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Taking Twins Out Solo

Taking Twins Out Solo

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 11:33 am

Summer is here, and if you are anything like me, you can’t wait to get outside in the sun. But if you became a twin parent over the winter, you might be hesitant to get out there, especially alone! So when a fellow MoM asked about taking twins out solo, we went right to the experts: YOU. Check out what the Twiniversity community had to say.

A MoM Recently Asked:

“Can you explain when you felt comfortable taking your twins out alone? I’m worried about feeding and changing while I’m out.”

Here’s What Our Twiniversity Fans Had to Say:

I think it was around 6 months, but the outings were short, mostly just walking around Target. Then, around 18 months, we started taking rec center classes, which were about 45 minutes long, twice a week, or going to story time at the libraries. I do believe starting early and getting them used to going out is so important not only for your own mental health but also to get them into the routine of only one parent taking them out. By around age 2, my girls were easy to take out by myself. They always knew to hold the shopping cart if they weren’t inside. They knew to go in/come out of one car door…we had a system. I highly recommend starting early.


I think after about 4 weeks? When I could walk again. I just built it up. First, a small walk, a longer walk during their nap, then a coffee to-go, a coffee in an actual cafe, etc. I felt it was much easier than I thought it would be! I was scared of twin crying babies, etc., but with some good planning as to when I went out (around nap, after a diaper change, etc), honestly, it was pretty easy! It was so good to feel in control, at least for me. When I was able to do that, I felt I could handle them anywhere, alone at any time. Good luck!! And just built up. You’ll get there!!

taking twins out solo

I did short excursions early (like a walk, no changing needed). I’m still hesitant to be in a store and have the need to change them both by myself in a public bathroom. Too cold here for the back of my Jeep, but outside is easier in my mind/experience. My boys are 9 months.


I went out for the first time by myself with my 6-month-old babies to meet up with some friends. They were well aware of my situation and were more than accommodating when it came to meeting me out, helping me assemble the pram, and offering the babies lots of cuddles so I could sit down and have dinner with them. I haven’t run an errand with both alone yet, but I definitely do feel more confident now, knowing the babies were so settled during the entire dinner with friends (which was a couple of hours long). My advice would be to be over-prepared in case of the worst-case scenario (I overpack my baby bag just for extra reassurance that I will be okay when I’m out) and to be very open to improvising (yesterday was the first time ever I completely forgot to put the bottles into the baby bag as I was in a rush to get to the airport. I had to stop by the convenience store to buy bottles and baby food and had to get a spoon from a takeaway store at the airport). My biggest take is that mom life is about preparation. However, be totally okay if you didn’t prepare well enough. Just make do with what you have available to you and improvise!!!!! Every day will be unpredictable. Do your best, and don’t be hard on yourself. 🤞🏽🤍


What Is the Best Age for Taking Twins Out Solo?

Been taking my boys out alone since they were just a few months old, and even a walk in the park is still never a walk in the park with two. It’s a stressful and relentless experience that’s the opposite of relaxing. I keep looking forward to an age of some normalcy, but it hasn’t arrived. Not even close.


I took them out on my own right away, but they are my third and fourth babies, and I felt very comfortable with it. If they were my first babies, it probably would have taken me a while.


4 months with a 2-year-old also! We did an extremely long lockdown with my singleton, so I was so ready to get out of the house. 😜

Taking Twins Out Solo

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Oh lord…There is no right time. I am finally finding it easier, and they’re almost 5. Be kind to yourself and find places that are kid-friendly. We live in a big city, and grocery stores inexplicably had no double carts, so I changed stores to places with them. Honestly, it’s freaking hard, especially with all the germs out there today. So, if you can test the waters with one at a time, do it. If you find places that are double stroller friendly, frequent them. If you feel overwhelmed by it all, take it easy. The best parenting advice I’ve ever learned is that a happy mom makes happy children. Take care of yourself. Your twinnies will be ok as long as they’re loved, fed, and sheltered. The outings are for your sanity!


