the trick! Keep reading to discover all the pros of having a single stroller for double kids! Plus, enter to win TWO Ergobaby Metro+ Single Strollers for your family! Giveaway ends 04/21/24.

Twins and the word DOUBLE are synonymous. This is no different when considering the type of stroller you will need for your twins. Two babies means you will need a double stroller, right? But maybe you should be considering a single stroller.

It sounds strange, I know! Why would anyone with TWO babies buy a stroller that only fits one? Keep reading because we’ve got some really good reasons why you should consider a single stroller.

Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller

Why a single stroller works for a twin family

Wearing one

When you’re out and about alone with your twins, wearing one in a carrier while the other is in a single stroller can be a lifesaver. Managing two babies but only one stroller can feel more manageable, especially in busy or tight spaces.

Singleton Activities 

When you only need to bring one twin along, using a single stroller is ideal. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and allows you to navigate through tight spaces with ease. This can be particularly helpful during doctor visits, where you might need to move quickly or negotiate narrow hallways. Having a single stroller for the “singleton” occasions will make your outings much easier and more manageable.

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Divide and Conquer 

Using two single strollers when you and your spouse are out together with your twins is a smart move. It gives each of you the freedom to handle one stroller, making it easier to navigate crowded places and attend to each twin’s needs. It also allows parents to divide and conquer errands and tasks, making everyday outings more manageable. Dividing tasks this way can be less overwhelming for each parent, as they can focus on one child’s needs at a time, making outings with twins smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

Okay, now that you are thinking about all the benefits of a single stroller for your “double” children, let me introduce you to the Ergobaby Metro+ single stroller

Ergobaby Metro+ Single Stroller

The Ergobaby Metro+ stroller offers the convenience and flexibility that singleton families experience daily: versatility, convenience, and just less stuff!

Four features that make the Ergobaby Metro+ a must-have single stroller:


The Ergobaby Metro+ is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it perfect for quick outings with just one of your twins. Whether you’re running errands or taking one twin for a check-up, having a single stroller allows you to easily navigate tight spaces and crowded areas without the bulk of a double stroller.


Traveling with twins can be challenging, but the Ergobaby Metro+ makes it easier. Its compact size and easy compact fold make it ideal for travel. You can easily stow it in the trunk of your car or carry it onto a plane and stow it in the overhead bins. The Metro+ weighs only 16.9 lbs, so getting it into the overhead bin will not be a problem!

The Ergobaby Metro+ is a very compact stroller


Sometimes, a double stroller may be too bulky or cumbersome to use. A single stroller like the Ergobaby Metro+ allows you to grab and go quickly when you’re in a hurry or only need to take one child out. It’s also great for situations where a double stroller might be impractical, such as navigating through crowded spaces or public transportation.


The Ergobaby Metro+ is designed with your twins’ comfort in mind. It features a near-flat recline, adjustable leg rest, extra-padded seat, and large, shock-absorbing tires for a smooth ride. The Metro+ was also designed with parental comfort in mind. It has an adjustable handlebar and one-hand fold and can be used from day one. It continues to grow with your twins through 4 years of age. 

Ergobaby Metro+ stroller


If these features aren’t enough, the Metro+ also has some great accessories (for additional purchase). Grab a cup holder or two and car seat adaptors (compatible with select Cybex®, Nuna®, BeSafe®, or Maxi Cosi® Group 0/0+ Infant Car Seats). When the twins get bigger, attach the ride-along board, and both twins get to “ride.” Check out all the available accessories here

Real MoM Review

We were given the opportunity to test out the Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller and asked one of our twin MoM squad members to try it out and give us her honest opinion. Emilee, a mom of twins plus one, had this to say about the Metro+ Stroller:

Ergobaby Metro+

”After opening the box, I was shocked there was absolutely no assembly. I was also surprised at how compact it was; it was very small, lightweight, and easy to carry when folded. It’s also easy to fold, which makes it convenient for a baby. I can even do it one-handed while holding my baby! Unfolding took me a few tries, but once I got that figured out, it was smooth. The handlebar is also adjustable, so I don’t feel like I’m reaching down like other strollers. The fabric is soft and breathable. I love the extra padding for him. Another huge win is that the cover is machine washable. Always a plus. The harness was easy to clip and unclip. I knew my baby was safe and secure. I love that the stroller reclines almost flat so my baby can nap comfortably. It’s easy to adjust as well. 

The overall design is awesome. It’s the perfect get-up-and-go stroller, and I think it’s great for everyday adventures or traveling on a plane. It’s very smooth and easy to use. It’s exciting that there are so many accessories you can add! I can’t wait to try out the cup holder and support bar. I would definitely purchase this stroller again and suggest it to any mom friend who needs an easy-to-use super compact stroller.” 

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If you haven’t considered a single stroller for your twins, we highly recommend it. Investing in a single stroller like the Ergobaby Metro+ just makes sense. Its versatility, travel-friendliness, convenience, comfort, and value make it a smart choice for twin families.

For more information and specs on the Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller, visit

Now that you’ve got all the info on the Ergobaby Metro+ Single Stroller, you get the chance to make it yours! Thanks to our friends at Ergobaby, you can win TWO (’cause, you know, TWINS) Ergobaby Metro+ Single Strollers! Complete the form below to enter. The giveaway ends on 04/21/24.

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