Get yourself out and comfortable ASAP. It will be worth it and your sanity from time to time. Go places that you already know and feel comfortable with. Go to places nearby. Places where you can walk around easily with a stroller and have space to feed, etc. Try and go with friends/relatives who can assist with feeds, etc. If worst comes to worst, I would change the nappy in the carrycot of the pushchair with a sheet down covering the pushchair bedding or on the nappy changing mat on the grass. Use a nappy changing bag to help support the baby if tandem feeding. Most of my earlier outings were walks and coffee shops with an outdoor seating area. Ideal for spring/summer.


I took mine out fairly quickly, within a couple of months. It was nice because they truly do sleep a large chunk of time, so I fed, left immediately, and tried to do everything in the time before their next feed. I always traveled with stuff for an additional feed and planned what that may look like in case.


A Solo Trip with Twins

Alone? Not until they were maybe 3 years old. It was Target and they couldn’t believe all the toys on the shelves. 😂 They’re 5 now, and it still stresses me 😓


My husband deployed when they were 4mo. We had just moved to another base a couple of weeks earlier. He came back when they were about 18mo. It was hard. I didn’t sleep many consecutive hours until after they were sleep trained. We made it thru a week-long ICU admission for B, multiple illnesses from daycare, all while I worked. Building up a strong support system is the best advice I can give. They’ll have your back when you need to have a mommy meltdown, listen when you need to vent, help you learn to wrangle your kids when they’re being twinados in public… all the twin things.


I think around 6 weeks. I started small with a walk to a new local coffee shop. Grabbed a coffee and drank it outside the shop with the girls sleeping in their stroller, and felt like I’d conquered Everest!


I took them out at 5 weeks. Short outing to my CrossFit gym but worth it


Mine are almost 5 years old, and I just got comfortable. 😂


About a month, only went to the store for an hour or two with their stroller and it was only five minutes from home. Went with the mentality that “if we have to go home, we have to go home🤷🏻‍♀️” they eat fine in their car seat and don’t mind noise bc we took them out early. We wear them or use car seat covers so people don’t touch them.


Rip off the Bandaid, and Get Out There!

This is a hard question. My twins are now 2, and I still rarely take them out alone. I do, but not too frequently. Partly because I had an almost 2-year-old when they were born so the 3 under 2, 3 under 3, and now 3 age 4 and under (all boys) is sometimes a recipe for disaster. I remember one time at the playground, my 2.5 year old ran off when I was attending to the twins, and I was running around with the stroller trying to find him in the park. Luckily a nice older couple had seen him with us and helped me locate him. But I did get the Zoe triple stroller and would take them to the farmers market and stuff alone. It was also pre-vaccine Covid when mine were born, and California was pretty locked down at first. But I will say that my older one, who was born in NYC and was out and about all the time, was just so much easier and still easier to take places than my twins and I think it is the exposure thing. So get them out and about. You have to rip the band-aid so to speak and just dive in.


Just do it. It’s tough at first, but start small. As you gain confidence, you’ll be able to take them all over by yourself!


Alone? Not till they could sit up on their own, and I usually would try to time it in between meals so feedings didn’t have to be out in public.


Don’t feel bad for keeping your babies strictly at home for the first 3 months.


Mine will be 2 next month and I’m still not comfortable 😂


By 4 months, I was taking them for walks in strollers & to the park daily. But it took me forever to feel comfortable taking them in the car by myself lol. Probably 16 months before that happened.


Around 4 months when we started getting into more of a routine with the feeding schedules, I knew I had a quick 2-3 hour window to get a quick errand done, which was a lot of target trips (5 mins away from home) lol

Mom changing her babies before taking twins out solo.
Feed and change them before you take your twins out solo.

Feed and change them at home. Then you’ll know how much time you have before their next feed. My twins are 6 months, and we can only go out for a 20min walk.


2 weeks, we went to Target. I was going stir-crazy…I wasn’t even supposed to lift the stroller, which is why it took a year for my c section to heal.


Hubby went away for the weekend when the twins were a few months old, so I decided to brave Marshall’s on my own with them. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Just make sure that as they grow, you have rules appropriate for their age to maintain your sanity.


The Earlier the Better

One month old. I HAD to get out of the house. It was refreshing for myself and my twins to be in the fresh air, strolling around town. Have a well-packed diaper bag, and get out! You will build confidence. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need to get in and out of shops, etc. People are kind and love seeing baby twins.


Babies are 3 months old and I still haven’t gone out alone with them…. Unless you count walks around the neighborhood


Probably 4-6 weeks. I had a 3yo so I just wanted to leave, so for me going to church was an easy way to get out. Practice for the rest of life.


I started right at the beginning! The earlier and more often we could get out, the better I felt mentally.


I started quickly, as my husband was working & knew I would go crazy just at home. Target is a great one!!! Some days I would just go there to get a Starbucks and walk around!

taking twins out solo

I went out with mine as soon as we got out of the NICU, so around 3 weeks. I took them to the park, to lunch, etc. it got harder as they got older bc they didn’t sleep as much, but I had the routine down.


From the very beginning. I had another child to get to and from school and life has to carry on.


I had my girls out at a week old for their older brother’s gymnastics. It’s a lot, just be prepared to take up a lot of space wherever you go and accept help if someone is offering.


Never. Jk I’m only 2 months in and I try to time it for when they JUST FINISHED eating so I have a window.


It’s Common to Have Anxiety About Taking Your Twins Out Solo!

I remember this feeling! Little and often, to the local shops, around the block. That’s how I started. My twins are 2 and I just walked them around b&q on my own (with harnesses on), but that in itself was a blimmin’ achievement! Not without that touch of anxiety either.


My twins are just over a year and I’m scared to bring them out alone lol it’s too much!


4 months. To the drs and the hospital. It was a lot and I do not recommend it if you don’t have to do it. You can do hard things, but if there’s help, take it.


A few weeks old. As soon as they were fed I would put them in the pushchair and go out but be back in time for the next feed/change. 6 months old now and I’d have no worries being out all day with them. Just bottle feed in their pushchair or car seats.


My girls are almost three, and I still don’t go out in public with my girls. I’m paranoid about kidnapping. Even though we live in a safe area

first year with twins

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I was able to fit my tandem feeding cushion in the bottom of my buggy, plus took a portable change mat I used outdoors. I started going out 2 weeks after we got home. They slept best in the buggy (before I was able to start driving again) so we spent as much time as possible out. My first outing was by bus to my local breastfeeding group and those women gave me the confidence to keep going out, the best thing I ever did.


Start by taking short walks around the block. Next, go to a park or mall walk. Give yourself time and know not every trip will go smoothly, and that’s OK. Backpacks and double strollers or carriers are great. You be able to change a diaper anywhere and I mean anywhere very soon. Get out there, you’ve got this!


2 months I would go to my best friends house or certain family members. They were 4 months the first time I started going out in public.


I say get out and do it. The sooner you do it the more you’ll feel comfortable with it. Go for walks around the neighborhood first. Then, go to Target or any store you could bring your stroller in. I remember nursing my girls in the car and the target dressing room lol. You make it work. And you feel normal again being able to do simple tasks and errands.


They’re much easier to take out the younger they are! Plan around a feed and leave once bellies are full! Of course bring diapers and a bottle for each in case you run long, but that should give you at least an hour to go out without them fusing.


I had to take mine out by myself after we got home from the NICU to take them to their therapy appts. It was hard and honestly it’s still hard now they are toddlers and run all over the place 🤦🏼‍♀️but you will figure out a routine that works for you and stick with it. Give yourself tons of grace and lots of extra time to complete any trip !!


Sometimes You Just Need to Get Out of the House…

Took me 4 months. I had postpartum depression and anxiety.


Always try to feed at the same time. Use your stroller as much as you can. Put them in the stroller, then feed them. And while you want to change their diaper try to take the stroller with you. And always use family toilet or the big one.


mine are 3 and still scared lol

Taking twins out solo

Right away! We stayed home for 2 weeks to recoup from delivery (and husband had covid), but right after that we were out! Once I stopped nursing it got easier because I could just give them bottles.


I started around 3-4 months old but would time outings between feedings so I didn’t have to deal with that while out.


I think I waited til mine were 4 months old before I ventured out with them alone. I made sure they were fed and changed before we left. I would run thru the store to get what I needed before someone would cry which hardly ever worked out cause of course someone always had something to say about twins lol.


Maybe 10weeks? We only went to grocery pickup for our first outing and then a few days later went to Target. They just turned 1 and it’s still challenging to go anywhere, but I’m always grateful we made it out of the house! I had the mindset that if I wanted to do something that the babies could join in on, then I would see if I could make it work!


2 months and I scheduled it between their feedings. It was either do it by myself or wait until the weekends when someone was at home.


Don’t be scared. You can do it. When they’re young it is so much easier. The older they get, the harder it is. Mine are 2 now and I miss when I could just keep them in the stroller and casually walk around Target – now I’m running all over trying to wrangle them. 😁😵‍💫


I think my twins were 2-3months old


Our babies were bottle formula fed and in all honesty, they were 5 months until I felt comfortable alone out with them for 3-5 hours – but I did go out with them between feeds from day 1 and never tackled changes in the few hours I was out.


1 year. Double carts at Costco.


Day 1 have a husband and amazing father no families close just never considered it an option not to. Always been pretty self sufficient just make it happen. My boys are 12 now.


Baby steps! I started at a couple weeks old on small trips to the grocery store or to get gas or drop something off at a friends house. Make them quick and you will slowly grow confidence. I made my friends houses the longer stops because they didn’t mind if I had to go feed or change. Good luck! You got this!


Taking the Twins Out Alone

I did it at 6 months. It was out of necessity. Once I got a routine down, I got used to it


I would say 3-6 months. If you have a car, and they are the only kids going with you, and you have a proper stroller for them, make a habit of having them in the stroller, then it will be a lot easier, remember if you are going to the grocery store, you won’t be using a cart, so keep that in mind too.


Around a week old.


Comfortable? Still not and they’re 4. The worries change. But I finally did it around I’d say 4 months. Baby wearing at least one helps a ton!


Honestly, I felt more comfortable taking them out alone before they were mobile. Now that they’re 3 they take off running in separate directions and I don’t know which way to go.

Twin toddlers running off after taking twins out solo
It might actually be easier to take twins out solo before they are mobile!

Right away. Get them and you used to it. Crazy moments happen but don’t let it scare you


I started at 2 weeks! My twins settle better being out and about than they do at home!


At about 4 months old. After we all had COVID and I had a month of taking them to daycare by myself. They are 15 months old now and there are some things I still will not do on my own. More because they are on the move and into everything 🤣 I would start with little errands first. Get your feet wet. There is no reason you need to jump all in.


I would take them out for a walk every day. I think I started around 8 weeks old or 2 months. I would walk to a local coffee shop, grab a coffee and walk home. I even started venturing out with a mom walking group. I would pack 2 bottles of milk in case they started screaming in public.


I can’t remember at what age I went out on my own with the girls. They were definitely over 3 months and it wasn’t easy. However I went to the mall and @nordstrom has a separate area in the ladies room for changing and feeding that’s more private which made it a little easier knowing I had a space I could go. There was another mom in there as well with a singleton being so encouraging. It’s not easy but it’s doable just give yourself time, patience and give yourself some grace! You have 2 and you’re doing something on your own that’s huge and you deserve to celebrate that. Babies have milestones and parents do too. ❤️❤️. You got this…now my girls are 16 months and it’s even harder I think now then when they were smaller…they want to grab everything and they hate being strapped in a seat. I personally felt it was easier when they were younger.

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